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What is your one favorite underrated attraction in all of Disney World?

Club Cooloholic

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Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros. Just a beautiful scene from the San Angel Inn, fun music and some of my favorite classic characters - Donald and Jose Carioca. If you've seen Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros, you would understand my love. Art, music, dancing, scenery. Infotainment at it's best.
I love this one too. And never a line

Club Cooloholic

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I find the tiki room to be underrated in that theres never a wait (other than waiting for the next show).
It is one of those most dos that we have gotten into over the years. I find it relaxing and a nice respite on a hot or rainy day


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Living With the Land
I always make a point of going on Living With the Land. I love seeing the various plants and the fish too.

I’ll echo whoever said Philharmagic as well. It could do with some updating on the graphics but I really love the combo of songs and movies they use.

People mover is awesome though much busier than it used to be.

Carousel of Progress is great... to take a nap in. I know people love it because Walt! Nostalgia! Song! but I think it was just so lost on me as a kid that I never made the heart connection others have to it.


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Country Bear Jamboree.... I know a lot of people flame the attraction and think it should be torn out but I find it fun. I enjoy bluegrass & country music so I enjoy the music. I remember seeing Tex Ritter in person so the "Blood on the Saddle" brings back memories. And its the old classic animatronics mixed with humor and visual enjoyment thats old style Disney fun.




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I know it talk about it a lot on these boards but Dinosaur is my favorite underrated attraction. It's always being compared to Indy because of their ride-systems and layouts, and while Indy is objectively a better ride, I still love Dinosaur. We're not gonna make it!


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The Mermaid show at DHS.

It's on the short side, a tad hokey with the puppets, and you can tell when the budget cuts started coming in, but there's something about that show's atmosphere that gets me in the Disney mood every time. Plus the soundtrack for that movie is one of my absolute favorites, and they put it on full display.


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Not an attraction per se but the following is severely underappreciated: the mosaic mural inside SB castle.

Guests by the thousands walk right by that marvelous piece of artwork paying no mind doing far more important things like arguing with their children or toying with their phones
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