WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II


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Korean beef at Yak n Yeti. This was really good. It did have a kick, but it didn't burn my face off. The basmati rice really helped with the heat. (They also offer fried rice with this.) I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to spicy food, so this was pretty close to my tolerance level, but I think for most people, it would be fine. I really enjoyed it.

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I had this two weeks ago. It really is good....


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Pork, chicken, and gnocchi followed by dessert from Story Book Dining at Artist Point at Wilderness Lodge.

This was our (Maddy and I) second time dining here, Crystal's first. Excellent both times.


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Haha. There are actually 3, but I get it. Not much different than a cocktail app at a good seafood restaurant. We were in Disney as a family over Thanksgiving. We wanted to sample around the world.

I would hazard to say you get more shrimp for a $14 cocktail at a seafood restaurant. More and larger. Not to mention that I am also getting waiter service, a table, etc. Disney is really getting out of control with the food prices at the kiosks.

I paid $6.99 / lb for unpeeled raw 21/25's for Christmas at a restaurant supply. Granted they were not local and previously frozen, but then NJ does not exactly have a huge shrimping industry. Processed out, that is about a 26/30 size, which is what I hazard to guess WDW was serving (Jumbo shrimp).

So I got them for about 35 cents each. And I am sure Disney buys less than the 3 lb minimum that I do. All in, the food cost on that plate is under $1.50. What overhead do they have where they have to charge $14 to cover it and make a profit.

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