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Which attraction would you want to be barefoot on least?


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Anything that could cut me is a bigger risk than wet. Yep stepping in a puddle of child pee wouldn't be nice, but it washes off. If I step on something sharp then I could catch something and potentially get badly injured.
So Splash Mountain shouldn't be too bad, but something where it is dark could be. The biggest risk would be a coaster, if it stops mid-ride then you need to leave via a metal staircase and the risk of cutting your foot is high.

On a serious level, there are coasters in the UK where you cannot board without footwear due to the risks if you have an emergency stop and need to get off.

same with me.
i can picture the doom buggy front closing and my little toe being caught in it.
literally heaving thinking about.

soaring would be the easiest imo, might be quite nice.


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Attraction I wouldn't go barefoot on: Splash Mountain. Love the ride with every Disney-fiber in me, but those logs are nasty
Attraction I would go barefoot on: ......


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Weird question? Sure. But what else are you doing right now?

Obviously, under normal circumstances, you wouldn't want to be barefoot ANYwhere on WDW property. Especially the theme parks. What would be the ONE (you have to choose one! Make it a challenge!) attraction that you couldn't POSSIBLY be barefoot on for ANY reason whatsoever? (Including walking through the queue line!)

On the flip side, which attraction would you most feel comfortable being barefoot on?


I would say my least comfortable barefoot attraction, being a germaphobic person, would have to be Splash Mountain. The slimey water in the seat, to the insanely long queue, to the insanely long ride time, would be the dealbreaker for me. Simply due to how LONG I have to be barefoot on the wet attraction.

I would feel most comfortable being barefoot on Hall of Presidents. I know the carpet is probably nasty but it'll be okay if I just reeeally don't think about it.

Most comfortable would probably be Soarin. One of the few rides that people already ride barefoot.


post hoc ergo propter hoc
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Must Shoe Attractions: All of them... concrete gets hot in the summer... people can be gross... ever stepped in dropped ice cream an hour later?
Barefoot Attractions: None of them... not one... I love my toes... see "ice cream" comment above.


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I'm heading to California Adventure for the ride I would be barefoot on. Silly Symphony Swings. Same idea as Soarin except a few million less feet have walked thru that queue. As for an attraction I wouldn't do barefoot, that would have to be Carousel of Progress. That floor may never be cleaned. At least with ride vehicles they break down, they get replaced, might get lucky and ride a brand new Splash Mountain log barefoot.


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Let me tell you about the horrors I've found in the bottom of my doom buggies.... No barefoot HM for me. Like an open sewer.

Speaking of sewers, once my newly potty trained son soiled himself and the floors of the Liberty Belle, 20 minutes was too long of a wait for his little bladder. I imagine this happens in every queue or ride several times a day. The tears, the drama. He remembers it too, which is freaky cuz he was so little.

Lets just say I know where they sell children's underwear in both the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT (Same kid both times too)


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Country Bear Jamboree.... I hear those hungry bears like to nibble on toes... especially when they are slathered in honey or peanut butter.


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We always kick our shoes off on TTA and let the little piggies air out. I wouldn't ride up that ramp barefoot though.

Musical Mermaid

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Do Tom Sawyer Island and Swiss Family Treehouse count? I wouldn’t want to be barefoot for either of those. For a ride, Tomorrowland Speedway comes to mind, although I rarely get on that attraction.

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