Trip Report We’re Breakin’ Free!

Helllooo friends!

It’s been a while. A very long while. I have followed many of your reports and lived vicariously through you so thank you all so much for all the time you put into your reports.

But now it’s my turn.

Or our turn.

We’ve earned this. We have all been through a lot. So what do you do when you’re planning your first holiday in 2+ years and you really truly need to relax and only look after yourself for once?? Answer: You don’t invite your husband and kids 😂.

Here are the players in this report:

On the left we have my younger sister @AKemily (or I could call her dear sister “DS29” if you like @wdisney9000), myself, and my older sister Kaely (“DS34”) 🤪. Maskless pictures to come but this was our first airport selfie and you still have to wear masks in airports here. We hail from Manitoba, Canada.

As @Tuvalu likes to mention, the Canada pavilion in EPCOT is beautiful. This is what the real Canada looked like this month:


Well, spoiler alert, it was not the storm of the century although in very non-Winnipeg fashion it shut down schools and everything else in the city for 2 days. But luckily it did not affect our trip.

So we continued to plan. Thankfully on April 1 they dropped the test requirement to return to Canada, however we still need a test to fly into the US. We would not need a test to drive into the US. So we booked our tests, @AKemily who has not yet had covid hunkered down and was not allowed to leave her house for 2 weeks for risk of catching covid, and me and Kaely slapped our masks back on and did our best to avoid a re-infection.

Yesterday afternoon we all did our virtual rapid antigen tests with our breath held and - all negative!!

We did a LOT of tests this week to prepare and try to calm our nerves. I have summoned the artistic skills of @amjt660 and I present to you this work of art:

That’s only a very small portion of the tests we did but you get the idea lol.

So the big question (maybe you didn’t even ask this question yet) - where are we going?!?

Well, in honour of @AKemily 30th birthday we are doing her first trip to - DISNEYLAND. California, that is. Kaely and I have both been in the past but each only for short 1 or 2 day trips. So it will be the first time we get to soak it all in.

We flew this morning from Winnipeg to Calgary and are now waiting for our flight to LAX. It’s delayed so far by almost 3 hours and we were thisclose to being able to switch to a flight to Santa Ana but it didn’t work out.

I don’t know how “live” I’ll be able to do this but stay tuned and I’ll try to provide some snapshot updates as we go!

Also, I fell off my suitcase this morning when we were waiting in line at the airport and if I don’t post this picture I know Emily will so here you go.


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Have not heard of this one - I have walked on the sidewalk (with many others) to rope drop RSR in the past.
It was bizarre. What happened to “fill in all available space?” I’m sure we got some looks but as I was staring at my feet I didn’t notice any 🤣
I see no grown up sitting by themselves?
🤨. 😂
I am sorry that you felt that you had to apologize for this.
I aim to please.


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Alright let’s wrap this bad boy up.

Day 4 - first things first, we were NOT going to waiting in anymore fantasyland lines so we went to rope drop the walk ons.

First up - Alice in Wonderland



Then Mr Toad… What even is this ride?? It’s bizarre. But I steered the car the whole time which made it more entertaining.


“What on earth was that?!” 😂

Next up: Pinocchio

Another weird one. But at least we’ve seen the movie.


Characters! The lines were LONG for any characters we saw.. I think it was the first week of meet and greets where you could actually get close?!

Then it looks like we hit space

I grabbed a lightning lane for buzz but it was still a walk-on and the CM actually told us to cancel our lightning lane and sent us through the standby line.


Someone won someone lost. We all equally suck at this game but still fun!

Then we hiked it back to Red Rose Taverne for some food and cold brews!



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Then we hopped on a BTMRR LL

Then we stood in line for Rise again. I think it was about 45 minutes to an hour. We queued 3 times on this trip and never waited more than that. The first 2 times we landed in the same spot on the same color so in the same seats in the vehicle. The third time we got assigned to a different area and there were a LOT of broken effects. So we were glad it wasn’t our first ride.

We got a little braver each time to stop in this room for a picture.

Then we went to Indy for a LL (can’t find a picture but it all worked this time).

Then we booked it. And I mean BOOKED it. Back to galaxy’s edge. Kaely posted a lovely Instagram story of me swerving my way through the park. Which was annoying because she had a JOB to do. I was trying to get close enough to Ogas to check us in for our 12pm reso and while walking her and Emily were supposed to be getting in the virtual queue for world of color. Well thank goodness she stopped recording my mad dash long enough and we got in the queue!

And also got in for our Ogas reservation!



I remember my drink being not great and I think because it was lunch menu Kaely couldn’t get the fuzzy Tauntaun or whatever it’s called that she had wanted to try. Oh well, it was an experience.

Then we had one last rip on Splash (you may notice one grumpy bum is missing)

We headed out of the park for some pool time (again.. just a genius idea! but on the way grabbed some snacks. Kaely grabbed this “Main Street electrical parade” churro

While she was doing this little Instagram photo shoot she caught something extra… can you see it @amjt660 ???


