News Wishes to be replaced with new 'Happily Ever After' nighttime spectacular

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OMG. I'm going to miss Wishes!!!! Sigh. This was my favorite fireworks show.

I don't mind the lasers but I hope they are not in place of the pyro.

Disney, I still expect the same amount of pyro, if not more. Can't wait to see the new show!!!!

ETA: MK still needs to have a nighttime parade.
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Woah if only we could get a new nighttime parade :( Fireworks don't show age and we don't even have an old parade running anymore. We have an absent nighttime entertainment offering. Wishes is my favorite firework spectacular and it's gonna be sad to see it gone

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Bummer! Was really looking forward to seeing Wishes one last time (and let my kids see it for the first time!) :( Guess I will have to be content to see it in video form... the new show better be amazing (and with a lot of heart... not just a "clip show" of "all our favorite" Disney IP song... like several other newer shows are...Wishes just seemed to do such a great job of combining Disney IP and a show that had a lot of heart...)


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It sure seems like TWDC is milking the words "ever after" a lot lately... Frozen Ever After, Tangled Ever After and now Happily Ever After...

Anyway, this is awesome news none the less!
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Do we know if it will be more based with lights and with less fireworks?

But this is still exciting!!! Definitely all for this change. Love Wishes but it's time for a new show!
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