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I did not expect this rumor to be true lol
You're not around kids very often, then. I tour across 70 schools in the southeast and I swear to God if I hear part of your world again, I'll go nuts.

Side note, I haven't seen it, nor do I plan on seeing it
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I think today's announcement of the Mermaid show being re-imagined rather than going to Defunctland for good, felt like if Disney was given a choice to bring back either the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun Parade or the Disney Stars & Motorcars Parade(despite the latter having nearly all of its cars being housed in Disneyland Paris for 15 yrs now) to Hollywood Studios.., they would choose Countdown to Fun(a glorified cavalcade disguised as a parade of Pixar Pals which replaced Block Party Bash and only lasted 2 yrs), but added in characters from Coco and Inside Out


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Did it do that well? I never really heard any buzz for it... Like a straight to video sequel... I feel like it was here and gone pretty quickly... Though I think the live action versions have all been pretty terrible...and mostly unnecessary.
Official press states the new show is inspired by the classic animation studios "the little mermaid" so hopefully it will be taking it's visual cues more from the animated film than the live action (i'm looking at you creepy looking fish!)

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