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Which attraction would you want to be barefoot on least?


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Yes sir..Nothing says Soarin when your trying to enjoy it only to see this in front of you...😖


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I think I'd have to go with Pirates of the Caribbean because when the water splashes in the boat that water is nasty and it would get all over your feet.


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If I'm wearing slip on sandals, I always leave them on the floor on Soarin' because I can't feel my feet (diabetic neuropathy) and am afraid they'll fall off my feet! 😉 I've also slipped my shoes off on Kali and just held my feet up on my seat. But NO WAY am I taking my shoes off on any other ride, attraction!! Splash was my #1 thought. But no way am removing my shoes in any queue--an sadly, I've seen some nasty people going barefoot in queues 🤢

Yeah, with Neuropathy your shoes are crucial. My dad had this and sadly, had a terrible infection.


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To be honest I hate wearing shoes, if I could I'd do the whole park barefoot
I'm with Park Hopper, though not as tough, since the heat of the asphalt would have me wearing some sort of sole with straps. For all those who think the water is too gross, think on this. You shoe gets drenched with that water and all the liquid evaporates, but the gross stuff stays in and on your shoe till you wash it. I wash my bare feet every night. When was the last time you washed your shoes?


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My family once saw a very large rat (not a cute little mouse, and sadly not Mickey) in the dark indoor portion of the FOP queue. Even though that wouldn’t really be different barefoot, I’d need shoes there mentally after that haha. Especially since it is a long queue vs some of the limited wait rides.

cat hem

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Nope, nothing, noway, nohow, never, ever..... on nothing. My feet never touch the ground bare. (except for pool or beach - even then I'll wear swim shoes depending upon condition of beach) I get hives watching people at an airport in flip flops take them off and walk around through security barefoot. :hungover: Seeing people with dried gross heels, black bottom feet .... I can't, just can't...


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In the Parks
The Maharajah Jungle Trek because it is a walking trail and that would be a little tough on bare feet. The only thing worse might be trying it in heels. 😄

Paper straw fan

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Ok, there’s a fairly big consensus here, so I’ll try and rank a few-

Least: Splash, Pirates, and, hear me out, 7 dwarfs- less for the ride, more for the long, mostly outdoor concrete walkway line. 9 months a year in FL, that is almost like fire walking. Not coincidence all these rides are at MK.

Most: Soarin for sure, space Mtn (mostly carpeted, indoor line) and Kali River Rapids- your shoes and socks are getting soaked on there, so in theory, leaving them in a locker and waiting/riding barefoot isn’t the worst idea ever.

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