What If Disney: Disneyland Resort Builds an Better Second Gate


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Now the moment you have been waiting for lets get to the Land details that i have been worked out in-depth for all of California Adventure destinations, ranging from fountains to benches. The First Land Detail is from Spanish Village.

(& Just to note, I don't know what Cast member outfits & Streetmosphere for Spanish Village could look like. If anyone has ideas for Cast member outfits & what Streetmosphere for each/some lands & for this land, then please be my guess to comment if you will, i would be happy to hear what their costumes & the streetmosphere could look like in the park. Thank You!)

Walkaround characters
The Famous Fab Five from the opening ceremony remain as Spanish Village’s walkaround characters, continually greeting guests throughout the day. Photo ops regularly occur at the Sunshine Circle and by the flagpole at the entrance plaza of the Spanish Village.​

The first restroom is shared between City Hall & the main entrance of the Square alongside it. This way, guests enjoy restroom access before rope drop. The exterior, as seen from the Square, is a simple low-slung Spanish Revival facade built into the land’s bounding walls. The interior features tile mosaics depicting historic California.

A second restroom is found inside the San Angelos Bakery & the Tortilla Factory Building on the right. It too is a simple Spanish facade. The interior is identical to the first, with more mosaic artworks.

A third & final restroom is found near to the entrance to Hollywoodland in an Art Deco facade seemingly built.​

Trolley Treats
Every “destination” in California Adventure features dedicated churro, popcorn & ice cream carts. Just like how Tokyo Disney Resort boasts specialty-flavor popcorn carts in every land, our carts do likewise with designer treat concoctions. It’s simply another special way to help California Adventure soar above the competition!

Spanish Village’s Popcorn & Churro carts are found somewhere next to the Entrance/Plaza & at the Hub & sometimes they walk their carts around like a ice-cream truck. At the Churro Cart, Churros here come filled with creamy caramel and coated in crispy, delicious cornflakes, & at the popcorn cart, this cart not only carries only butter popcorn but now it has different favorites you can choose from, from now Honey, Caramel & much more.​

Drinking fountains
Fountains in our entry land are simply Spanish Village's variations on Main Street’s fountains, which helps subliminally connect California Adventure back to Disneyland.​

Similarly, the trashcans here are simple normal or sometimes a Spanish Mission style on Disneyland’s designs.​

Most benches are fashioned from metal and wood, done in a Spanish style.​

Umbrellas shadings here are the same but has Spanish Colors & Shapes.​

In addition to the stucco walls, low-lying fencing is done with wrought iron in a Spanish style similar to the benches.​

Most of Spanish Village’s lighting is hidden and recessed in the land’s structures. At night, the land has lightbulb/popcorn lights from sometimes the buildings, sometimes at the top of the roofs & to the trees like next door to Disneyland, but not in the Main Building at the Hub & the Main Entrance building. and the land is illuminate with the main building that hosts Golden Dreams in a beautiful grandeur.​

Stroller corals & phone-charging stations
With fewer major attractions in our entry land, dedicated stroller corals are less necessary. Nonetheless, cast members will “taxi” guests’ strollers upon request.

The entry land’s cell phone recharging stations are found in some restaurants at every seat.​

This concludes our initial walkthrough of Spanish Village. Coming Very Soon we will begin looking at the land's Guest Services, Attractions, Retail & Dining.


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Guest Services


Spanish Square Town Hall
Guest relations center

Spanish Square Town Hall is California Adventure's “City Hall.” All-purpose guest relations services offered here include: General information, lost & found, guided tours, ADA info, park ticket changes and upgrades, foreign currency exchange, and a baby care center.

This City Hall is inspired from the Ocean Park City Hall or Venice City Hall in Long Beach, California but on a similar size to the City Hall at Disneyland in California or the Magic Kingdom in Florida & little longer. This building is a combination of Art Deco and Spanish Colonial-Revival influences.

The hall’s reflects the real thing: Spanish tiles, Art Deco railing & high ceiling skylights. Major guest services are set behind a carved oak counter. Cute details everywhere suggest an active, vibrant feel of Disney & Ub Iwerks; they depict his creations such as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, an early Mickey Mouse design, The Skeleton Dance, plus Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow & many more.

Strollers & Wheelchair Rentals are found on the building's exterior in a curbside setting.

Home Delivery Service inside is a place to pick up your packages that you had shipped to the front of the park.

