Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend


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Club runDisney email went out to all members detailing all the perks. Unfortunately, it looks like I’m going to be missing the early shopping window flight gets in a little too late.

And all the virtual queue spots will be gone.


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I moved into a new condo rental this week... it has a fitness room with a treadmill. The air conditioning is a savior and I was able to do 5 miles... but alas, while cooler, it's STILL 80% humidity!


I guess at least I'm doing realistic training for Orlando humidity...


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I’m happy to announce that my taper has begun! Today marked the last long run in my Dopey Galloway Training Plan. The training plan called for 26 miles here are my final stats.

Time: 5:34:32
Distance: 24.49
Avg Pace: 13:39

Cut the run a little short, but very happy with these stats. I walked the last mile. I can’t believe I have made it this far I never thought this would be possible once I started running.

Now I rest and give my legs a much needed break for Dopey. The plan calls for the below these last two weeks.

Next week:

Tuesday - 45 min run
Thursday - 45 min run
Saturday - 6 mile run

The week after:

Tuesday - 45 min run
Thursday - 45 min run
Saturday - 7 mile run

To be honest, I don’t really care about following this to the letter. I really want to give myself time to rest and work out any injuries so I’ll play it by year. I plan to move my Tuesday run to Wednesday and walk it. Actually going forward I think I’m going to walk or lightly run my 45 min maintenance runs. The long runs I haven’t made a decision on yet. I want to follow the plan, but I also want to rest. Today’s run felt good besides some soreness. It’s also a lot harder to run with nothing around for that long as opposed to the main event. I want to ensure I don’t cause any more soreness or injury before the event proper.

Won’t be long now, hopefully we get maps soon.


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Last week I did my 13 like I was supposed to, but I did it on Monday.

So this Sunday my 20 comes around. I don't want to do it. I in fact refused to do so. It's just not as fun anymore, and my hips hurt. I did my 19 two weeks ago.....no problem, but this is just not fun anymore.

This is my last Dopey and I am not going to do that 20 miler. I did 10 today at a slow pace and enjoyed it.
I will finish the Dopey in a few weeks Lord willing, but this is 100% my last.

It makes me sad on some level but it's also a complete relief. I am so thankful DL brought back the Dumbo for folks like me. I can now have a "perfect" to focus on without at age 51 doing the Dopey.
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Maps are NOT out officially but USATF has them up must be viewed on a computer. Please note they are a little hard to read and some technical details are shared as well. When Disney posts their maps they will be easier to read.

USATF Certificates:

https://www.certifiedroadraces.com/certificate/?type=r&id=5330 - Full

https://www.certifiedroadraces.com/certificate/?type=r&id=5339 - Half

https://www.certifiedroadraces.com/certificate/?type=r&id=5246 - 10K

Source: Disboards

I'd be shocked if we don't get the event guide tomorrow. TRON has been incorporated into the full.

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