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What little things that WDW used to do/have do you miss?


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Maybe someone answered this already, but I can confirm that you do receive leis at check-in at Poly. We were just there last month and received ours.
Yeah, I just got back a few days ago and am pleased to say they still do this!

I really miss the video they used to show on Disney's Magical Express it was 10,000 times better than the one they show now. I also only got to visit Mickey's Toontown once I really wish I could have seen it more


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I-12 and all points north are piney woods. But if you go down I-10 between BR and NO, it's mostly live oak and cypress swamps.
Especially when you near Gramercy and LaPlace....a good chunk of the interstate there is elevated.
Oh, yeah... that's swampland all right. I used to like cypress trees, but then I took an arrow to the knee...
Time to put my two cents in... I miss...

The twinkling trees that used to be in front of the castle. Too much open space now IMO.
The old Star Jets with the rocket in the center
Not sure of his name...but the cute lil' purple robot in CommuniCore. My 12 yr old daughter would get a kick out of that!
Speaking of... I miss CommuniCore too
"Now Is The Time" from the COP - made the MK version a little more unique
20K Leagues
World of Motion
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride - the only ride that I can think of that will quickly send you from the Happiest Place on Earth to the most unhappy place not of this Earth.

...look for edits to this post. I'm sure I've forgotten a thing or two! ;)
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I miss when everyone received the same treatment at the same price - there were no $750 tents in Magic Kingdom, no paid for tour guys to essentially babysit your kids. I also miss:

Tangorora Terrace at Polynesian - Best Breakfast Buffet
Make your own pizza with the banjo player and the follow the bouncing ball sing along at For Wilderness
Sky Ride at MK
Main Street Bakery before Starbucks
Sitting on top of the train station to watch the parade or just sitting there to relax and people watch
The original POTC - no need for political correctness here
The open space now filled with Aladins Magic Carpet Ride in Adventureland
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
The old fastpass system
Disney dollars
Main Street Arcade and Big Bertha
Pepsi - yes I remember the days when they offered both Pepsi and Coke
Variety of postcards
World of Motion
Body Wars
The movie in Norway
Mission to Mars
The days when Disney made sure all things were working and paid attention to detail- for instance the jumping waters at Imagination, the water shooting over your boat in Splash Mountain
I miss the original versions of Voyage of the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast
Superstar Television
Sounds Dangerous
Sausage sandwiches at Min and Bills Dockside Diner
Original backstage studio tour
Earful Tower
Great American Movie Ride

I could go on but I am already showing my age.



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The little thing (at least I consider it little) that I miss the most is Lights of Winter at Epcot during the Christmas season. Something about that small tunnel of lights really got me in the Christmas spirit.
Amen to this! I never bought the reasoning that the controller went bad and the system was so out of date that they couldn't fix it. You can find replacement parts for just about anything on the web. And even if you couldn't, how big a deal would it have been to just replace the lights on the frames with new LED lights and a new controller? No, they just went cheap, and now we've lost an important part of the Epcot Christmas vibe.


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On our first ever trip in 1999 Max was waterskiing on the Seven Seas Lagoon when we got on the ferry to MK. I never found out if this was a regular thing or an exceptional day, but it sure made us feel welcome on our first day :D.
Pinocchio and Goofy were also spotted doing this in the 90's. When did they stop doing that?