Banking takes place at a row of indoors ATMs set in recessed tile-lined alcoves.​

Storage Lockers

In-park storage lockers are found within/between Barbara's Fine Sweets & City Hall on the right side of the street.​

Park Info Board

Alongside near the Sunshine Circle is a board displaying attraction wait times, showtimes, & FastPass returns.​

Next is the Attractions! Stay Tuned


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Spanish Village - Attractions


Red Car Trolley
A-ticket transportation ride

The Red Car's Bell drove you to California Adventure many wondrous destinations on a cable car journey

The First attraction of the park & this Transportation gives a theme park life, it gives the park energy, an iconic identity...it’s also simply practical. Just as Disneyland is defined by trains, California Adventure is defined by trolleys. The attraction features replicas of the Pacific Electric Railway's "Red Cars" that once traversed much of Southern California.

Trolleys run approximately every 8 minutes while the park is open. Unlike the Main Street Vehicles that travel through neighboring Disneyland, the Red Car Trolley runs all day, only briefly pausing service when a parade travels down Hollywood Boulevard.


Ride type: Trolley
Designer: Walt Disney Imagineering
Manufacturer: Brookville Equipment Corporation
Theme: Pacific Electric Railway
Capacity per Car: 100
Riders per Train/Vehicle: 21
Number of Trolley: 2
Duration: 8 minutes in each station
Height restriction: None

There are three other stops along the Red Car Trolley route - Spanish Village (at the entrance gate of the park), Sunshine Circle (The Hub of the Park), & Hollywoodland.​
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Greeting Character Hub
C-ticket meet & greet

Come & meet beloved Disney characters at the Hub

Disney Park guests always expect meet & greet & take a picture by encounters with their favorite characters from the latest Disney (or Pixar, etc.) films. The Character Hub provides California Adventure with a dedicated meet & greet attraction able to accommodate all unanticipated upcoming characters & also to the Fab Five.


Golden Dreams
D-ticket Audio-Animatronic Show

Discover the Story about people who came to California—their dreams, their challenges, and their triumphs.

The Main Attraction of California Adventure, Golden Dreams is right inside the exact replica of the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse in San Gabriel, California. The building uses forced perspective to make a five-story building appear to be two and a half stories; there is a large ramp inside the attraction that slopes up, then down.

Golden Dreams is a quite similar show/attraction to The American Adventure in Epcot at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, but themed to California & This is certainly the most prominent feature in Spanish Village & to the whole California Adventure park.


(Lobby from Magellan's at Tokyo DisneySEA)

The start of the attraction & the main building begin when guests come inside the exact replica building of SGMPH & into the lobby is a square room that has an oval-shaped area in the middle with a dome-shaped ceiling with a painting of all California. Also Inside the lobby of the building its a huge statue but not a globe but instead about all things California. Include the iconic Bear like on the California, & down below featuring Surfers, & Beach Goers, Directors, Goldrushers & much more, & even a hidden mickey or Mickey Mouse at this statue.

(QUESTION TIME: If some of you know what could this statue at the lobby would look like could some of you give me some ideas & concepts if you could, of what could this statue would look like please.)

The walls contain quotes from famous Californian, which include Walt Disney & others, & Paintings of California life throughout history representing what this place is all about as the guest go upstairs or to elevator just to get to the theater.


In the upstairs lobby there is a full Painting/Mural of California life on the wall before they got into the Theater of the Attraction.

In the theater, there are 12 statues, Their is 6 statues on each side of the theater, that are spirits of California values personified & maybe having Walt Disney of the wall of statues on the right side inside the theatre, & once guests come fully inside, the announcer tell us the safety of the show & then the lights turns off & the curtain rising as the show begins.

Ride Type: Multimedia & Audio-Animatronic show
Designed: Walt Disney Imagineering
Theme: The History of California
Hourly capacity: 1024 per show
Duration: 20-25 minutes
Host: Queen Califia (Voiced by Whoopi Goldberg)
Sponsors: Coca-Cola
Height restriction: None

That's all we have for today, two attractions in one page. But wait we're all ready inside the main attraction & we did not talk about the whole show yet. Well I feel like we need to learn about the story of Golden Dreams soon! So Stay in Next time.
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Beginning of Golden Dreams & Meet Queen Califia
As the lights dim. The Curtain begins to rise & the stage is designed like a dark empty Museum/Gallery as sparks ignite the statue & Califia statue comes to life as an Animatronic with the face and voice of Whoopi Goldberg, as she tells us the dream of California & then we begin our story of Golden Dreams.


