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Worst Disney World hotel experience thread

We only had an issue once where we had to be moved in 2014. We were at POR in a Royal Room standard view and the air conditioner or something was leaking and there was water all over the floor. They had no where to move us that night but they moved us the next day to a Royal Room Garden View.


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Calm down, sparky. It is what it is - an airport shuttle with a fancy paintjob. I could still do without them (and/or the resort) losing my luggage on multiple occasions. But you're right, I started using other means because of it.
I started collecting my luggage myself and then going to the MDE. That solved that particular issue.
Interesting you mention this, since we had a plumbing issue at Coronado, only back in September. We were in Ranchos 6B and it had been recently refurbished, as far as I know.

We'd just returned from an off-site day out, intending to dump our stuff, freshen up and head out to the parks for evening fun. However, the toilet developed a leak whilst flushing, spreading it's delightful contents all over the bathroom floor. Fortunately, we didn't have much of our stuff in there.

Anyway, we quickly got in contact with the front desk, who sent a handyman to our room about ten minutes later to take a look. Shortly after that, the head of maintenance came along. He took one look at the situation and said that we couldn't stay in that room and that they'd have to move us and that front desk would be in contact shortly with the new room arrangements. So, we packed up our gear and the front desk called us about 20 minutes later with our new room details. They were moving us to a premium room in another part of the resort. They asked us if we wanted Bell Services to help us move our stuff, to which we said yes. We waited ages for the Bell Services guy to show up (I'd say about 45 minutes) and we were just about to contact the front desk again to say that we'd move our stuff ourselves since there was no sign of Bell Services when he showed up.

By the time we'd gotten to our new room and settled in, it was too late to go to the parks, so we had drinks in the Rix Sports Bar instead.

As for the inconvenience, WDW bumped us up to a nicer room in the Casitas block - much closer to El Centro which helped. We didn't get any monetary compensation per se though. You see, earlier in the trip, we'd kicked up a bit of a fuss due to some missing photos from our Memory Maker and as a result, they knocked $75 off our final bill. Since we got our pictures eventually, we accepted that the $75 discount was adequate for our room moving inconvenience. Perhaps we could have gotten more if we'd have kicked up more of a fuss, but hey.
We have had small issues on 2 separate trips and both times they gave us a $75 credit. Makes me wonder if this is the standard offer.


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I started collecting my luggage myself and then going to the MDE. That solved that particular issue.
It seems as if some people aren’t aware that you can use the DME and take your luggage with you. Maybe they want to get to WDW as fast as they can and not wait for their luggage at baggage claim at MCO. I’d rather wait a little bit at the airport for my luggage and have it when I arrived at the resort rather than possibly wait for hours for it to be delivered to my resort and have no extra clothes.

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We stayed at Pop Century a few years ago. Turns out we unfortunately were staying the same time as a bunch of Brazilian tour groups. The next week consisted of non-stop noise, people running around screaming and knocking on doors all night long, prank calls at all hours (we eventually just unplugged the phone from the wall), banging on the walls, line cutting at bus stop and food court, trash thrown everywhere on the grounds...the list goes on and on. The first night I complained to the front desk which resulted in nothing being done. The next morning I chatted with someone at the desk as well as the manager. I got a "sorry but there's nothing we can do." That was the last time I ever stayed at a value resort.
We checked in to Riverside and while the rest of the family was waiting for the rooms to be ready, I took a cab and made a Walmart run to get snacks and drinks for the rooms (3 families worth). I get dropped off at the resort with the groceries and I need Bell Services to bring a golf cart and take me to my room. It's piping hot outside and I have cases of water and groceries that need to be refrigerated.

The college age kids hanging out in the Bell Services office tell me they can't get me a golf cart and 'can I just walk the groceries to my room?'. I show them the pile and tell them it's only me and I need help. Then they tell me they won't have a golf cart for an hour. Meanwhile they are hanging out, socializing in the office ignoring the guests. So, I ask if they can store the groceries in their bell services refrigerators and they tell me there is no room. I know that's B.S. but I must get the groceries to the room ASAP and get on with my trip.

