Me with Mary Poppins and Bert at CharacterPalooza(May 31st, 2017)
Ryan H. Serowinski

Me with Mary Poppins and Bert at CharacterPalooza(May 31st, 2017)

Again, still Palooza-related(only if the rains that day didn't come). I would have also met Mary, but NOT by herself, but with her good friend Bert. I would definitely shake their hands and giving them afternoon cuddles(hugs).
My transcript of my time with Mary and Bert(which never happened):
Me: Hi Guys *gives Mary my book to sign*
Mary: Hello, young man, Didn't I remember you from somewhere?
Bert: Hey there, nice ears!
Me: *shakes Mary and Bert's hands* I saw you, Mary at 1900 Pare Fare last year, and Thanks Bert.
Mary: I remember you, you're Ryan, and I definitely want an afternoon cuddle from you. *hands Bert my book to sign*
Me: *hugs/afternoon cuddles Mary Poppins*
Bert: May I have an afternoon cuddle too? *hands my autograph book to CM*
Me: Sure :) *hugs Bert* I heard you guys are in The Great Movie Ride nearby?
Mary: Oh yes, me and Bert are singing Chim-Chimney.
Me: Also, do you remember the Disney Stars and Motor Cars parade, you were in one of the vintage cars?
Mary & Bert: Yes!, we remember that very fundly.
Me: May we have a picture together?
Mary & Bert: Sure.
*CM takes pictures*
Me: Thanks a million guys *shakes both Mary and Bert's hands*
Mary: May I have one more cuddle?
Me: Definitely. *hugs Mary*
Bert: Same here
Me: *hugs Bert*
Bert: *laughs very funnily*
Me: Bye. ;)

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