Why are so many adults are obsessed with WDW?


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Wife and I have no kids. We go for several reasons:

1. I am ADD, so the thought of sitting on a beach somewhere only works for me for about a day, then I am bored. Equally my wife cannot stand being trapped on a boat (even when we tried a grand suite on a cruise ship) so those are out as well.
2. Love the Disney bubble, we live in the real world - so when we vacation (AKA escape) we want something drastically different than our every day life, and that includes the realities around me.
3. There is no doubt there is a nostalgic element to it that brings me back to my childhood. Obviously as an adult things become more serious and severe, so finding ways to connect with your inner child, at lease to me, is a healthy passion. Like the old saying goes, 'you dont stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing.'
4. I like rides, dole whips and mickey ice cream bars. We have been to 6 flags (not the same), We've been to the dole plantation (there was no space mountain - I looked), and we have been to Target lately (the mickey bars don't taste the same).

The world is becoming a more dangerous place: look at what is going on in Hong Kong's Airport right now, previous riots in Paris, acid/knife attacks in London, etc.... Yes these are rare events, but short of the family melee in toontown disneyland, Disney parks are pretty safe bets. Yeah they lack the cultural enlightenment of those places I just mentioned - but we always have the world showcase right :)!!!!!

My point is, while I don't worry about encountering these things on my global, or even domestic, travels, they are constant reminders of the world in which we live that is changing for the worse and becoming ever more divisive. Give me a week long break from that in Disney and I feel a little better inside.

disclaimer: The Disney bubble, to me, is loosing its luster a bit as I see ever move evidence of trash, lack of maintenance, etc. . . but I still haven't found its replacement.


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I like the Mickey Ice Cream sandwiches
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