Act 1: The Begin of California's Hopes & Dream
The Story starts with the Native American Chumash tribe, who settled in California over 13,000 years ago. The Spanish missionaries arrive—and promptly experience an earthquake. A gold prospector during the California Gold Rush is unsuccessful until he gets a little help. Two of the 15,000 Chinese laborers who risked their lives to build the railroad—a father and his son—appear to be victims of an explosion. Irish immigrant William Mulholland brings water to “the little desert town of Los Angeles.” Thanks to the efforts of Scottish immigrant John Muir, Yosemite becomes a National Park. (Also by the way using that similar National Park scene from The American Adventure at Epcot)


Act 2: The Japanese comes to California & The Great Depression
A picture bride arrives from Japan to discover that the man who sent for her is considerably older than his picture. As they leave the train station, they are pelted with garbage and taunted with cries of “Go home! We don’t want you here.”


Act 3: Movie Making in Hollywood & The Begin of the Second World War
Now we’re at the MGM movie studio, with movie stars, Munchkins, and animals. Louis B. Mayer brags, “When I was 22 years old, I didn’t have the price of a sandwich. Today I oversee the most successful dream factory in Hollywood, with a new picture starting every week.” & Then we entering the war, During World War II, women are working in factories.


Act 4: The Rockin' 50's & The Happiest Place in California
In the 1950s, it’s television, tract homes, surfers and hula hoops. & then we went to Disneyland in 1955/56 when Walt Disney meets a person at the park who is so interested of the park that someone build. So Walt asked him of what's his name & what's about what this person's dream is about & Walt Disney tells him if he interested of working in Imagineering, He was delighted to go & work there.


Act 5: The Hippy 60s & An Little Helping Hand from Cesar Chavez
(Mid/Late 1960s)
In the 1960s, it’s the Summer of Love. Then Cesar Chavez leads the way toward rights for farm workers from Mexico.


Act 6: New Technologies in California & The Dream Kept Growing
Steve Jobs, who wants to sell a computer to everyone on the planet. A young Steve Wozniak shows a primitive personal computer prototype to a young Steve Jobs, telling Steve Wozniak to Dream On.

Throughout the attraction, Whoopi/Califia shows up to offer encouragement, help, and words of wisdom. For example, she helps the gold prospector by pointing and asking, “What’s that shiny thing?” She tells the Japanese couple, “Be strong.”

Reacting to Wozniak and Jobs, Califia/Whoopi advises, “Keep Dreamin’. Trust me on this one.” She bites into an apple. Califia knew what would happen with Apple Inc., but even she didn’t know that the late Steve Jobs would one day be the largest shareholder of The Walt Disney Company, thanks to Disney’s acquisition of Pixar.

Act 7: Just One Dream, Finale & Exit
As we end of Journey & the Story of California, Queen Califia tells them to keep those dreams alive, as we get to the main song of the attraction.

Accompanied by the song, “Just One Dream,” the movie ends with a montage of film snippets showing famous Californians, often in moments of great achievement. (Also i feel like not only we have Heather Headley & maybe another singing if anyone has one singer idea do to a duel singing of Just One Dream)


As Queen Califia tells everyone if their everything they ever need, she will let them know & she will be there by their side & tell them to take care of themselves, as we get into a grand climax finale's song Just One Dream & a similar ending Climax/Song to The American Adventure, as she walked to an California Desert to the Sunset as the Curtain begins to close in Pitch Black, The Lights come back on & we end our Golden Dreams Adventure of California as the announcer tells guest to exit to the ramp on their left, & right to the store or out the building.​
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Spanish Village - Dining


Mission Tortilla Factory
Hosted by Mission Foods

Counter service & attraction of the history of Tortilla

Tortilla Wraps, desserts and more

“In a park that showcases the diversity of the California culture and landscape, Mission Foods is proud to demonstrate the history and the making of the traditional food of ancient and modern Mexico—the tortilla.” That’s how the Mission Foods website describes this attraction.

It’s not a ride or a theater. It’s an authentic, working tortilla factory.

Before you enter the factory, admire it from the outside. This isn’t a storybook theme park building. The exterior, with its corrugated metal sides and rough timbers, looks fittingly industrial. The huge, cylindrical storage container on the left holds 14,000 pounds of corn flour, while the one on the right holds 15,000 pounds of wheat flour—enough to yield 408,000 corn tortillas and 390,000 flour tortillas, respectively (give or take a few).


