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Which attraction frightens you the most?


Well-Known Member
The only attraction that scares me a little bit is summit plummit, just because that is one high water slide.


New Member
I consistantly have nightmares about 3 things (I'm a mess!):

1. Airplanes
2. Tornados
3. Elevators

I've done TOT twice ... and that's enough for me.

Body Wars made me ill ... and I know MS would do the same if I gave it a chance.


New Member
Summit Plummit would have to be the only ride in WDW that I'm afraid of. I love going on SP for the adrenaline rush, but it's so freaky. I have to talk myself into going on it every time. lol


TOT is still a great rush even though I have done it a few times.

Getting my credit card bill when I get home is always a scary moment!!


I'd have to agree with a pp, the ride that scared me the worst was Alien Encounter. I was so freaked out that I leaned as far forward as my restraints allowed me and had my eyes shut the entire time. My husband loved the attraction and tried, in vain, to get me to go back on it.

But, now that AE is gone, I don't think there's any ride that scares me too much. I LOVED ToT. Dinosaur made me jump a bit, but I loved that one too.


Well-Known Member
Mission Space.

I'm actually not afraid to experiance it...but someone said to me "Don't turn your head...look forward at all times!"

Now, of course I'm afraid to ride it because someone told me that and now I just KNOW I will turn my head out of curiosity and then spend the rest of the day ill.



New Member
I'm not really SCARED of it but Honey I Shrunk The Audience makes me very uncomfortable. I'm not really sure why...perhaps it's something about the mice running under your feet. I go into the show and simply wait for the mice part to be over...and I rarely get to enjoy the actual show.

I'm not scared of Summit Plummet, but it is an avoidable ride for me as once I lost my bikini top on it...it did come down the slide...just not on me, where it should of been. Next time I should heed the warnings.
Lets see...when I was 3, I rode Body Tours (Which I refered to as 'The bloody ride') and it terrified me! Now, the last trip I took (Jan. 2004), Body Tours was closed, so I wasn't able to see if the ride still scared the crap out of me :) I suppose I'll find out in a couple of weeks!! Also, Tower of Terror is, well, terrifying. In Jan. 2004, I looked at my ride picture and was embarrassed to see that while everybody else was grinning, I had my eyes screwed up, gripping my mouse ears with white knuckles. And then a couple of months ago, when I went to DLR, I was looking at my ride picture, and was mortified when some guy pointed right at me (in the picture) and said "That girl's screaming so hard, she looks like an opera singer!". However, despite the fact that it freaks me out, it's still my one of my favorite rides!


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Definetely Tower of Terror. Comparing them both to first-time rides, ToT frightened me more than Millennium Force. :lol:


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I was scared when I went on dinosaur-i shut my eyes cause i was convinced the one at the end was gonna eat me!!I was 16!lmao!


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In the Parks
The most terrified I had ever been while on a Disney attraction was my first ride on the original Snow White.

Then I never had enough courage to tackle Space Mtn. a few years later.


New Member
I'm still startled by the Haunted Mansion. I can easily take on any sized rollercoaster or drop ride, any vertical insane death ride...but when it comes to dark rides, my imagination goes wild and I become freaked. While I can get through Snow White's Scary Adventures, I doubt I could ride it in a cart, all by myself.

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