Me with Pinocchio at CharacterPalooza(May 31st, 2017)
Ryan H. Serowinski

Me with Pinocchio at CharacterPalooza(May 31st, 2017)

Another CP experience that never got to happen, but for some reason my favorite classic animated Disney film is Pinocchio(IDK, I just like the characters, songs, the adventures, and it's somewhat silly in a good way). Anyways the title character would have been another treat for me.
My transcript of the meet with that popular Disney character at CP(again, that never happened):
CM: Good ahead.
Me: Hi there, Pinocchio! *hugs Pinocchio* so how has your day been?
*Pinocchio signs my book, and interacts with character movement about his day, gives me the thumbs up, meaning that his school day was good*
CM: He had a long day at school. ;) he possibly got some good grades
Me: Cool, now how is our good friend Jiminy been up to recently?
CM: *chuckles* Jiminy has been looking over you all day, haven't he?
Pinocchio: *nods head Yes*
Me: Hope Honest John(Foulfollow) and Gideon didn't trick you again today, didn't they?
Pinocchio: *nods head No*
CM: They were definitely two trickers for sure.
Me: *posing like a wooden puppet, like we have no strings*
CM: *takes a few pictures from my dad's phone* Okay, we got them. ;)
Me: Bye Pinocchio, *gives Pinocchio one last hug* hope to see you again real soon.

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