Room 1 (Pre-Show)
Now step inside. The first part of your experience—the pre-show—is in a room with a large mural and an ornately framed video monitor. The mural depicts the Mayan god Hun Nal Ye bestowing corn upon the Mayan people—a momentous event in their history and culture.

Three children narrate a two-minute, animated video, “The Story of the Tortilla,” about the origins and importance of corn and tortillas in the Aztec, Olmec, and Mayan cultures of Mexico. Among other things, the children explain, “Some even worshipped corn as a god,” and, “According to Mayan legend, the tortilla was invented as a gift to the king.”

You’ll learn that, thanks to the invention of Maseca corn flour, tortillas are better than ever. (According to Mission Foods, “Maseca is the secret behind the incredible taste, consistency and quality of Mission corn tortillas.”)

unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg

Room 2: (The Pepper-Ghost Effect/Peek-In Windows)
The doors open to the next room. There are more murals and four peek-in windows. Take a look. Ghostly little video people populate vignettes within the windows. Watch them grind the corn with traditional stone tools and form tortillas by hand. Then step to the right to another window to watch a more recent kitchen scene. Yes, tortillas have long been the Hispanic staple of life.


Room 3 (Tortilla Making Room / Production Line)
Now that you’ve learned the proud origins of the tortilla, it’s time for the third part of your tortilla experience. Step into the Production Line room. You get to watch the entire process on a short walking tour—from fresh dough to tasty tortillas. It’s not a big factory, but it is a working tortilla facility. The line on your right makes flour tortillas. The one on your left makes corn tortillas. The output is used by restaurants here at the park.


At the far end of the Production Line room, you reach the fourth and final part of your tortilla experience—a chance to learn more about Mission Foods and to discover new ways to use tortillas at the Demonstration Kitchen, also known as the restaurant of the Tortilla Shop. Toward the end of your visit you’ll learn even more about the leader of the “tortilla revolution”… Mission Foods. Devoted to technological innovation, Mission uses technology not only to reduce costs, but to increase product quality and consumer satisfaction. These innovations are one of the most interesting aspects of the Mission Tortilla Factory. And Watch as Mission Foods chefs preparing traditional Mexican and contemporary California recipes using genuine Mission Tortillas. The chefs at Demonstration Kitchen produce tasty looking dishes. Tortillas are the perfect ingredient for any meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) and any course (appetizer, main course, or dessert).​

I hope the Tortillas made you hungry, well i do. I made a Peanut Butter & Banana Tortilla/Wrap with a glass of milk for snack & it was Delicioso, that means Delicious in Spanish. Well it Tortilla for some of you are not your favorite dish, then how about some Sourdough Bread give you on the mind instead, Well i think the place that you are going to love in the next recipe then Tortillas.
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San Angelos Bakery
Counter service restaurant & Self-Guided Sourdough Bread Factory Tour

Coffee, bakery items & Sourdough Bread

The whole Bakery shop is inspired by Southwestern Artists ASSN at the Spanish Village Art Center Balboa Park in San Diego & inside feels similar to the Baker’s Field Bakery that was at DCA in 2001 because of all of that Spanish Mission Design.

Whether you’re looking for a simple cup of freshly brewed House Blend coffee, an icy cold Malibu Mocha Frappé, an exotic tea, or something else, you should find something you like on the beverage menu. This isn’t just a place to drinks, then their are other things like get cookies, muffins, and pastries; it’s also a place to get meals. How about a grab-and-go salad or sandwich? But we can't forget in the Bakery without Sourdough Bread, In this famous bread its still the most favorite breads in all of California. You can get yourself an Sourdough Grilled Cheese or how about an Sourdough Bowl that is filled with your favorite kind of soup in it.


(Beautiful Painting/Mural on the casher's service wall)

A mural of the California Zephyr splashing across a flooded track in front of Yosemite Falls dominates the wall behind the counter. It’s a montage of California images. The California Zephyr crossed the Sierra Nevada Mountains through Feather River Canyon, not through the Yosemite Valley.

This Bakery not only hold as a counter service restaurant, its by the way also an attraction on to it self similar to the Mission Tortilla Factory but for Sourdough Bread.

After entering the building, a Disney cast member hands out two pieces of sourdough bread per person. The attraction includes a room with interactive stuff, Facts about bread & a video screen in front as the Pre-Show, in which Rosie O'Donnell & Colin Mochrie talk about the history of the bread. After this, The Doors open & guests are able to walk through hallways where they can look through glass windows at a real bakery facility and see sourdough bread being made.


