Trip Report You and me, we're in a club now! *COMPLETE*


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congrats both.
we got married in 2018 and stayed POFQ for 7 nights and then a villa with the fam.

it was totally magical and im glad you guys had a great time :)

coming from the UK aswell it felt so stressful with a lot of first timers coming with but we are back this September with virtually the same party so we must have done a good job :)


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congrats both.
we got married in 2018 and stayed POFQ for 7 nights and then a villa with the fam.

it was totally magical and im glad you guys had a great time :)

coming from the UK aswell it felt so stressful with a lot of first timers coming with but we are back this September with virtually the same party so we must have done a good job :)
Oh Wow!!! It would be amazing if we could do a similar reunion trip. best start hounding family members now although i refuse to be cheif planner that trip 😂


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September 11th 2019- Day 5

This morning was our last in POFQ. We woke up fairly early to pack the rest of the bits in our room and called bell services to collect our luggage. We could have moved the luggage in our hire car however the forward sensor was playing up and we were going to have to take it either to the MCO alamo or (hopefully) to the disney car care centre to be checked out.
waiting for bell service

you may question why we have a photo of our luggage? well Dave our guy from bell services had ran out of receipts for our luggage and promised us he would make sure it arrived at OKW later today. The photo was our insurance (and proof) of what the luggage looked like and that bell services had it. Will our luggage reach OKW.... wait and see!

We headed over to our room in OKW and got on the phone to the alamo call centre. This took longer than it should have as I couldn't work out how to make a local call on the phone in the hotel room and our UK phone would charge us a small fortune to ring via mobiles. Luckily some time was saved! we could go to the disney car care centre!

The hardest part of getting our car sorted was working out how to get to the car care centre with the new road system near the ticket and transportation centre! honestly we ended up going through the toll booths twice. Arnold, working one of the booths, was very surprised to see us twice in such a short amount of time. Alamo were very efficient and gave us a new car with no qualms. Our new car was a nissan altima.

it was a smooth ride... for now (more on that later 😒 )

We drove directly from the car centre to Epcot as by now it was around midday and we felt we had wasted far too much day on boring non holiday related events.

It felt strange walking into epcot without the cheers and congratulations from a couple of days before. It made all the ugly construction stand out to us even more.

On our arrival at Epcot we were cutting it really close on our FP for turtle talk with crush. We walked straight to the living seas and through the back entrance. We had just made it! I headed into the room with my family and Adams mum and dad and I thought Adam was right behind me. Turns out Schoey needed a bathroom break, Adam had kindly offered to show him the way and by the time they got back the doors had closed. They decided to while away the time waiting for us watching the manatees.

At this point we only had one option for what to do next- we needed some food! we headed straight for the land and decided to eat at the Sunshine seasons.
We both ordered the Mongolian beef. It was really tasty for quick service asian style food. We would definitely order again.

Today was going to end up being one of those days. As brits in the US we generally find it easier to keep cash on us for food etc. rather than keeping cards with us. Today this would be a terrible idea... Paying for food was pretty painless however when we sat down I counted my change and discovered $50 was missing! I went back to the server and asked if anyone had handed it in even though I knew chances were really slim. Unfortunately the money was gone and our moods were feeling decidedly low as we ate our food.

the nice view and sunshine soothed my grumpy mood and a full tummy didn't hurt either.

As we had arrived fairly late at epcot most of our party had explored the majority of epcot and the world showcase. We met up briefly with everyone before my family, Katie and Lou headed back to the resorts for a mid afternoon swim. Adams family and Schoey were planning to stay with us however Mark, Kayleigh and Elijah left not too long after the others, they were all suffering a bit from the relatively rich food they had been eating and decided to take a rest day. Poor elijah had been asleep his entire time within the park!

What did we decide to do to perk up our remaining party members?


Adam had only been on the green training since our first visit in 2008 and the presence of his dad and best friend Schoey made him brave enough (or too scared to chicken out) of the orange training. Jacqui decided that both rides would be too intense for her.

Waiting for our turn.

We managed to land safely on mars however everyone was feeling a little bit motion sick when departing 🤢

To be continued...


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September 11th 2019- Day 5 Continued

We decided to walk off the jelly legs we'd obtained on mission space and off we went to world showcase. First stop- mexico!

Couldn't resist a photo of the bride and groom with the bride and groom.

