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What is your one favorite underrated attraction in all of Disney World?


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If underrated means less attended

It doesn't mean that, necessarily ..........uderrrated means underappreciated, meaning that the attraction is overlooked or by its own merits should have more fanfare than it receives.

It's quite possible(but not too likely) that a popular attraction is actually underrated.

And of course there are the attractions that are less attended because they are not so good...... thus, they are not underrated but rated properly.
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I would say the dinner shows. Underrated because people don't count them as attractions. The Polynesian Luau and Hoop De Doo Revue are just as entertaining as Indiana Jones and Beauty and the Beast. Plus they give you delicious food at the same time. Win Win.


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Mine you ask?

Mickey's PhilharMagic
I love this show sooo very much. 🥰



What's yours? I'd like to hear yours and see! Please include pics (I'll even take Googled ones like the above).;)


Primeval Whirl. Hands down!


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We have a few:
Magic Kingdom- Enchanted Tiki Room and Country Bears
Studios- Muppets 3D
Epcot- Grand Fiesta and Imagination. In the past I would had the Energy pavilion ride or Maelstrom.

Music and humor seems to have a fairly big role in it. I can pretty much quote the first 3 from memory right along with them. Drives my family and friends nuts. 😁

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