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Now we're going to see how movies are made at Hollywood Studios (The Second area of Hollywoodland), The area featuring 3 sub areas (Muppets Courtyard, The Backlot & Disney Animation) & It's themed after actual movie backlots with an industrial theme and is very plain.

& the famous Earffel Tower stands about 100 ft tall much bigger as Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland next door just to let guest feel like they like in a real working studio with soundstages & an animation studios with it.​

calif 5.jpg

Jim Henson's Muppet-Vision 3D
C-ticket 3D Show

Join Kermit the Frog as he take guest on a tour of their studios in a 3D Extravaganza

The First land is Muppet Courtyard & home to Muppet-Vision 3D. Similar to the one at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida, the attraction consists of a pre-show which then leads into Kermit the Frog guiding park guests on a tour through Muppet Studios, while the Muppets prepare their sketch acts to demonstrate their new breakthrough in 3D film technology. The show, however, completely unravels when Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's experimental 3D sprite, Waldo, causes mayhem during the next portion of the show.

This 3D film in conjunction with in-theater 4D effects, such as Audio-Animatronics, lighting, projections, smoke, soap bubbles, and a live full-bodied performer.

Attraction Type: 3D film
Designer: Walt Disney Imagineering
Production companies: Walt Disney Pictures & Jim Henson Productions
Theme: The Muppet Show
Audience capacity: 564 per show
Duration: 15 minutes


The Henson Plaza Stage: Bear in the Big Blue House: Live on Stage
A Outdoor Stage Show

The Henson Plaza Stage is an Outdoor Stage with Weather Proof Covers on the roof just to make it an all day show from not getting wet or staying cool in the shade from Rain or Shine.

Bear in the Big Blue House: Live on Stage was an interactive stage show that featured Bear, Ojo, Tutter, Treelo, Pip, Pop, Shadow, and Luna singing songs from their television show of the same named on the Disney Channel.


Special Effects Stage
B ticket Special Effect Attraction

Come & See how Special Effects & Be a part of this movie.

The Second area is the Backlot & the first attraction of this area is the Special Effects Stage. The principle of this attraction at DCA is to demonstrate set effects, as in the film, within a full room using special effects.

The whole attraction lasts about 22 minutes with a capacity of 170 people.

(Just to note that video its in French from Disneyland Paris Second Gate park. But just imagined this attraction being in English)

As guests enter Stage 4, where a Cast Member explains them the part they are about to play in the shooting of the 1998 film Armageddon. After a pre-show presentation, which includes a history of special effects from the movies past & present, and a speech from Michael Clarke Duncan ("Bear" in the movie), guests learn they will enter the recreation of the Space Station Mir from the film. Two main characters will join them: the central computer of the Station, and Colonel Andropov. The films and spiel of both studio's are identical, although they have different art work on display.

Ride Experience

Guests then proceed onto the set of the Station's main deck. As the show starts with the director's call of "Action!", several scenes ensue. Windows opening either on Space or on Earth let guests witness the arrival of a meteorite rain. As it hits the station, several disfunctions occur, including lights flickering, gas bursting into the cabin, the ceiling threatening to collapse and incandescent rocks crossing the room. At one point, the build-up of pressure in the pipes causes a part of the wall to be pulled out, letting air escape until a tight door closes. Finally, as guests can see the main meteor arriving on them, a powerful explosion occurs. A voice calling "Cut!" closes the show & the guests walked out the Soundstage.

Attraction Type: Special effects simulation
Designer: Walt Disney Imagineering
Participants per group: 170
Duration: 22 minutes


Superstar Television
An Interactive Show

Superstar Television gave guests the chance to “appear” in some of their favorite television shows using technology that made them look like they were in the scenes themselves. It was part of the park’s initial goal to teach people how film and television production functioned.

While guests waited in line, they would have a chance to volunteer to be in the show. If chosen, they were taken backstage and given their lines to look over (though they would still have cue cards to go off of during the show).

As guest get inside an 1,000-seat theater inside the Soundstage 5 & be ready for the show, there were a wide variety of shows represented in Superstar Television, with some news broadcasts and sporting events in addition to some scripted classics like I Love Lucy, Gilligan’s Island and Cheers amongst many others. Over 20 different shows were represented in the attraction, so there was truly a little bit for everyone.

The video above is a feed from one of the eight 100-inch monitors in the theaters that helped translate the filmed action in front of the guests into a “television show.” So guests watching in the audience had the choice to watch the physical taping or these screens, making for a unique experience that we haven’t really seen since. In many cases where guests could learn about the filmmaking process, a packaged video was put together at the end.

