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  • Oh I hear you there about commitment! When we went down in 96 for our honeymoon we talked to a DVC rep, which back then it was very new...Well as a newlywed starting off and with a morgage somehow it just did'nt feel right, finacially...although I don't think anyone is ever where they want to be moneywise..LOL but many years later we took the plunge....and if the hubby tells me one more time" well I wanted to join but you were too scared"!! YES I was!!!!! COMMITMENT!
    Gee how many rhody's are gonna be down there at that time..LOL! Too funny, We are you staying? We're Staying at SSR..We became DVC members in 06, after a good ten years going to Disney and staying at POR everytime(which we loved) took a tour and well after the guide told us that we could have paid for our membership twice already for the amount of times we've gone....Yeah, so needless to say SSR is our home resort....
    We'll be going down in August too, 20-27, Usually its the first week in Sept but with our oldest in middle school, too much work to make up...Although I say this is a trial run for us. If its to insane(people wise, the heat and humidity I can handle) possibly back to Sept...We've done august when we first started going to Disney in 96....Eh we'll see....its coming quick though and thank god we've been having good weather here! ABought time, !
    tjkref418, noticed your from RI , where abouts? We're from West Warwick..I'm amazed how many Rhody's are here!
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