WDW Photographers Gallery (all images welcome)


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North Conway (NH) train station in the beautiful White Mountains.
This is home base for train rides featuring diesel and steam locomotives.



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Bassett Hall kitchen. This was the home of John D. Rockefeller,Jr at Williamsburg, Virginia.
I am old enough to have used many of the items in the kitchen including: the porcelain sink, the jar opener (in front of the cans over
the radiator), the enameled pots, the egg beater behind the coffee percolator, and the stainless steel canister set.



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A couple recent favorites. Looking forward to getting back to Disney this year with some real experience (2 years!) under my belt.

This is the Robin Hood bridge in Lehigh Parkway. Allentown, PA.

Star Trails over Wehr's Dam. Spent hours removing planes from the photos. 120 photos. 30 second exposures.


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