Attraction Type: Interactive Show
Designer: Walt Disney Imagineering
Theme: History of Television
Audience capacity: 1,000 per show
Duration: 25 minutes

That's all for now, but Coming Soon is the final area of the studios before we get to Twilight Alley is Disney's Famous Animation of Toon Studios. So we will Tooned you later.
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The Final area of the studios is Toon Studios. This land is devoted to the business that has made Disney what it is today - animation. Walt Disney was an innovator, a dreamer, a conceptualist, a designer, but had started his influential career as an animator. Ever since he was a child, he was a drawer and loved the process of putting together images to simulate moving pictures. He had studied all sorts of information regarding this new kind of art. He had created some of the most beloved characters, such as Mickey Mouse, whom he had drawn and provided the voice for in the earliest years of the character.


The Magic of Disney Animation
Walkthrough & Attraction Complex

Live the Magic & See how Disney's Famous Animation comes to life.

The Magic of Disney Animation was a show and tour & they would show guests how the characters in Disney animated films were chosen and designed. The Entrance to the Animation Building is when guests are led inside of the Animation building's lobby. This is a beautiful space, and a perfect way to introduce guests to the wonder they're about to see. Completely surrounding the rooms are several scrims, in which projected images from Disney films are seen. Throughout the room, musical scores and songs from several Disney movies are heard, as the projected images on the scrims correspond to the music, showcasing the actual film animation, concept art, character art, screenshots from the film in question, backgrounds and sketches. The films date back from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Peter Pan, all the way up to current films.

From the lobby, paths lead to all the 5 different exhibits and attractions waiting to be found in this building:

The Art of Animation: This is a fifteen-minute film which focuses on the creation of an animated feature from start to finish, from everything including research, design, conceptual planning, characters, paint cells, voice-acting and wrapping production. The film also informs us of the evolution of animation, including archival footage of Walt Disney and other previous and modern day artists talking about the evolution of art. It'll end with this montage of scenes from all 54 and counting of Disney's animated films.

Animation Academy: This is a drawing classroom, where guests can be taught by an actual animator on how to draw some of their favorite characters. By the time the class is finished, they have polished work of art that they have hand-drawn themselves.

Sorcerer's Workshop: This interactive exhibit space features three different rooms: The Magic Mirror Realm, Beast’s Library, and Ursula’s Grotto. Each room has its own set of interactive activities & games, from character quizzes to voice-overs of your favorite Disney scenes.

Roger Rabbit's Toontown Transit Adventure: Be a part of a cartoon in this madcap adventure that would take guests on a "hare-raising" trolley ride through a zany cartoon world with Roger Rabbit at the helm. Similar & Inspired to the Never-Built Attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida.


Character Close-Up: This is a meet & greet area features different rooms, each themed to a different decade. As you go through the rooms, there are a bunch of different set pieces, each one themed to a different animated movie from that era (and the characters you'll find inside). It's sorta like Pete's Silly Sideshow, where each character has their own distinct background.



Roger Rabbit's Toontown Transit Adventure
B ticket Motion Simulator attraction

Join Roger Rabbit on this crazy, wacky Toontown Trolley Adventure through Toontown



This attractions & model is similar to StormRider or as now SeaRider with Nemo & Friends at Tokyo DisneySEA. But this time I'm not going full detail about this attraction, just asked @DisneyFan32 for all the work on that attraction that he did & trust me, i did not ask him about this attraction, Thanks DisneyFan32. Link is down below:

Attraction Type: Simulator Ride
Designer: Walt Disney Imagineering
Production companies: Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures & Amblin Entertainment
Theme: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Participants per group: 170
Duration: 5 minutes
Height restriction: 90 cm (2 ft 11 in)

& CUT! That's a Wrap today here at the Studios area of Hollywood. But soon we're going down the Boulevard onward to Twilight Alley as we get into our own episode of The Twilight Zone. Stay Tuned.


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The final area of Hollywoodland is Twilight Alley, Themed after The Twilight Zone, created & inspired by Rod Serling's anthology television series & Aired on CBS from 1959-1964, This land pays tribute to the famous show that now becomes as a land full

Tower of Terror 02.jpg

The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror
D ticket Elevator Ride

Beware yourselves as you Hurtle up & down aboard a haunted elevator-style lift. You’re about to enter… The Twilight Zone!


The attraction is inspired by Rod Serling's anthology television series, The Twilight Zone, and takes place in the fictional Hollywood Tower Hotel in Hollywood, California on the October, 31 1939. This Tower of Terror like the one in Florida is about 199 feet (60.7 m), the ride would be the same in Florida but the tower designed is different that the one in Florida because of that concept art i using for this attraction.

