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Saw it with my wife to be in 2009, took our 3 kids back this past November and it turned out that ROE was the only night time show we caught. It will forever be what our kids think of as Disney fireworks unless we go back. It is also our Saturday Morning Breakfast music.

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If there going to use Disney Music in this show I think the Rocketeer should be the anchor or ending song to the permanent show. But when they say it’s about now Disney Music inspires people around the world I’m just hoping it’s that Welcome to our World soundtrack. But here’s a Disney soundtrach is live to see them use if there going that route.
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I just hope they store away the entire set for ROE as is for a possible nalstalgic return someday but now with all this new hardware they could probably just run the show off all the new hardware with just the Earth Barge. I wouldn’t even mind seeing an updated Reflections of Earth using all the new gear after the 50th is over. With this idea of all these new floating objects I wonder if the Earth barge will have a spot in the show.
It’s knackered. It’s all knackered.

If it limps to this fall let alone next it’ll be a minor miracle.


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Good childhood memories of this.

Super old now, though. Time to go!

I'm excited about the Epcot tribute! And even more excited about the Disney film culture one! Heck yes!

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It’s knackered. It’s all knackered.

If it limps to this fall let alone next it’ll be a minor miracle.
Are they running fountains and imagery in Epcot Forever? It would be kind of cool to see classic style water images one more time.


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This is definitely my favorite show and since hearing that it was going to end I've been waiting to hear about an end date, just to make a short 2-3 day trip to see the final show. I just recently planned a regular trip at the end of July, so (assuming it doesn't end that soon) Im guaranteed to see it at least one more time before its over in the chance I'm not able to make it for the final night.

I have multiple versions of this show on my phone and cds in my car. From just the plain old CD version they sell, to a version with the pyro added in, one that's almost 90 minutes that has the pre show music, the whole show, Promise and the Tapestry music. Another that's the same as the last one, but also has the 15, 10 and 5 minute announcments mixed into the preshow. I listen to at least one of them almost daily, usually on my commute to work.

Ive always liked the song Promise, and it eventually became my wedding song, and even tho I'm divorced now, luckily I can separate that song from all that and still enjoy it. I really hope at the very least the new show will be something I can get used to and enjoy, and not just make me miss this show even more than I already will.


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I have very fond memories of ROE. When my wife and I got married in August 2000 we decided that Disney World would be our honeymoon destination. A lot of people thought we were goofy. I had only been to DW once when I was a teenager so I will a little nervous about whether the trip would be worth it.
Long story short, I don't think I could have had more fun at any other place. Magic Kingdom was awesome, but I distinctly remember how mesmerized I was by ROE. Specifically, when the torches are lit and the narrator's voice kicks in and then all the torches are blown out. The fireworks, pyro, fire, and earth globe show that followed was absolutely spectacular I was sold for life!
The wife and I have been married now for almost 19 years. We have four kids (two teen boys and two under 10 girls) and Disney is a vacation destination for us every other year. Special thanks to DW and Epcot for 20 years of an awesome show.

P.S. On every Disney trip my wife and I have a date night at the Rose and Crown restaurant overlooking the ROE show. Looks like we'll need to find a new tradition, but I'll always have those special memories.


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My girls also grew up around ROE and we've been lucky to view from RC's lower level several times - altho the first time the star shell went off below us on the seawall, everyone freaked. Good times. A one of a kind show.

But think about it. Between all the pyro types, the physical elements (barge), and the music, everything merged together in a very unqiue way. But I wonder if ROE was the proverbial lightning in a bottle? Sure, Disney does great work but not every show they do attains the level of impact that ROE has over quite a long run. Wishes came close but look what happened to that. How many other shows from either coast actually make people cry regularly?

I do wonder about the future though. Mostly about the music. Great scores like ROE are REALLY rare. I'm sure the replacement will do the job. TDO has too much on the line for it to be anything but successful. But will everything gel enough to be the equal of what is being lost?
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