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writing letter to teacher about child missing school.

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My school does not have excused absences anymore because of the amount of parents lying about the absences. We felt this was setting a very bad example for their children and we needed to put a stop to it. Students are now allowed 8 days and we do not bother labeling absences as excused or unexcused.


Unfortunately we see the frustration of the kids who are trying to catch up and feel lost in class because they were not there for activities and lessons. We end up having to tutor the child one on one before school or after school.
Here is an example from my classroom right now. We have been in school for three weeks. I have a child who missed the first two weeks of school while he was out of the country. He came back this Monday. He has no idea what any of the procedures are in the classroom or where anything is. He has a lot of work to make up and his parents both speak limited English so they cannot help him with anything that requires reading. Mom and dad had to come in for a conference so I could catch them up on Tuesday. Mom needed to meet with me again on Wednesday afternoon because there were things she didnt understand. Today mom somehow got my home phone number and has called three times tonight.
It is an emormous amount of extra work placed on the already overloaded teacher and a strain on the student who feels lost.
I basically comes down to the fact that children have about 4 months of time throughout the year when they are out of school when you add up summer break, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break. Although somethings cannot be helped and once in a lifetime opportunities do come up, most of the vacations could be planned during school breaks. It does not set a good example for kids. It teaches them that school is not that important and then those same parents complain to their kids when they slack off. We teach kids by example.


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This is a far better letter than the one earlier in the thread listing all of the "learning" opportunities at WDW. It's a vacation - don't try to pass it off as anything else. Obviously, any educational aspects of WDW can also be experienced during winter break, spring break, and summer break.

That is the part that drives me nuts. I read a very similar thread about taking kids out of school for a cruise on a different discussion board...very very heated. Same arguements: "Taking a cruise is so educational.." etc etc etc.

Perhaps it is, but it can be just as educational during school breaks. But I doubt there is much educational value, so please stop trying to pass it off as such. If you want to make a decision to take your kids out of school, it is completely within your rights, but don't try to rationalize it by saying it is something that it isn't.

Back when I was in elementary school, my parents took me out of school for a week, not for Disney, not for a cruise, but for Space Camp. I had an enormous interest in space and aviation, and they wanted to send me so badly, but the only time they could afford it was when I was in school. They would never take me out for vacation, that is what summer and Christmas break was for. This wasn't a vacation, this truly did have education value, and they didn't need to even try to explain that to the principal, he understood.


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Can I ask a question? Why do teachers care if someones gone or not?

Because more often than not, it is up to the teachers to get the kids back on track upon their return, which requires special attention to that specific child, attention that should be on the entire class.

Also, there are many group activities and such that aren't easy to make up alone.

AND, believe it or not, a teacher really does want what is best for the students, and teachers believe that what is best for the student is to be in class all the time. And it isn't because of something like $$$ for the district, which people will often say, it is because teachers do lots of studying to become a teacher, and in that studying they learn how important good attendance in success.

It isn't because they are lazy and don't want to prepare homework, or grade homework after. And it isn't because they are mean and don't want the family to have quality time. It is because, with respect to education, nothing is more valuable than being in class. And the teachers job IS education, so it is the most important aspect of their career, to help the student be successful.


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I'm thinking it's different then when you're in High School, cause like I mentioned I was out alot and my teachers could care less that I was in or out of class.


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OK, no more of this "takes a village" BS. Who are we talking about here, the children of the government or the children of the parents? It's amazing how many people have let the government, whether local or state, ASSUME the responsibility of deciding what parents are "allowed" to do is this area. So, those for this but complaining about the rules, either complain more and get things changed or be quiet. Government ONLY has the power which YOU give it. Personally, I don't take this kinda mess and do my best Walden imitation I can.

There's been a couple of threads on this previously and it comes down to two basic groups, those for and against. And the against ALWAYS use the lgoical arguments about missing school that just make so much sense. But think about this, especially for those in the lower grades - if a child is going to be so messed up from missing a few days of school, there's a LOT more serious issues that need to be addressed. Either the expectations of the classroom are too high or the child has learning issues that need to be handled. So it's OK to miss if you're sick but not OK to miss the same amount on a vacation.

And if the parents, working two jobs to make ends meet CAN'T or AREN'T allowed to take off during the summer, they should just suck it up and not go anywhere? BS. The wife and I have shepherded 3 through school and there's been NOTHING we've seen to indicate that a Disney vacation has destroyed our children's lives. The oldest just graduated with a 3.92, top 10% in the state, and that's after 6 Disney trips in 9 years (the next has a 4.0). Yeah, they're scarred for life with the lack of an education. Too much angst here and some people need to get over themselves.

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My words of guidance have gone unheaded. The thread has taken the exact turn I requested that it not take, so now I'm going to moderate this discussion, and lock the thread.

I hope the OP got information to compose her letter.
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