Queue 1 - Entrance & Gardens Area
As guests make their way to the Hollywood Tower Hotel through the front gate. Guests then walk along a cracked, curved pathway that leads to the hotel. The pathway goes past overgrown gardens, signs pointing to the stables, a bowling green, tennis courts, swimming pools, and a vine-covered pavilion. In most parks, 1930s jazz music plays in the queue area as they make their way into the lobby.


Queue 2 - Lobby
Entering through the hotel's front doors, guests encounter an interior designed to give the impression that the Hollywood Tower Hotel has been left untouched since the night of its closure. The lobby is covered in dust and draped with cobwebs, and throughout there are other signs of the hotel's abrupt closure. Past the front desk, the main elevators are in a dilapidated state, and a sign reads "Out of Order".


Guests are informed by bellhops that their rooms are not ready yet, and they are then ushered into the hotel library, which houses the hotel's collection of books, antiques, an old television set, and various pieces of Twilight Zone memorabilia scattered about the room. Through the library window, guests can observe a severe thunderstorm raging outside.

With a crash of thunder and lightning, the power suddenly goes out, except for the television set which crackles into life and plays the opening sequence from the fourth and fifth seasons of The Twilight Zone, hosted by Rod Serling.


Queue 3 - Boiler Room & Loading Area
The television then turns off and the guests are directed through to the boiler room, where they await the maintenance service elevator's arrival. After guests are loaded into the elevator, the doors close, the lights dim and the elevator starts to ascend. Rod Serling's voice greets passengers saying:
You are the passengers on a most uncommon elevator about to ascend into your very own episode of The Twilight Zone.
& as our ride begins.

Ride type: Drop tower dark ride
Designer: Walt Disney Imagineering
Manufacturer: Otis Elevator Company
Theme: The Twilight Zone
Vehicle Type: Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
Height: 199 ft (61 m)
Drop: 130 ft (40 m)
Speed: 39 mph (63 km/h)
G-force: 1.3
Vehicles: 8
Riders per vehicle: 21
Rows: 3
Riders per row: 7
Duration: 3:34
Height restriction: 40 in (102 cm)
Ride Host: Rod Serling


Unload & Exit Shop
After leaving the elevator, guests are led through a hotel corridor towards an old "Lost & Found" desk of the hotel, converted to display the on-ride photographs Continuing the exit out of the attraction, guests pass a cracked fountain to the left, and the Hollywood Tower Hotel's dining room, previously called The Sunset Room, on the right, with a fully-detailed menu placed outside the closed double-doors, dated October 31, 1939. Guests then enter the gift shop, Tower Merchandise. The shop has cracked walls and is dimly lit in keeping with the theme of the hotel, and stocks merchandise themed to the attraction and the Hollywood Tower Hotel.​

& Speaking of shopping, we're going to see what stores & dining areas at Holywoodland do they had before going to our third land of DCA. Coming Up Next.


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I forgot to put fast passes to Roger Rabbit's Toontown Transit Adventure & Tower of Terror so there we go i put fastpasses on it. & i put some information of the ride system being very similar to StormRider at Tokyo DisneySea.


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Hollywoodland - Dining


ABC Soap Opera Bistro
Table-Serve Restaurant

Get ready to dine dramatically! Step into ABC’s hot daytime dramas

It’s called the ABC Soap Opera Bistro because the term “soap opera” comes from the detergent manufacturers who sponsored daily serials about interconnected lives and loves, first on radio and then on television.


Before you go inside, take a look at a menu to the left of the front door.
Dinner menu (left); lunch menu (right).

I would put full detail in the link down below of the whole restaurant.


Fairfax Market
Snack & Refreshing Store

Head to Hollywoodland's healthy snacks at Fairfax Market such as whole and sliced fruit, trail mix and more. Bottled drinks, from refreshing water to pop, round out the offerings at this market stand.​


Table-Serve Restaurant

Come & Dine with Muppet Entertainment at Henson's

This idea of an Muppet Restaurant came from @spacemt354. Henson's, named after the creator of the Muppets (Jim Henson) and also named to depict the eclectic entertainment offerings within the dining experience! With music, games, and some surprises, this will definitely be a dining option for the whole family. I don't want to get in full detail but ill put a link down below about this idea, but its a dinner theater with your favorite Muppet Characters. Thanks to spacemt354.


Backlot Express
Counter Serve Restaurant

Dine inside a soundstage from your favorite movies.

Are you Hungry? then here’s your opportunity to dine in a Hollywood soundstage building that takes you back to some of the legendary eateries from the Golden Age of Hollywood at the Backlot Express, Its not just at a food court; you’re in the movies. You’ll choose your meal from four distinctly different counters, each based on a historic Hollywood eatery—places at which Hollywood stars liked to unwind when they weren’t in front of a movie camera.​


Rod's Diner of Doom
Counter Serve Restaurant

Come inside the Diner of Doom & be a part of another episode of, The Twilight Zone.

