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What do you do to keep the magic real between visits?


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Or we could get together and make our own video, we have enough tips and experience.
i feel like wdwmagic should have its own show on the disney channel... like for planning and stuff. kind of like ivillage live except way cooler. also remember that show Disney world inside out, they should bring that back ,too


While I'm cleaning my house I put on a Disney Parks DVD or videos of WDW I taped years ago for background noise. I listen to Disney radio stations @ work. I also like to price differant Disney vacations and watch the videos on the websites (I'd love to visit DLP someday). I use my favorite coffee cup from WDW. I wear a bracelet that came from WDW. I do bunches of things, if I didn't I would go crazy!!


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Aside from the forums and trip planning, my disney fix comes from lots of CDs from classic Disney to Park music. Hardly ever listen to radio anymore, just Disney tunes.


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Listen to Park Music, or visit the Doorway to Dreams DVC store near us. They have a full mockup of a 2 bedroom villa from Bay Lake Tower. It's a nice way to somewhat feel like we're there. They even do pin trading!


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Starlight Starbright... Currently listening to my Wishes music CD from my Ipod. Jimminy Cricket and all. I have 4 or 5 different disney music CDs on my Ipod and I just put it in the dock of the stereo player and I take a trip to FL

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