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After a little relaxation, we headed to DCA with one goal in mind - FOOD AND WINE!! Here we go.

First stop

D-Lish for:
Black & Tan Beef Potato Puffs: Karl Strauss Wreck Alley stout gravy and lager micro sponge

Nothing wrong with that. Nope. Emily also got a Chocolate Marshmallow Cold Brew Cocktail. And declined to share with us so it must have been good.

Next up: Nuts about Cheese where we had to try

Peanut Butter & Jelly Mac with brown sugar streusel and strawberry crackle


This was… I’ll just say it… not good. I could have tolerated the Mac and peanut butter. But the need to throw poprocks on there?? Unnecessary to say the least.

We also tried the: Next Level Crackers & Cheese: House-made herb crackers with white cheddar-infused fromage blanc, spicy prosciutto spread, and cherry jam

I missed the “spicy” in the “spicy prosciutto jam” when I read it and misjudged what this would taste like. Far too spicy for me. Another miss imo 👎🏻

We stopped next door at California Craft brews and I got a
  • Brewery X, Boysenberry Lemonade, Hard Seltzer, Anaheim
Which was VERY good. And Kaely got some other drink. I think we also had the IPA Sausage Dog on a soft pretzel roll with onion-pepper Jardinière, cheddar cheese sauce, and malt vinegar-jalapeño crunch. Which I remember being very good as well and eaten quickly as apparently I have no picture.



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We managed to get some rides in:

GoG #3 (I wanna say.. hit me with your best shot)


And then we did the thing we said we would never do and PAID for a ILL to get on Webslingers again. We wrote it off as a birthday present for Emily (which is also how we wrote off the whole trip… also Kaely I don’t think you ever paid me back for this ILL??? I’ll have to look into that 🤔)

Again lots of fun, again we suck at these games.


Then we ran across the park to try and make our TSMM LL just for it to go down right as we walked up. Oh well, time to get some more food before World of Color!!

We needed to divide and conquer as we had some of the most popular booths left and not a lot of time.

I hit Peppers Caliente for the
Chile Relleno Empanada with Arbol Pepper Salsa featuring Cacique® Oaxaca and Cotija Cheeses

(See: Google photos for picture)

Which was VERY good

Emily hit up I Heart Artichokes for the
Passion Fruit Rum Cocktail: White rum, Italian bitter apéritif, passion fruit, orange, guava, orgeat, and lime

Umm POG juice with alcohol?!? This is a dream.

And Kaely hit up Garlic Kissed for the
  • Grilled Top Sirloin with roasted garlic-Gruyère smashed potatoes and black garlic chimichurri
  • Carbonara-Garlic Mac & Cheese with Nueske’s® Peppered Bacon

Also both very good. Also see Google photos if you want to know what they look like.

We reconvened in the queue for World of Color and then we waited and waited and waited.

When we finally got let out of the corral into the actual show watching area we chose the front row - just because we could! Now the signs and warnings did tell us we would get wet. But we all had long sleeves surely it would be fine!!

The show was great. Basically standing in the rain from the fountains for it was not. Lesson learned. LOTS of cheering when Captain Jack Sparrow came up on the projections 😉

We used our multi experience LL from TSMM for one last ride on Soarin over California and then headed out of the park. We took a detour on our walk to see Cars Land at night and Avengers Campus.


(Yes my arms are tucked in my shirt - I was freezing!.. I didn’t get chesty all of a sudden 🙈)
We pretended to be avengers fans and took this lovely picture. This is how cold I was.

No idea what that thing is but maybe I’ll learn some day and then be glad I have this attractive picture in front of it.

And then we headed back to the hotel.

Uneventful last travel day, our flights again were delayed by several hours but of course if they had delayed it 5 minutes longer we would have gotten some kind of voucher so it wasn’t *that* delayed.

Thanks everyone for reading along!! And thanks again for all the hard work you put into your own reports - this is no easy task!!


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Oh my gosh, what a brilliant finish! You girls are just the cutest and it looks like you had sooo much fun! Thank you for taking to time to share it!
Thanks for reading!! We sure had a lot of fun. We talked a lot about how it was nice to actually laugh at things that were funny and not just your kids dumb joke or a client or patient or co-workers joke that you’re laughing at to be polite. We were simply enjoying ourselves and laughing and enjoying our selves authentically.


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Thanks for sharing! All these DL TRs make me really want to check it out someday.

Thanks for reading!! It’s definitely worth a trip.. I probably wouldn’t do it as a single trip again but definitely would tag it on with trips to other California locations (like when we went for a day trip when we were staying in Palm Springs). The close proximity of everything is mind blowing but it always does feel a bit more “theme park” to me than WDW.. it’s definitely not the immersive bubble of Florida.

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