Your favorite "major" restaurant at World Showcase


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Love Teppan Edo, Le Cellier, Les Chefs, Rose & Crown... tough choice! :lol: I'd probably go with Le Cellier for the cheddar cheese soup alone. :slurp:


Les Chefs de France and Teppan Edo


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I love Le Cellier, but haven't gotten to eat there in 4-5 years.

As of current it would be a toss-up between Teppan Edo and Via Napoli. Trying to compare the two is difficult for us though because we usually do Via Napoli as an early lunch or snack to grab a drink and split a pizza so I really wouldn't consider it a "major" restaurant for us. I guess that narrows it down to Teppan Edo!!! :p


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hey dave, have you been to bistro lately. last time i went was maybe four years ago and it was pretty good. i was wondering if the quality went down. also i agree with you on chefs although last time we went it was just for a wine, cheese, and escargot snack between lunch and dinner.
No I haven't. I have heard (mainly from Trotsky :) ) that it has gone downhill.

The problem is, very often I am there with my kids. They are well behaved, but the menu at Bistro is not to my youngest's liking.

My oldest (13) loves Chefs, and will agonize over should she get the duck or the filet mignon.



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Viva La France

I personally love Chefs de France. The Duck was amazing, and my waiter gave me a Kronenburg for the road, which he wasn't supposed to. NICE!:)
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#1 La Hacienda - great fresh Mexican, totally different from San Angel
#2 Biergarten - GREAT ATMOSPHERE, DD's love the band, HUGE Beers
#3 Via Napoli - Love the pizza
#4 Chef's de France
#5 Tutto Italy - Looking forward to going again Post Refurb
#6 Le Cellier - I know everyone raves about this place, to me it's just another steakhouse
#7 Teppan Edo
#8 Rose and Crown - Atmosphere is great, food is just OK
#9 San Angel
#10 Nine Dragons - Not a fan at all
#11 Akershus - Let me say the Princess breakfast is GREAT, dinner not so much


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:veryconfu nobody said restaurant Marrakech???!

Marrakech is our favorite, the food was fantastic and the entertainment made a nice bonus for dinner. We have done just about all of the ws restaurants, but this is certainly our favorite. If you can get a table at the rose and crown on the patio for illuminations that is certainly a close tie.

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World Cusines,A Gastronomic Adventure.

Well were looking forward to trying Via Napoli this year,but Le Cellier in our last visit was not what I was expecting,very average fillet in a cramped low lit,no ambience restaurant,puzzled how this restaurant keeps getting rave reviews.Our Rose and Crown experience was ok,again nothing special,infact the highlight was the illumination viewing at our table,but then again,being a chef,iam hard to please.:wave:


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For the fun and atmosphere it is Biergarten. We used to enjoy Le Cellier...but it has gone down hill so fast we don't even bother anymore. I agree w/Trotsky...many better choices nearby.


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Probably a toss up between Via Napoli and Teppan Edo. Very different cuisines and restaurant atmospheres. We have yet to experience a bad meal at either one.


Tie between San Angel Inn(I was shocked that I enjoyed it), Tokyo Dining, and Tutto Italia

If you are looking to dine outside of World Showcase, I use to enjoy Coral Reef. I went in summer of 2011 and I did not care for it as much. It kind of sunk to the bottom of my list. I felt like we were rushed out of the place due to the chaotic atmosphere.

All the World Showcase restaurants seem excellent but whatever you do, don't go to Akershus for dinner! I cannot stress that enough. Horrible food in a crowded, chaotic atmosphere with the pictures with the Disney Princess.


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Right now it is a toss up between La Haceinda and Via Napoli but we can't stand Biergarten because of the sitting with other people. It kinda makes it hard to enjoy ourselves and the meal.

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San Angel Inn. It was just amazing. I didn't expect much, but it was wonderful - delicious food, great margaritas, and the atmosphere can't be beat. I'll be going back again for sure.
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