This Diner comes to life when Rod Serling voice talked to you in the diner & tells some guest to be a part of an episode of the show. This diner has great offerings from 1950s Burgers with Cheese that look like Fangs & Fries that look like Fingers to Bloody Tasty Milkshakes & to Twilight Zone food items to munch on.​

Soon we will shop on their stores in Hollywoodland.


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Hollywoodland - Retail


Mickey's of Hollywood
Mickey Mouse & Hollywood items

At the entrance of the land on the left is Mickey's of Hollywood. Time-travel with Mickey from the 1920s to the 1940s and pick up California Adventure keepsakes and mouse mementos.​


Celebrity 5 & 10
Post-Ride shop & Photo Cover

At the exit to Great Moments at the Movies, Pick up your favorite Great Moments merch or take a picture & put your face on the cover of Hollywood's famous m
agazine covers.​


Muppet Studios Store
Post-Show shop

At the exit of Muppet-Vision 3D, is full with Muppets stuff, from movies to toys, & mugs, to clothes & more, you can be a Muppet fan with all of this amazing Muppet Stuff.


The Stage One Company Store
Backlot items

Next to the Special Effects Stage, Inside Soundstage 1 is a store based on Backlot stuff like Movie Clipboards, Cameras, etc. But also home to Disney stuff as well.


The Animation Gallery
Disney Animation Items

Here at the Gallery, you will find a wonderful display of collectible artworks, to hard-to-find-elsewhere sculptures featuring hundreds of classic characters & artbooks form Disney's Famous Classics & Future Films & so much more


Box Office Gifts
Post-Exit to Hyperion Theatre

This store at the exit of the theater is home to Current show that is inside the Hyperion Theater.


Tower Hotel Gifts
Post-Ride shop

Terrifying gifts and chilling curios await you in this special shop at the exit of the ride—if you’re brave enough to take them home with you!.


This store is home to Hotel Bells like in the hotel, bathrobes, paintings, shirts to books from The Twilight Zone.

And so, as we say farewell to Hollywoodland, The Tinseltown of Many Dreams, We left some Movie Making to the Making of Flying & the History of California's Best Aviation's of Pioneer Fields. We're been landing to this land very soon.


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Pioneer Fields
Visit a romantic Jet Age Airfield where the early Airplane Pioneers & the Age of Aviation fly high

TIMELINE: 1900's/1930s

Based on this idea of DisneySky's Runaway One & Pioneer Fields (of the same named) from the one & only @D Hulk, Victory Fields from the never-built Disney's America & Condor Flats from Disney's California Adventure. This is themed to resemble an airfield with a series of hangars containing attractions based on California's History of Aviation with a little bit of Disney of it.​

Land Layout & Details

Attractions: 33. Soarin' Over California, 34. The History of Aviation, 35. Pedro’s Mail Carriers, 36. Mickey's Plane Crazy

Dining: 37. Taste Pilot's Grill, 38. Wright Bakers, 39. Refueling Center

Retail: 40. Rosie's, 41. Condor Imports, 42. Flyer Suppliers, 43. Air Tower Treats

Once guest went towards the fields next to the farm & right to the Hangers of Pioneer Fields, they will discover how California's Aviation of the Past & the Present would be grand to soared.

The First Attraction inside the big hanger is home to Soarin' Over California, An attraction that took guests on a Hang-Glider over several locations in California. The exit store of Soarin' Over California is Rosie's, A store based with Soarin' Pioneer Fields & DCA Stuff.

Right next to Rosie's is the Wright Bakers, a bake shop filled with a lot of bakery stuff & Drinks just to sipped your delights. If you want to get your tasting buds with flight then come to Taste Pilot's Grill, Where pilots not only fly plane but also make amazing food, from Hamburgers, Hot Dogs & much more. & between to the Grill & Soarin' is an Refueling Center, as their drinking station/stand, people can take a drink on this hot California Sun.

At the Pioneer Fields plaza is Condor Imports is a Cart store, filled with sun protectors, toys & drinks. The next is The History of Aviation, An exhibit of airplanes & flying machines from different periods, as well as for major flying exhibitions.

Two final attractions serve in the furthest farmlands near of the Bountiful Valley Farm. Pedro’s Mail Carriers, inspired by a forgotten segment from Saludos Amigos, is a simple Aerial Carousel/Dumbo style ride which introduces guests to the adorable baby airplane Pedro. & Finally is Mickey's Plane Crazy, A Crazy Biplane Suspended Dark ride inspired by the same named of the 1928 short cartoon film, Where Mickey & Minnie takes guest on a crazy plane trip to the fields & a small cartoonist town. Next to Mickey's Plane Crazy is a candy store called Air Tower Treats.