So, I'm waiting about 25 minutes and seeing 3 or 4 empty golf carts pull up, watching the drivers taking a socializing break before being dispatched to their next pick up. I think to myself "why can't they drop me off on the way to their next pick up? The golf cart is empty when it leaves, how hard can it be to drop some groceries and a guest off on the way to the next pick up???" Well the reason is that a bunch of kids, who didn't care about the guests were working this bell service area and they weren't thinking things through.

So, I go over to the kiddies and I say "Look, you have to help me, I have Ice Cream in my bags.

Keep in mind there are NO FREEZERS in the room refrigerators, so I don't actually have ice cream in the bags, but I know that these kids don't have a thought in their heads about anything concerning the guests, they just want to flirt with each other and socialize.

When I said that you would have thought it was a fire drill to get a golf cart over to me, load up the groceries and make a run for my room. My family, who are in the rooms (Thanks for the help family!) were like "Where were you"? and I'm like check your phones!!

This is just another example of the way Disney expects ~You the guest~ to interrupt YOUR vacation TIME and MANAGE their problems. We are paying premium prices to put up with this crap.

I really like to be pro CM, but I am seeing a real decline with the attitudes that they exhibit. I can't believe the number of young CM's I see constantly on their phones and socializing with each other ignoring the guests. When you approach them, they finish their socializing and then, after making you wait, they grudgingly acknowledge you. I don't want to be rude when I approach the CM's so I try and be respectful and wait for them to acknowledge me after I say, "Excuse me, could you help me with _________". The whole time I am waiting I am thinking "I wonder if I should just be rude and interrupt?" But I don't want to be that guest. It’s definitely getting harder to not be that kind of guest...

This isn't every CM, but it is especially apparent with the younger age groups. There used to be a real pride that you could see when you had an interaction with a CM. Now, especially with the influx of the College Program CM's, I'm seeing a lot of lemons in the bunch. I realize that being a CM and working with the public is a tough job, but they signed up for that job, so they need to get with the Disney program.

Whenever I encounter a CM who goes above and beyond, I take the time to write a letter to guest services letting management know about that stellar CM. Now you can even tweet, but I think an emailed letter is a little more personal. I have a Sticky Notes App on my phone, so I write down the name of the CM, where they are from and the time and place of our interaction. Sometimes if I'm really on the run, I take a picture with their name tag, so I'll remember them when I have time to write. Then I describe what happened and why I was so appreciative of their efforts.

Here is the address to send your emails: wdw.guest.communications@disneyworld.com

That works for complaint letters as well. Unfortunately, I have had to send a 2 or 3 of them for outrageous behavior. The behavior of those bell services kiddies triggered a letter to management letting them know what was going on. I even took the time to send a letter to the GM of Riverside, but I never heard back. That right there tells me a lot about why they are having problems.

The next time I will remember to use my phone to document the bad behavior. Keep in mind I'm not one of those guests looking for trouble. Sometimes you feel that management should be made aware of certain situations.

Tweet to @WDWToday with the hashtag #castcompliment
It's quick, easy and I think it puts a smile on everyone's face.

Wow, never really had any issues at Disney hotels and we've been there 20+ times.
Stayed at many different properties, from the Contemporary and all the way down to the All Stars.
Never had any issues with bell services, either.
I've actually had bell services want to unload my car!
Luggage, cases of water/Gatorade, food, etc.
But I guess it's just because I start with a REALLY GOOD TIP.


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Twenty four + stays at CR, Poly, GF, CBR, AS and SS and never a horrible resort experience. Some small frustrations, yes, but that's to be expected. The worst experience was actually with a bus driver on the Saratoga Springs run one rainy night, but the resort management handled it well and quickly. Obviously we've been fortunate based on some of the stories here.
My only negative experiences were related to the expectation of hotel wifi in the early days when it wasn't so good. Those were hardly noteworthy, just that WDW was really late to the game with that kind of stuff.
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