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Me with Aladdin, Jasmine, and the Genie at CP(May 31st, 2017)
Ryan H. Serowinski

Me with Aladdin, Jasmine, and the Genie at CP(May 31st, 2017)

Also at that same CP, I would meet NOT only Aladdin and Jasmine, but Aladdin, Jasmine, AND The Genie from the 1992 animated Disney film. It would have been the best character experience ever in my life.
My transcript of my possible meet with Aladdin, Jasmine, AND The Genie at CP(in real-life, I did meet Jasmine at Epcot):
Me: Oh Boy, Oh Boy!
Aladdin: Hello there
Me: *hugs Aladdin*
Jasmine: Hi!
*Genie waves though character movement*
Me: Oh my gosh, I like your new outfits Prince Ali and Princess Jasmine *hands Aladdin my autograph book*
Jasmine: Awwww!!!!! thanks for the hug
Me: *hugs Princess Jasmine* No problem, hey Genie *hugs the Genie and does the Baymax fist pump* Ba La La La
Aladdin: *hands Jasmine my book* Say we have met before.
Me: Yep.
Aladdin: I like the ears that you have
Me: Thanks, they're the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ears.
Jasmine: *hands Genie my book* and your pins, wow, I've never seen Kim Possible(Vinylmation pin) like that before(in Vinylmation form)(she actually said that when I met Jasmine at Epcot).
Me: and of course, Sofia. You saw her and Amber in Tangu
Jasmine: I thought them how to tame a flying carpet.
Me: Do you remember that parade called Stars and Motor Cars, you were in it, and the Genie was transformed into an awesome vintage car.
Aladdin/Jasmine: Oh yes, it was pretty awesome.
Me: Did you think if it was still running, then Zootopia, Moana, and DXD's Yo-Kai Watch(since Power Rangers were in the parade during its later years, but the YKW deal would never happen in reality(just a reminder before the comments/replys come) would have been great additions, do you agree?
Jasmine: Yes agreed!, Moana's a great friend of mine
Aladdin: Isn't that Yo-Kai thing about that kid and that ghost butler?, and didn't he also travel in time to see his grandfather?
Me: Of course.
Aladdin: Genie gave Nate three wishes, and is actually good partners with that strong guy under the name, Burly.
Jasmine: Judy is also a great friend of mine.
*CM prepares to take pictures from my dad's phone*
Me: Smile everybody. say Magic Carpet!.
Me/Aladdin/Jasmine: Magic Carpet!
Me: *gives everybody one more hug* Thanks, do you want a group hug, just like the ending of the movie?
Jasmine: Absolutely!
Aladdin: Sure
Me/Aladdin/Jasmine/Genie: *group hugs*
Me: Thanks!
CM: Great interaction, pictures, and all of that talking. I loved it all!

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