Now lets see those details for Pioneer Fields.


Cast member outfits
Cast members wear outfits inspired by the uniforms for pilots and stewardesses - modern, tasteful, classy or as vintage leather-clad “aeronauts,”.​


Walkaround Characters
You can meet Pilots Mickey & Goofy here from their cartoonist planes​

The first restroom is next to Soarin'.

A second & final restroom is found alongside near the farm area.​

Drinking fountains
Fountains in our this land are simply normal design.​

Similarly, the trashcans here are simple the same as Disneyland’s designs.​


Most benches are fashioned from metal and wood, done in a Spanish style. Additionally, throughout the land are steamer trunks and piles of luggage which also serve as seats.

These trunks are covered in world-spanning destination stickers, evidence of veteran travelers. Note in particular the stickers advertising other destinations.​

In addition to the stucco walls, low-lying fencing is done with wrought iron in a Spanish style similar to the benches.​


Most of the land's lighting is hidden and recessed in the land’s structures. At night, the fields is lined with searchlights which probe the night skies and sometimes for a tribute when planes comes to WW1 or WW2.​

This concludes our initial walkthrough of Pioneer Fields. Next we will begin the land's Attractions, Retail & Dining.​
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Just a note for everyone who loves my project so much that i forgot one more attraction to Hollywoodland & its at the studios area called Superstar Television.


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With fewer attractions in our entry land, dedicated stroller corals are less necessary. Nonetheless, cast members acting as airport workers will “taxi” guests’ strollers upon request.

Pioneer Fields cell phone recharging stations are found in her restaurants at every seat.
You might want to change this now that this not the entry land. And something else that should be said is that the Jet Age was nonexistent in the time period that Pioneer Field is set in, so a different theme for the Drinking Fountains and Trashcans or a late 40s-50s setting would be more appropriate.


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I'm so sorry i took so long, i just took a break from it & start doing other projects like Parallel Disney Studios if you want to check it out in the link of named Parallel Disney Studios. But this one would never be quitting, so now lets get back to this amazing project in get to Pioneer Fields.

Pioneer Fields - Attractions


Soarin' Over California
D-ticket Hang glider experience

Fly to Scenic California, To Beaches to Mountains & even to Disneyland on this Hang Glider experience



Soarin' Over California was an OMNIMAX Motion Simulator with an inverted track allowing guests to fly over California's landmarks. This four minutes and 50 seconds, takes guests on a simulated hang glider tour of California. Appropriate scents (citrus, pine, sagebrush, ocean mist) fill the air as the ride vehicles themselves move gently to simulate the sensations of flight. In addition to the state's various landscapes, the ride also highlights its diverse recreation, including snow skiing, river rafting, kayaking, golf, horseback riding, hot air ballooning, surfing and of course, hang gliding & even a fly-through Disneyland & the fireworks.

Ride type: Hang glider simulator / flying theater
Designer: Walt Disney Imagineering
Manufacturer: Dynamic Structures
Theme: Flight
Music: Jerry Goldsmith
Screen Height: 80 ft
Film speed: 48 frames per second
Vehicle names: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie
Vehicle capacity: A & C-27, B-33
Rows: 3
Participants per group: 87 per theater
Duration: 4:50
Height restriction: 40" (102 cm)
Ride Host: Patrick Warburton


The History of Aviation
Exhibit attraction

See some aviation technology inside the hanger with an exhibit of airplanes from different periods, as well as for major flying exhibitions.

An exhibit of airplanes & flying machines from different periods, as well as for major flying exhibitions. You can learn & even fly & ride in these flying machines. This Exhibit building features some historic planes from the past & the present, an 360 Circle-Vision attraction about Aviation, America's military & history of the war by using virtual reality technology & take a photo of someone imagined to be flying on a realistic planes.​


Pedro’s Mail Carriers
B-ticket flat ride

Practice for a flight across the Andes with Pedro the mail plane

This attraction from D Hulk's DisneySKY project in the link of this name. Pedro’s Mail Carriers

Pilots-in-training will love this simple Aerial Carousel ride, where they train with Pedro the Plane in preparation for a daring flight across the Andes. With its cute character and its non-threatening ride system, Pedro’s Mail Carriers is a fantastic adventure for the young or the young-at-heart.

