What was the original Journey into your Imagination?


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I'm young. I don't realy know anything about the original JII. I don't even know if I was born then. So, I could realy use the help of you Disney vetrans out there.


I'm a year younger than you, so I know how it feels. But I do remember vaguely some parts of it, but probably not enough to give a great idea of what it was like. So if someone could, give a ride description of the original JII.

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You watched a fellow named "Dreamfinder" load various things into a basket on a flying machine that looked like a cross between a bicycle and a blimp. Once the machine was full, you saw all sorts of weird and unusual things, including Figment.


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The original JII was 100% better than the current form. The ride was much longer and was slow moving without stops. The ride featured the Dreamfinder and Figment. Everything about the ride was so much better. It is hard to put it all into words but the imgaineering behind the original was superior.


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Going on from what was posted above about the original Journey Into Imagination, once the Dreamfinder's blimb was full of "magic" you took off with Figment in a car. Basically, from what I recall (last time was 1993), you went through imagination and smells and scents and feelings.


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Sorbo78 said:
This may be a rival site, but it's got a great description of the original ride. Just
reading it takes me back......


Btw, this is my first post, so go easy on me.

Thanks for the link! My most memorable part of the ride is when you'd have your picture taken and shown up on the screen (believe it or not, that was a rare occurence back then, just look at the Space Mtn exit).

My fav. part of the pavillion is was the play area upstairs. I could spend hours in there as a kid. It saddened me to see the pictures of it in its current state.


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Here's the greatest JII site out there which has a video of the greatest Disney ride in history that I never got to ride.
And you were around when it was open. The original closed in 1998 shortly after Mr. Toad went to hell for the last time.


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I LOVED the original Imagination ride...it was a gentle, fun-loving ride. The curent ride is fun, too (the re-make in the middle, between the original version and the current one, was GHASTLY! :mad: ), but it still can't compare to the original one.


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Great thread, OP. I've always been a bit lost as well. I'm 19 and visited WDW at least once (maybe twice) when the original JITI was open, but for some reason my family didn't get to ride it... at least not to my recollection, and I remember pretty much everything. It's a shame, but the original sounds great (although I do find the new version fun, but as just a diversion... it's by no means "great").



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Version 1 - 10/10
Version 2 - 2/10
Version 3 - 6/10

If the original had never existed I`m sure the current one would be more popular. It just pales in comparrison with its original namesake.

What is worse is even though the new versions use the same track, they removed 40% of the original track layout - that just feels like a rip off. Especially since it was done to accommodate the `new` Imageworks / What if Labs and a bigger shop.

Cue discussion about the original Imageworks...

If any of you kids :lol: - I`m just jeleous - can get on Disney Central IRC look out for Journey into Imagination - a tribute by martin and Journey into YOUR Imagination & with Figmnent by martin; 2 videos that will show all :animwink:


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If you're really resourceful, you may be able to find videos of the old ride somewhere. Try Disney Central on IRC.

To sum it up, the ride was a feast for the senses. Each piece of the attraction was very detailed, very colorful, full of motion. It's odd that the new ride is supposed to be *about* using the five senses, but the old ride did a better job of dazzling and sparking the imagination. I would liken some parts of the attraction to a dream.

Figment and Dreamfinder were the stars of the old ride, but were scrapped for the redo of the attraction. Figment was only brought back after much protest, but even so his appearance in JIYI seems tacked on.

Heh. I get a bad taste in my mouth just thinking about my first experience with the current version...

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Since1976 said:
Was there a skunk? My mind has blocked out most of that attraction, except for that cool disappearing bug in the cage effect....
In the "Scent Lab," Figment now turns into a skunk and farts on - I mean squirts - the audience. Delicious smell.

I prefer "Morning Mist" and "Loranges," RIP.

The butterfly in cage effect is the only one you remember as it is the only GOOD effect. :lol: Actually, it's the only leftover from JIYI...


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My very first trip to WDW was in 1984. I was eight. And what stands out the absolute most from that trip was Imagination. I loved it. I still have my Figment plush from that trip. I swear it actually is physically painful for me to think I'm never going to see it or the original Image Works again.

What stinks is that I didn't know about the change until years after the fact. I last went in about 1993 but then had a span where I didn't go. By the time I came back in 2000 or so, it'd not only changed, but changed twice. I've ridden the 3rd generation of it a few times, but it just depresses me more then anything. And they make Figment annoying instead of playful. Which realy ruins it more.

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