The mexican pavilion was a big hit with everyone. Schoey bought an arribas bros winnie the pooh figurine for his mum who is a huge pooh fan.

We all enjoyed The three caballeros and the smooth ride settled our stomachs.


And we enjoyed perusing the stalls. The Sombreros were a big hit with the guys... Can you tell?

Final member of our own 'Three Caballeros'

I think the last couple of days were starting to creep up on us and we all decided to go back to our hotels and have a rest for a while before meeting up later in the evening. We had an early morning the next day and didn't want to wear ourselves out.

We had to catch a few PP photos on our way out of the park.

Selfie with the in- laws. They said Epcot was their favorite park and that's with all the construction

group shot

We were honored with not one but two magic shots this time.

we were told to look shocked. feel free to rate our reactions 😁

I can't remember what face we were told to pull for this photo, confused? interested? using our imaginations? feel free to guess yourselves.

We dropped schoey off at disney springs in the hire car as there wasn't a shuttle heading that way until after 4pm.

We headed back to our new room and unpacked and settled. We had a bit more time to appreciate the room and the space as my parents are DVC members and we were in a 2 bed villa with Adam and myself in the lock off.
Such a lovely view

View from the other direction.

To be continued...


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September 11th 2019- Day 5 continued...

We were a bit more rested and felt a bit fresher and it was time to head to disney springs. We love that the disney springs resorts have the boat transportation. It takes a while but so soothing.

waiting for the next boat.

Amelia was thrilled to be the 'cool kids' in the back row

cheesy grins from Dad and Ruby

Mum and Steph didn't want to be left out of the photo fun.

The dining gods must have been with me this evening as I somehow managed to get an ADR for the house of blues for 10 people at 7pm.
We'd never sat in this area of the restaurant and enjoyed views of the water and the sunset whilst we ate.

Whilst we were eating Katie and Lou shared with us their adventures at all star sports.
pizza feast for two

making Sh'mores for the first time

Back to us and Adam had the gumbo for his entre

I had the Creole linguine

After the entres we were surprised with dessert by our waitress (who's name i forget oops!)

I'm confused why their are so many spoons... We made Amelia and Ruby's day by letting them have the dessert as we were too full to eat anything else.

We had a lovely meal but all too soon we needed to head back to the resort to get some sleep. We had a 3am wake up call the following morning for our MK and epcot park shoots 😩


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September 12th September - Day 6

The day started at half two... No that's not a typo... HALF... TWO!!!

We made ourselves a bit more decent for when Cindy (Tashas hair and makeup lady) arrived. Poor Cindy though... we were at the top of 3 flights of stairs and Cindy has a giant suitcase full of makeup! I kept an eye out the window and dashed down to help her with it when she got here.

We sneaked in through the main door and smuggled her into our lock off in order to not disturb the family. (Steph says she was awake but i'm 99% sure people who are awake don't snore 😂 )

I got showered and dressed and by half three I was feeling photoshoot fresh!

It would be another hour and a half before Tasha's face was ready... 😴

We had also bought balloons (again) because of the popping incident on the wedding day ready to take with us for the photo-shoot. However it really does help if you actually bring these with you and not leave them in your hotel room... 😩

We left our room at 5:05AM and began (slowly) walking down the stairs. Walking down stairs with a wedding dress on is a slightly unnerving experience Tasha assures me.

Just as we got to the bottom and began walking out a Disney CM was driving his caddy around the car park was about to leave when he turned did a double take when he saw us, span his caddy all the way round and said 'Congratulations! Do you guys want a lift?' We were super happy with this, it really wasn't a long walk to the main reception but walking anywhere in a wedding dress and me walking in my dress shoes can be quite painful!

Caddy ride!!!

We had plenty of time to relax at the bus stop whilst we were waiting for Stephanie & Dean. So of course... Selfie time!


Stephanie & Dean picked us up at 5:15 and we were on our way!

We drove through the backlot area of magic kingdom. It was so surreal seeing 'behind the magic' and came out at the bottom of mainstreet where the parades usually end (Near the firehouse) and we drove all the way up mainstreet and parked right in front of the walt disney statue. The place was SO BUSY! there was construction workers literally EVERYWHERE! I have no idea how none of them showed up in the photos but I guess thats why Stephanie and Dean are so good at what they do!

Tasha getting ready for her close up! You can't even see the crane in the background of any of our photos either!