Then guest exit out to the doors or right to the restaurant to get some nice Sourdough Bread or some other bakery treats & snacks from your hunger. Now for something small for a snack, So everybody, To the Trolley Carts.


Trolley Treats
Treat stand

Wagon offering Churros, Popcorn, Ice Cream & other items

For a quick bite, come to our Trolley Carts that Features Popcorn or Churros & their are different favorite from each Popcorn or Churro.

Churro Flavors
Original Cinnamon
Cherry Limeade
Salted Caramel

Popcorn Flavors
Original Butter & Salt
Honey (AKA Best & Sweetest Popcorn

Flavor from Tokyo Disney)
Kettle Corn
Sourly Dill Pickle
Sweet & Spicy

We had eat some food at the Spanish Village, but soon we're going to shop at their stores at the land, Stay Tuned.

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Spanish Village - Retail


San Missions Department Store

The park’s largest selection of merchandise

The Store is inspired by the Santa Barbara Station in Santa Barbara, California.

San Missions Department Store has a lot of California Adventure merch from their logo or even the lands of DCA, as well for a little of Disneyland Resort merch.

We can't forget about the store’s prominent window display: It is a character tableaux, similar to those at Main Street’s Emporium. The First window display is Mickey, Minnie & Pluto going to the beach in Surf City. the second is Donald & Daisy with also Chip & Dale going Hiking to the mountains of Goldrush Gulch, the third is Goofy & Max flying a plane in Pioneer Fields & the final one is Mickey & His Pals at a movie premier at Hollywoodland.


California Wears
Clothing store

The park’s apparel shop

California Wears sits alongside/Between San Missions Department Store & Elias & Co.

This store sells a huge selection of tees, sweatshirts, swimsuits, sleepwear, seasonal attire & sometimes it says California or Disney on it.​


Elias & Co.
Disney goods & Toy store

This store pays tribute to the Elias/Disney Family.

Find your dream in this old-style toy/goods store and take them home or choose an awesome outfit and become that character yourself! There's so much to choose from at the Elias & Co.​


Barbara's Fine Sweets
Candy store

The largest confectionery shop in the park

The Store is on the opposite from San Missions Department Store on the right & as California Adventure’s premiere spot for candies and confections. This store is based on Santa Barbara's Best Sweets & Candy Stores.

Follow your nose inside this old-fashioned Californian candy shop, where delightful treats including character-inspired candy apple, Minnie's Famous Cookies, Main Street Popcorn Flavors & Mickey-Krispie are made & also don't forget about those Goofy's Candies include sour cherry balls, gummies & few other amazing treats.


Have you imagine you want to get Ice Cream here at a Candy store. Well then it you are in a moood for something cold & delicious in the warm California Sun? Customize a hand-dipped ice cream bar or treat yourself to a sundae, float or cone at this ice cream parlor in a Candy Store & named for the winsome Clarabelle Cow of Clarabelle's Ice Cream Parlor.​

That is it for the Spanish Village, & i had an idea for Future Expansion of the land in the future. Might had to show it when i get to Expansion Possibilities. But for now where going to Hollywood is our next land, Coming up maybe this or next week, but for now, See You Real Soon!


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Traveling down Hollywoodland & Become a Famous Star

TIMELINE: 1930's/1940s


Hooray for Hollywood! Follow the trolley tracks down Hollywood Boulevard into an area that brings back the Golden Age of Hollywood and hosts attractions in this land based on film, television & theater. This area is hosted into three sub-areas: Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood Studios (Muppet Courtyard, The Backlot & Toon Studios) & Twilight Alley.

This is essentially also a mini version of classic Disney-MGM Studios at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. A bit of the Hollywood that never was and always will be. It feels like that i want to listen Celluloid Heroes by The Kinks, as I'm walking down the Boulevard.

Land Layout & Details

Attractions: 13. Great Moments at the Movies, 14. Jim Henson's Muppet-Vision 3D, 15. The Henson Plaza Stage, 16. Special Effects Stage, 17. Superstar Television, 18. The Magic of Disney Animation, 19. Hyperion Theatre, 20. Red Car Trolley, 21. The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror

Dining: 22. ABC Soap Opera Bistro, 23. Fairfax Market, 24. Henson's, 25. Backlot Express, 26. Rod's Diner of Doom

Retail: 27. Mickey's of Hollywood, 28. Celebrity 5 & 10, 29. Muppet Studios Store, 30. Stage One Company Store, 31. The Animation Gallery, 32. Box Office Gifts, 33. Tower Hotel Gifts

Once guest enter to the Tinseltown of the 1930s to the early 1940s of Hollywoodland, They upon entering the Famous Hollywood Boulevard like in Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Florida.

