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  • Hello!

    This is carlosaguiar.

    You said you could help me to post pictures in the forums!

    I need to know, can I post them directly from a file in my computer, or do I need to put them in an album in this site?

    You can put as many photopass cards on one account as you wish. And just because a photo is shown on your account on the internet does not mean it is actually there. Since it shows over 1000 photos, I'm guessing that some of those photos are from previous trips and they just never took the thumbnails off the website. When I go on my account it shows lots of photos that are actually no longer on my account. If the photo was taken a real long time ago, it probably isn't really on your account even though it says it is. Confusing, I know, and frustrating when you think you are ordering photos that aren't there. A HUGE flaw in the photopass system.
    I subscribe to mlbtv.com. So normally I can watch the games live on my computer unless they are nationally or locally televised. All of the playoffs are nationally televised so while I can listen to them live, I can't watch them live, unless I go to a bar. However, I can watch them as an archive game. So, as long as I don't know the outcome, watching it the next morning is just as much fun as seeing it live, and I can cut out the commercials.

    Thanks for thinking of me. Glad to see you back on the boards. I usually see you once in your trip. I didn't see you at all this last trip.
    I'm afraid I've gone away to school for the fall and am now living away from Orlando. I'm still seasonal so it's possible I could see you during the holidays if you choose to visit then. Have a great time!
    Thanks so much for the information! I will do like you mentioned and ask the server or the CM with the character. Hopefully they won't mind too much. Thanks again. I look foward to seeing your photos.
    Flower'schild-from your photos you post, you seem to do a lot of solo dining at WDW. I will be doing some myself in Sept. I was wondering-who do you ask to take your photos with the characters when you dine solo? I really hate to ask my fellow diners. Any tips? Thanks!
    I'm so jealous that you live so close and can always go. I would love to go just for a day and do nothing but take pictures. Have fun and enjoy your trip!
    Flower child,
    Hey, I'm Brenna and I was wondering how often you go to Disney World? I'm really quite jealous because it seems like you get to go a lot. Have fun on your next trip. I can't wait for my trip in Dec. Thanks for sharing all the photos.
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