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Who thinks they should reopen Wonders of Life in Epcot with some new Inside Out theming?

Only recently joining this discussion... hmmm
Here's another idea I had.
Joy and Sadness could be the hosts of a Cranium Command-esque style show, which takes you inside the mind of Riley.
Fear could be the host of a medicine and disease area, which has different exhibits on the future of medicine
Anger could be the host of a sports and excercise area, with different simulators and fitness equipment.
I don't know what Disgust's role could be...maybe she could host an updated version of the Making of Me, and watch her be all disgusted by everything.
And for the main ride there...I think it would be great if they could add in another dark ride similar to Horizons or SE all about the history of medicine.
I also really like the idea of Baymax being in the pavillion.
In all cases, I can imagine this happening. I wonder if Baymax could take Body Wars territory...
We're also talking about the people who did a fantasyland expansion and the people currently working on Avatarland.

And you make it seem like it would take a lot of effort to make new films for the 4 little screens in the CC theatre and get some new simulators in the former body wars area.. Like really. That's nothing but screens itself too.
Which I think might work well.
@WondersOfLife already had a thread about this a while back.
I wonder where he is now.


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I have an idea...why don't they pitch a tent for a meet and greet with the folks from InsideOut and then after InsideOut 2: A Frozen Mind, then they can add a 3D movie of the characters of InsideOut analyzing Anna and Elsa every time everything gets frozen.
There. Perfect. I Frozenated InsideOut. Brilliant.

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