The Music from Hollywoodland all Day & Night has a 1930s/40's feel by going back to the days of Jazz, Stars & Grand Boulevards of Hollywood & Sunset Boulevards of Yesteryear.


The First thing to cover on the right, is the ABC Soap Opera Bistro, Get ready to dine dramatically! Step into ABC’s hot daytime dramas—Port Charles, All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital. On the Left is Mickey's of Hollywood, A store that sells a lot of Disney stuff.

At the right its the World Famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Inside this amazing Movie Palace is Great Moments at the Movies, (California's Version of The Great Movie Ride). This world famous ride is based on Classic Scenes from your favorite motion pictures. Dressed Up & Be a Star on the Cover or look for your favorite hollywood merch in Celebrity 5 & 10, right at the exit to Great Moments at the Movies.

Hollywood Studios is the second area of Hollywoodland based on a working studio/backlot area & see how movies are made. This studio area is home to 3 sub-areas, The first area of the Studios is Muppets Courtyard & as like their Never-Build Muppet Studios from Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florid. Its home to Jim Henson's Muppet-Vision 3D, a 3D Film that Kermit takes you on a tour in this wacky 3-D experience. As guests exit the show they enter into the Muppet Studios Store, a store that is filled with Muppets merch. Next to Muppet-Vision is Henson's, A Counter-Service Restaurant that looks like The Muppet Show. Over at The Henson Plaza Stage, Come Sing & Dance with Bears & his Pals in Bear in the Big Blue House: Live on Stage, Your little ones would be excited to see Bear & his friends from this amazing show from Playhouse Disney on the Disney Channel.

The second area of the Studios is The Backlot, Themed to an actual backlot with some soundstages. This is home Special Effects Stage, This attraction is all about how Special Effects works & you can be a part of it as well. Next to that is the Backlot Express, a restaurant with sets that feels like you're in a show or a film & similar to the 50s Prime Time Café at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida. Between Disney Animation & Special Effects Stage so can be a star on Television on Superstar Television. And finally in the Backlot is The Stage One Company Store, themed to backlot props & sets.

calif 3.jpg
The Final area of Hollywood Studios is Disney Animation. Its home to The Magic of Disney Animation, inside its home to an Animation Academy, Character Close-Up, Sorcerer's Workshop, an Animation Gallery Shop & the Roger Rabbit's Toontown Transit Adventure.

Back on Hollywood Boulevard if you want a drink or a snack then come over to Fairfax Market. Come & see a show over at the Hyperion Theatre, a 2,000-seat theater located at the eastern end of Hollywoodland. At the exit of the Theatre is Box Office Gifts, a store with merch themed from today's show inside the theater.

Tower of Terror 02.jpg
The Final Area of Hollywoodland is Twilight Alley, Themed to CBS's 1950's famous show; The Twilight Zone, as well from the same named to the ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida. Twilight Alley is home to The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror, As Guest enter The Hollywood Tower Hotel people won't know what could happen inside this hotel as they go into their own elevator as they Hurtle up & down aboard a haunted elevator-style lift right to the Fifth Dimension that would be... The Twilight Zone. When you want to get your Tower of Terror or Twilight Zone Merch or a On-Ride Photo, then come into the Tower Hotel Gifts, on your way out to The Tower of Terror as guest of all ages are dying & screaming about it. If you want to dine on something terrifying then come to Rod's Diner of Doom, where you can find a little Twilight Zone Hidden Egg Prop or Photo & who knows maybe Rod Serling could introducing you at another episode of The Twilight Zone.

Soon we are going to get into Details in Hollywoodland. Stay Tuned in a moment.
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List of Details


The Citizens of Hollywood (also known as Streetmosphere) is a live street performance that occurs every day at Hollywoodland. The performances normally vary from a game show to a maintenance crew. Guests may also interact with the show, generally called up by the actors to join the show.​


Walkaround Characters
Hollywoodland features walkaround characters not only Mickey & His Pals but also from your favorite Disney or Pixar movies or even The Muppets & some characters from Playhouse Disney on the Disney Channel, like Bear from Jim Henson's Bear in the Big Blue House, PB&J Otter, or even Ollie & Zowie from Rolie Polie Olie. Some Character Meet 'n' Greets are most commonly found in the Backlot or Hollywood Boulevard.​

The first of two restrooms is found in Hollywoodland is Between Muppet-Vision & Henson's.

