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    Can I go to two parks in one day with a base ticket?

    Quick question: If I have an 8 day base ticket, can I go to two different parks in one day? Will it just use another park day if I do that or would I just have to buy a park hopper? Thanks in advance!
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    Weekend Anniversary Trip booked and ready to go!

    Congrats!!! We also can't go right for our anniversary, which is June 3... So it's alittle belated. But I don't mind!!!!!! We also are staying at POP with a two day park pass. Yeah our DD has made sure that it's only for our 'honeymoon' and that's it lol..... She knows about next years...
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    Finally, we've made a decision.....

    It sure did take alittle convincing... but she said as long as its for our anniversary and not 'just any other day' lol....
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    Weekend Anniversary Trip booked and ready to go!

    That's what we are hoping!! 40 Years!?!?!?! CONGRATS! :) :sohappy: Yes, I was being generous.... it was probably like .8 or 1 second... and Jon was ready to leave at that moment... lol :lol:
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    My Disney Proposal

    WOW!! Awesome story.... Congratulations!!
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    How Many Days for You...(Part 5)

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    Weekend Anniversary Trip booked and ready to go!

    Well... where do I start? My husband and I were planning on surprising our girls with a trip to WDW in September. But just the other day my DD8 says to me "So what are you doing for your honeymoon?" (she says that instead of anniversary)... and I said that we'll probably just stay close to...
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    Tinkerbell Too Sexy? Parents Worry Toys Too Hot for Kids....

    True, but I understand the flip side too.... some of these dolls are little crazy. However, if you dont want your kids playing with a certain type of doll (and some are little out there) then don't buy it... and don't criticize anyone else for doing so.... Oh yea... and Silvermist...
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    Is there free dining or not for 2011????

    We're planning on going in Sept. and saw before that there was free dining offered, but now there is nothing on the Disney website that shows anything for free dining. I must've missed something, whats going on? Did they take it back for this year?
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    Portrait Sessions Questions & I'm new here....

    Sounds like a great idea.... I'd love some pictures in MK all by myself too :) Happy Anniversary!
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    How do my ADR choices look?

    I agree with Crush_dude! ... Le Cellier!! ... I also think there are others better than Chefs, but if you want to eat there... thats ok :) It just seems that the places that accept DDP at Epcot are dwindling down to a mere few.
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    Confessions of a DFTW Bride To Be

    All the photos are absolutly beautiful!! Congrats to everyone one their upcoming and just passed weddings!!! :) :lol:
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    My 1 year old at Disney

    So true!!!! The first time we took our DD's was in 2007... we had a 4yr old and a 6mth old. We had a blast!!! Next trip... was Sept 2009; 7 and 2 yrs. Best part, the little one was free :) On this trip the baby enjoyed everything!! It was wonderful. Then again this year; 8 and 3... We...
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    This "system upgrade" is starting to tick me off

    That really sucks! I hope it gets figured out already... would suck if you had to be doing this for the rest of your stay. I really do hope you get to enjoy the rest of your vacation and have fun with your family!!!
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    My Animal Kingdom Lodge Grand Villa Vacation!! With a side trip to see Harry!

    Oh yes... . . . and your in-laws look like they mean business!!!! They are there to WIN!!!!! Beautiful family!!!! :D
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