Ride type: Aerial Carousel / Aero Top Jet
Designer: Walt Disney Imagineering
Manufacturer: Zamperla
Rows: 2
Riders per row: 4
Duration: 1:30


Mickey’s Plane Crazy
C-ticket family dark ride

Fly a biplane with Mickey Mouse while terrorizing the countryside



This another idea came to D Hulk's DisneySKY Project as well, in this attraction from the link of this name, Mickey's Plane Crazy

Get behind the controls of your very own biplane! Embark on a madcap, misadventurous flight! Buzz a cow, storm a barn, upset the citizenry, the sky is the limit on Mickey’s Plane Crazy, a family-friendly indoor track ride which combines the Sunday afternoon scenery of Autopia with the frenzied zaniness of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride! & little bit of an Dark Ride based attraction from ET Adventure at Universal Studios because of the Ride System.

The premise comes from 1928’s Plane Crazy, the very first Mickey Mouse cartoon...Steamboat Willie was distributed first, sure, but this was completed first. And it is a doozy of a short film! Plane Crazy sees Mickey at his most puckish, effectively terrorizing a small farm community with his homemade biplane. It is an anarchic blast of fun! The tranquil farming village of Pioneer Fields could do with such a wake up call!

Ride type: Suspended Dark ride
Designer: Walt Disney Imagineering
Manufacturer: ETF Ride Systems
Height: 12 ft (3.7 m)
Speed: 05 mph (8.0 km/h)
Riders per vehicle: 12
Rows: 2
Riders per row: 6
Duration: 4:30
Height restriction: 34 in (86 cm)

Soon maybe later today, we will get to the dining & shopping just before we get to Bountiful Valley Farm & Goldrush Gulch. & this time i will not take too long. Also for this land i forgot to tell you that maybe i will put a coaster in this area for my future/expansion idea after this DCA better version plan.
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Pioneer Fields - Dining


Taste Pilot's Grill
Quick-Service Restaurant

Did the Bell X-1 grab your attention? It’s supposed to draw you into Taste Pilots’ Grill. Haha. Test pilots, taste pilots. There’s no end to the puns around here.



Wright Bakers
Counter-Service Restaurant

Coffee and bakery items

A duplicate of the Wright Brothers’ Ohio bike shop is located in between Many disparate eras are represented in Runway One, yes, just as you might find at a real airfield with a long and vibrant history. Wright Bakers serves also as a coffee shop (serving Starbucks). Alongside hot-brewed drinks, they also offer a bakery’s worth of fresh artisanal donuts, cookies, and other sweet items. All dishes are respectfully named for early Wright-era aviators.

The inside of the bike shop - where the Wright Brothers designed the world’s first heavier-than-air machine - is faithfully recreated from the original. But there are whimsical touches as well, such as a kinetic homemade replica of the Flyer made from bike parts, hanging from the ceiling and animated by fan belts and tire chains. Ordering counters are set around glass display cases which feature both baked goods and vintage bicycle accessories.


Refueling Center
Beer stand

Wagon offering character foods and other items

A vintage airport fuel truck which actively refuels a PA-20 Pacer plane parked on display. This truck also offers up quick snacks to guests from a side window set under a military tarp. Think of these snacks as another form of fuel! Shaded seating is available under the Pacer’s wing, or guests may dine on-the-go.

You’ll find stands like this throughout California Adventure or DisneySea, beer stands whose refreshing adult beverages set themselves apart from Disney’s Castle Parks without promoting drunkenness. It is the same here. Refueling Center serves locally-brewed draft beers.

Refueling Station in particular also specializes in an Instagram-worthy specialty, the Mickey Glove Bun sandwich. This unique snack item is a spongy glove-shaped bun which comes filled with an assortment of savory fillings. It is a must-try treat for first timers or regulars!

Pioneer Fields - Shopping


Soarin' Goods & Plane stuff

Rosie’s sits at the exit of Soarin'. From the outside, it is a U.S. war-era riveter factory/hanger.

The interior is themed and dedicated to Rosie the Riveter, a World War Two women’s icon...here portrayed by Daisy Duck. Prominent banners declare “RIVETING WEARS.” Like with Avionics, a greasy industrial space has been redressed for retail, its supply shelves now stocked with merchandise and its assembly machinery repurposed to display goods.

Rosie’s is the only place to directly reference WW2. Wartime posters lining the walls recast the Fab Five in iconic roles. Mickey and Minnie perform the famous V-Day kiss. Daisy the Riveter poses declaring “We can do it!” Wall graffiti similar to Kilroy - but depicting mouse ears - declares “Mickey was here.” A black & white photograph depicts Minnie Mouse as Amelia Earhart.

All around its base are riveter equipment, discarded cans, oily rags, et cetera. Stacked in piles nearby are individual airplane components - panels, propellers, barrels of lugnuts. Former workbenches now appear as checkout counters.