& The Second one is at the Disney Animation Building.​

Trolley Treats
In Hollywoodland, Churros, Ice cream or Popcorn are sold from simple in Art Deco & Backlot style Carts.​


Hollywoodland's Walk of Fame
Cloning is no big deal when its Disney, Includes the Hollywood Walk of Fame on the sidewalk's roads of Hollywoodland. It featuring many great stars from the Past or Present of Hollywood, Who know's maybe a Walt Disney on this Walk of Fame.


Trash Cans
Trash cans (while shaped normally) are colored to & also has an Art Deco style​

DHS 5 & 10 Bench (04-09).JPG
DHS Derby Bench (04-09).JPG

The Benches designed are almost look like in Disney's Hollywood Studios with small Print on the Benches from their stores or restaurants & like different areas of Hollywoodland.​

Normal Umbrellas but physically fashioned like Art Deco Style.​

Fencing is largely made from simple for meet n greet like the Backlot in the Studio Area & for the Red Car Trolley Station & Barnhouse at backstage of Twilight Alley.​


Much of Hollywoodland's nighttime lighting comes sometimes from the top of the buildings of Searchlights that to feel like an Movie World Premiere.​

Soon maybe in the weekend, I'm going to show you some Attractions & Entertainment in Hollywoodland because There's no Business like Show Business. So i hope we see you there, So Long for Now.
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In the Parks
I wonder what Roger Rabbit's Toontown Transit Adventure is going to be about it? Will the simulator ride will have non-Disney characters such as Bugs Bunny and Betty Boop cameos in it too?


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Hollywoodland - Attractions


Great Moments at the Movies
E-Ticket Omnimover Dark Ride

Journey into historic films in the 20th century on the greatest ride in Hollywoodland.


The attraction employed the use of Audio-Animatronic figures, practical sets, special effects, & projections to recreate iconic scenes from classic films throughout motion picture history.

The Attraction is located inside the replica of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, one of Hollywood's most famous movie palaces & fact that its almost close to the real one that is almost 40 mins away in Los Angeles. Yeah the ride is almost like a clone like from Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida because of all the AAs, sets, music, etc, well almost a clone, but the fact is sometimes its not. For example, instead of using an Automated guided vehicles (AGV) system because the building of the ride is huge, they used an Omnimover Ride


FastPass distribution is found at the entrance of the ride & at the front of the Chinese Theatre.


FastPass machines are made from almost like ticket booths from the two windows of the Chinese Theatre.


Queue - Inside the Lobby

The queue begins when guests come inside the replica of Grauman's Chinese Theatre & go through a recreation of the Theatre's lobby & past some glass display cases containing actual costumes, props, and set pieces from various films & The lobby also featured posters of various motion pictures, all of this is similar to the ones from Florida.

The queue then took guests into a small pre-show theatre where some various motion pictures & film genres—such as musicals, adventure, science-fiction, westerns, romance, & gangster films— including those films that were featured within the ride.


Loading - Entering to the Movies

The queue line ended at the doors from the front of the theatre that lead into the soundstage features a large neon theatre marquee and a cyclorama of the 1930s-era Hollywood Hills complete with the original Hollywoodland Sign similar to the one from Florida & Where guests were loaded onto an moving Omnimover system. Guests load onto almost like an theatre-style seating vehicle with 4-6 per person, and pull down on their lapbars as the car kept moving into an neon theatre marquee & guest start journeying right into Great Moments at the Movies.

Ride type: Dark Ride
Designed: Walt Disney Imagineering
Manufacturing: Sansei Technologies
Theme: Motion picture history
Music: "Hooray for Hollywood" by Richard A. Whiting (Load & Unload Area Only)
Vehicle type: Omnimover
Vehicles: Box Office Theater Car
Capacity per vehicle: 4-6
Hourly capacity: 3,000
Duration: 8-12 mins
Height restriction: Any Height
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Ride Experience - The Town of Musicals
As the guests reach to the Cinema as the song "Hooray for Hollywood" plays overhead as the vehicle' and introduces the host, who informs them (via onboard narration) that they will be taken through scenes from different classic films throughout history.

The first genre of films introduced are musicals, which begins with a cake of starlets from By a Waterfall from Busby Berkeley's Footlight Parade. The next musical scenes include audio-animatronic figures of Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) swinging from a lamp post from Singin' in the Rain, followed by Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews) and Bert (Dick Van ) singing on the rooftops of London from Mary Poppins.


