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Me with Stitch at CharacterPalooza(May 31st, 2017)
Ryan H. Serowinski

Me with Stitch at CharacterPalooza(May 31st, 2017)

I know May 31st, 2017 had predictions for rain(That we can't control, and it did happen, sadly), but what if the rains didn't come, and Palooza did in deed happen(characters are all randomly selected), Stitch might have been one of the friends that came out.
My transcript of my (cancelled) meet of Stitch:
Me: OMG! Stitch! *hugs Stitch*
CM: Awwww!!!! *takes photo on dad's phone* :happy:
Me: It's been so long buddy *hands Stitch my book*
*Stitch points at my ears*
CM: *giggles* Stitch really likes your ears sir
*Stitch points at my Vinylmation Kim Possible pin*
Me: That's right, you and Lilo crossed over with her on an episode of your TV series
CM: I didn't even know that :D
*Stitch hands my book to the CM*
*Stitch points at my DuckTales tee and acts like Scrooge jumping to the money bin*
CM: *giggles* Stitch you're so silly.
Me: Stitch, do you remember that Stars and Motor Cars that used to travel though this park that you were a part of?
*Stitch noods head Yes and gives two thumbs up*
Me: Ready for our poses, Stitch?
*Stitch noods head Yes*
CM: *takes photos as me and Stitch do our surfing pose*
Me: Thank You Stitch *gives him one last hug and does the Baymax fist pump*
*Stitch does it with me*
Me: Ba La La La! :)
CM: *giggles* there you go, there's your phone(really my dad's)

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