Condor Imports
Wagon cart

Wagon offering hairbands and sun protectors

enhance (1).jpg

Flyer Suppliers
Wagon cart

Wagon with caps, cases, hairbands and light-up items

A merchandise stand erected around the base of a Ford Tri-Motor biplane. This plane is personalized with handmade nose art; like so many vintage examples, this one features an unauthorized, off-model drawing of Donald Duck.

Merchandise is set up all around the Tri-Motor, set atop cargo crates and steamer trunks all surrounded by hand dollies. All this is protected under a military tarp.

Flyer Suppliers is one of many small-scale “wagon cart” shops throughout this park selling impulse products (regularly changed out) or basic touring needs such as sunscreen or water bottles.

enhance (2).jpg

Air Tower Treats
Candy Shop

The air tower which serves as an premiere spot for candies and confections. Indeed, the outdoor window display features fanciful model aircraft from the pre-Wright era, all of them made out of cookies and sweets. A sugary scent permeates the runway airs outside.

As we leave to the History of Aviation of Pioneer Fields & we enter into the Farmlands of the Bountiful Valley Farm, all of that up next.


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Sorry i took too long because i working on The Hard Rock Park Story if you want to check it out just click on that on the title & other projects that i'm working on but hey i'm back so our next land to California Adventure (the Better Version) is.


Bountiful Valley Farm
Learn about the bounty of California, the nation’s number one farming state — It’s edu-licious!!!

TIMELINE: 1930's/Present

Based on this idea of Family Farm from the never-built Disney's America & Bountiful Valley (from the same named) from Disney's California Adventure. Welcome to Bountiful Valley Farm, Presented by Caterpillar, a “tribute to the abundance and diversity of agriculture in California.”

Other theme parks have attractions with pirates or submarines. But where else can you find an attraction with full-size farm equipment & farmhouses? & where guests could have had the opportunity to see different types of industries related to food production, in addition to hands-on experiences.​

Land Layout & Details

Attractions: 44. Living with the Land, 45. Old MacDonald's Tractor Tours, 46. Bountiful Valley Petting Zoo, 47. CAT's Tractor Whipper, 48. Seasons of the Vine

Dining: 49. Golden Vine Winery (Wine Country Trattoria & Wine Tasting), 50. Bountiful Valley Farmer's Market

Retail: 51. Santa Ross Seed & Supply, 52. Caterpillar Cart

Once guest went to Bountiful Valley, they would learned about the secrets & stuff about Farming & Living with the Land.

& speaking of Living with the Land, The first attraction is right here of Living with the Land, Its a slow-moving boat ride consisting of a dark ride and greenhouse tour, this attraction could be quite similar from Epcot in Orlando. Next to that its Santa Ross Seed & Supply, A Gardening Shop. & if you want to get a fruit or even a drink then go to the Bountiful Valley Farmer's Market, Where you can find all great food choices.


Old MacDonald's Tractor Tours, This attraction would be the first & ever Antique Cars Ride in any Disney Park.


(Don't mind of the picture from Mater's, just imagined CAT Tractor in this attraction)

At the Bountiful Valley Petting Zoo, Kids of all ages can pet some amazing animals that live on this farm. Next its a Whip ride called CAT's Tractor Whipper, Next the Caterpillar Cart, It offers a fine selection of model farm equipment and other Caterpillar souvenirs.

dca winery night2.jpg

Our final stop its at the Golden Vine Winery, Rows of grapevines line the lower slopes of Grizzly Mountain in the Golden Vine Winery area of the Bountiful Valley, dining in at the Wine Country Trattoria or see how wine was made at Seasons of the Vine, Which is a seven-minute film providing an “behind-the-scenes introduction” to winegrowing.​

Details for this land is coming up.


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Not much of it but lets get to those details for Bountiful Valley Farm.​


Cast Member Outfits
Cast members appear in, You know, Farming Clothing. Get the point ah forget it.​

Restrooms are normal, but in a Barnhouse design.​

Drinking Fountains
Fountains in our this land are simply normal design.​

Just don't know what design of the Trashcans are for this land but maybe the same design Trashcans at Disneyland.​


Some seats or benches are normal like any park or even in this land, the benches are made out of Hay that look like a bench.​

Screenshot (52).png

Made out of wood like the real from ever farm.​

This concludes our initial walkthrough. Next we will begin the land's Attractions, Retail & Dining & then off to the California Forests & Geysers or Geyser Gulch, all that & more coming up next very soon.


