News Wishes to be replaced with new 'Happily Ever After' nighttime spectacular

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Also notice that, from what I can hear, the new theme is from the opening song in Mickey and the Wondrous Book at Hong Kong Disneyland, "Find your Happily Ever After".


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I'm absolutely thrilled to see that they're throwing brand new hand drawn animation into this. However, the timing for this show seems sort of sudden. Would've made most sense for them to open this in October for the 45th, but I guess that's just modern Disney making absolutely no sense as usual. I also have some trepidations about the show's score. Most Iger era scores have been bland and do not compare to Eisner era shows such as wishes. I just kind of wish (pun intended) that they'd just update Wishes with state of the art projections and other effects.


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I am excited for this addition, I will miss Wishes as the show is one of my favorites.
I have hope this will surpass Wishes in every way and doesn't rely solely on projections.

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