Gangster Alley
The next scene is a tribute to gangster films. The ride vehicle passes through the dark and seedy backstreets of a 1930s Chicago and past an audio-animatronic Tom Powers (James Cagney) in a scene from The Public Enemy. The vehicle continue on to the next show scene past a green traffic light above a tunnel entrance while vehicle is still moving because its a Omnimover ride, Then Animatronic gangster named Mugsy and their audio-animatronic companions Squid and Beans show up and get involved in a shoot-out with rival mobsters (Brains, Legs, and Weasel) in a car on the opposite side of the street, as we escaped from this gangster shootout & into the western scene.


Western Town
Next, the ride vehicle enters into a tribute to the Western genre. Here, the guests encounter audio-animatronics of the Man with No Name (Clint Eastwood) standing outside of a saloon and Ethan Edwards (John Wayne) sitting atop his horse. The vehicle continues past a shootout between the town sheriff and an audio-animatronic bank robber named Snake as the bandit sets the town bank ablaze with dynamite & they moved to the next room.

Indiana Jones.jpg

Ancient Egyptian Tomb
The ride vehicle moves from the western town to a scene set in an ancient Egyptian tomb filled with snakes. Osborne informs the guests that they are in a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark as audio-animatronic figures of Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) and Sallah (John Rhys-Davies) struggle to lift the Ark of the Covenant. A second room & The next film genre introduced are horror films as the ride vehicle goes through an ancient burial chamber full of mummies, some of which have come to life. The ride vehicle soon departs the tomb and enter to the Sea.


The World of Sci-Fi / Verne Tales to the Big Screen
Escape from the dead mummies inside Ancient Tomb & right into the heart of the Earth that our host tell us about Sci-Fi movies from past & present & also telling us about Jules Verne Tales & Journey to the Center of the Earth, almost themed to the same named from the 1959 film. Then when riders heard some rumbling inside the volcano & forced into the fiery heart of an active volcano, where the guest come face-to-face with the giant, tyrannical centipede-like lava monster that has built a nest there, (Similar animatronic to the one for JTTCOTE at Tokyo DisneySEA) before escaping to the surface on the wave of an eruption.

And then the worse kept coming back as an big storm is out of sea, with the Nautilus & as audio-animatronic figures of Captain Nemo (James Mason) & the Squid take in the scene of the Battle & as our host tells us about Walt Disney's 1954 Feature Film; 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. As we take in to a storm on sea & the worst is just about over so be happy about it, or is it. Suddenly an Huge Cyclone is on the horizon of the sea sends guests into the Cyclone to the Land of OZ.


Munchkinland & The Wizard of Oz
Once we got blown away from that Tornado we got into the Munchkinland scene from The Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy's house has landed on the Wicked Witch of the East. Audio-Animatronic Munchkins begin to appear from various places and sing as they welcome guests to their home. And as we begin to follow the Yellow Brick Road out of Munchkinland past audio-animatronic figures of Dorothy (Judy Garland), Scarecrow (Ray Bolger), Tin Man (Jack Haley), Cowardly Lion (Bert Lahr) and Toto (Terry the Dog) standing in front of the Emerald City with The Wicked Witch of the West is hiding in the bushes and as guest get onto the ride's grand finale of the ride.


Finale & Unload
For the Grand Finale of Great Moments is they enter a room where they watch some big movie screens with film montage of classic film moments. The ride vehicles exit the theater, our host tells us that concludes their tour of some Great Moments at the Movies and return to the 1930s soundstage where the ride concluded & exit to a gift store or out the building.​

I hope you enjoyed Great Moments at the Movies, as much i do. Coming Up very soon in the end of Hollywood Boulevard, we're going to see a show at the Hyperion Theatre. Stay Tuned!

(Also to note that maybe after i do the whole Hollywoodland area of DCA, i would share this master plan of the land that i'm working all day & night & still thinking what to add for future expansion, maybe)
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Hyperion Theater
D-ticket live show

The Hyperion Theater is a 2,000-seat theater located at the eastern end of Hollywoodland at Disney's California Adventure. It sits at the corner of fictionalized versions of Hollywood Boulevard & Sunset Boulevard.

The theater is currently presenting The Golden Mickeys, a musical, revue-style stage show presented in the style of an awards ceremony with characters from Disney films being nominated for awards including heroism, villainy, friendship, adventurousness, and romance. The show originated on the Disney Cruise Line.


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