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Bountiful Valley Farm - Attractions


Living with the Land
C-Ticket Boat Ride

Discover how food & plants was made inside the Living with the Land attraction



Its a slow-moving boat ride consisting of a dark ride and greenhouse tour similar from the one at Epcot at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The focus of the ride is on agriculture, especially new technology to make agriculture more efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Attraction type: Hybrid dark ride/greenhouse tour
Designer: Walt Disney Imagineering
Theme: Agriculture
Music: George Wilkins
Capacity: 1600 riders per hour
Vehicle type: Tandem boats
Vehicles: 16, with two spares
Riders per vehicle: 40
Rows: 10
Riders per row: 4
Duration: 14:55
Host: Marsha Mason (queue), Mike Brassell (on-board vehicle narration)
Audio-animatronics: 35


Old MacDonald's Tractor Tours
C-Ticket Tracked Ride

Ride a Tractor to Old MacDonald's Farm



This Attraction is to note the First & Ever Antique Cars Ride in any Disney Park & not even another Autopia attraction. With your host Old MacDonald takes guest on a drive-itself tractor around the fields of Bountiful Valley.

Attraction type: Antique Cars / Guided Track Ride
Designer: Walt Disney Imagineering
Manufacturer: Metallbau-Emmeln
Theme: Old MacDonald's Farm
Vehicle type: Tractordrive
Riders per vehicle: 40
Rows: 2
Riders per row: 4
Duration: 3-4 mins
Audio-animatronics: 15-20


Bountiful Valley Petting Zoo
Petting Zoo

Kids of all ages can pet some amazing animals that lives on the Farm. This is something similar from Rafiki's Planet Watch at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida.​


CAT's Tractor Whipper
C-Ticket Whip Ride

Whip around on a Crazy Tractor Ride



Right before Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, there is CAT'S Tractor Whipper. The ride system is similar to a hybrid between Francis' Ladybug Boogie, Mrs. Potts' Teacups, and a whip attraction. There are a total of 22 mini tractors in all. The ride system shares similarities to the classic "Cuddle Up" ride from Philadelphia Toboggan Company & the classic Whip ride from William F. Mangels.

Attraction type: Whip Ride
Designer: Walt Disney Imagineering
Manufacturer: Zamperla
Vehicle type: Tractor
Rows: 1
Riders per row: 2-3
Duration: 1:45


Seasons of the Vine
Film Presentation & Exhibit

If your interesting of Wine, then head over to the Barrel Room at the Golden Vine Winery for Seasons of the Vine. This 7 min film presentation hosts by Robert Mondavi & telling them a “behind-the-scenes introduction” to winegrowing.

If you Hungry for some fresh food, then Stay Tuned, because we're going to see some great delights from food stands to restaurants, all thanks to the farmers.
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I'm dearly sorry again, i took a break & so much more work to do but u know what i'm back, So lets continued our trip of the Bountiful Valley Farm with Dining & Retail offers.

Bountiful Valley Farm - Dining

Screenshot (68).png
dca golden vine winery painting3.jpg

Golden Vine Winery
A Casual Table-Service Restaurant

Rows of grapevines line the lower slopes of Grizzly Peak Mountain in the Golden Vine Winery area. A walkway winds its way under the grape arbor past the beautifully landscaped vineyard and up into the courtyard. The winery buildings in this picturesque area appear to be built of stone, just like those in California’s Napa Valley. Do some wine-tasting, visit the Preview Center to look at future plans for the park, do some wine-tasting, or just sit and enjoy the ambience. Inside is the Wine Country Trattoria, a Casual table-service dining, either inside or on the patio. Italian-style selections including pasta, soups, salads, and sandwiches. & don't forget about a taste of wine over at the Wine Tasting, A variety of wines are available for tasting. Additional charge.


Bountiful Valley Farmer's Market
Bakery & Marketplace

Inside the Bountiful Valley Farmer's Market you will find so many great food choices from plants to have Fruits & Veggies to cows to make milk & some wheat for Bread & other bakery stuff. This idea could be very similar to the Main Street Bakery which its at Disneyland Park next door.



Santa Ross Seed & Supply
Gardening Stuff

For gardening supplies, flowers, and plants come inside the Santa Ross Seed & Supply. The Santa Rosa Seed & Supply is the main retail store of the Bountiful Valley Farm section within DCA—and possibly the finest gardening store in any theme park, anywhere.


Caterpillar Cart: Presented by CAT
CAT Tractor

By now, you might be so excited by Caterpillar equipment that you want to take home a reminder of your visit to Bountiful Valley Farm. You’re in luck! The Caterpillar Cart offers a fine selection of model farm equipment and other Caterpillar souvenirs.

Sorry it took so long to do the next one, i really had so much to do & so many projects to make, But i'm not giving up this project & i'm gonna keep moving on into our next land which would be the most Goldrush areas of the all, I'm talking about Goldrush Gulch. & it will happen either on the weekend or next week before July starts. Stay Tuned as we travel to the Redwood Forests & National Parks of California.
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