PH658960919 - 0515.jpg
See! No crane! Also... my wife? 😍

PH658960919 - 0519.jpg
and then me!

and then us both!
PH658960919 - 0508.jpg
Looking towards the castle!

and then back at the camera!
PH658960919 - 0501.jpg

Then we were off to the teacups!

To be continued...


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September 12th September - Day 6


Tasha was told to look 'demure' whilst i had to lean in...

PH658960919 - 0526.jpg

It's not a pose we could hold for long...

PH658960919 - 0528.jpg

Then Stephanie said 'I'm gonna walk a little further out and get a long range shot' so she walked away... and kept walking... and walked some more... i thought that she was actually just leaving us for a moment! She walked so far away that she had to shout to Dean to tell us what pose to do then Dean shouted it back to us! It was like a very weird game of Chinese whispers!

But the photo looked awesome!
PH658960919 - 0533.jpg
That reflection was actually just in a puddle on the road! Cool right?

Then it was off to the carousel!

PH658960919 - 0537.jpg
A quick photo by the sword in the stone!

Then onto the carousel!

Stephanie took a 'Candid' photo of us looking lovingly at each other
PH658960919 - 0540.jpg

How about we try to get on one now?

PH658960919 - 0546.jpg
Fun fact, I actually counted about maybe... 20... 30 construction / cleaner works right I our vicinity whilst on the carousel? We were so shocked that you couldn't see anyone else in our photos!

PH658960919 - 0552.jpg

We headed towards the archway just nearby and did a few more poses!

PH658960919 - 0556.jpg

PH658960919 - 0560.jpg

Then it was back to the castle for another few shots as the sun (sort of) rose up!

To be continued...


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September 12th September - Day 6

It was time for more Castle photos! (Lets face it, this is the main thing you want at Disney)

We had a quick photo as we walked down towards the castle.

PH658960919 - 0565.jpg
Shortly before these photos Dean handed me a towel so i could 'remove the shine' from my forehead 😭 We Brits just don't cope well with the Florida heat! 😂

Then it was time for me to be prince charming.
PH658960919 - 0570.jpg

Then i needed to step back and Tasha to do her big twirl for the camera!

The video looks pretty cool too!

Obviously you can see Tasha got carried away with it! 😂

Pictures turned out great though!

PH658960919 - 0572.jpg

PH658960919 - 0573.jpg
not bad right?

PH658960919 - 0580.jpg
Followed by our more standard poses 😁

PH658960919 - 0588.jpg

PH658960919 - 0593.jpg

Then it was onto Epcot!!

To be continued...


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Day 3 - September 9th 2019


It's what you've been waiting for! Ride Mix- in photos!!

View attachment 447901
View attachment 447902
View attachment 447903

Even the cast members were getting in on the fun!

View attachment 447904

and finally us!

View attachment 447905
'Just married!' 😍

Then it was time to leave the park! 😭

We managed to get a quick selfie in front of the space ship earth though!

View attachment 447906

We headed out the park and had to say a quick goodbye to everyone cause our bus was getting ready to leave! We ran as fast as we could (Whilst Tasha was holding her dress) the bus driver waited for us luckily. It turns out the bus was only supposed to be heading to POR noooo. The very kind bus driver offered to give us a lift anyway!!! The moment we got on the bus we were greeted by cheers again. Everyone was congratulating us and laughing and joking with us (This is why we thought we should have got the bus there too!) the driver of the bus even did a Disney quiz with us whilst we drove back to the hotel!!

When we pulled up to the hotel we were the only ones getting off since the bus wasnt supposed to be going to POFQ in the first place. Everyone cheered us goodbye and i'm pretty sure i heard one guy shout at the back of the bus 'Go get her son!!' which i thought was a very movie moment even if it was a little seedy haha!!

We had a lovely walk through the hotel and back to our hotel room.

Of course we got a quick selfie...
View attachment 447909
I think we held up quite well in the heat and humidity!

Back in the room our feet were thoroughly sore from the day! sketchers dont do wedding shoes unfortunately 😂 We were so glad that tomorrow was going to be a waterpark day!

It was a magical day we were never going to forget. Night night from the newly Weds! 😍
I'm sooo late to the game, but after going through your wedding day, I gotta say so lovely!!! 😍❤💖

And I cry at weddings, even ones from wonderful trip reports. :')
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