'Villains Unleashed' hard ticketed event coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios in August


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The Villains party on Friday the 13th was so much fun last fall, I just hope that this one is a little better planned out so I don't have to wait 4 hours to have a chance at meeting Oogie-Boogie.
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Oh wow I was really hoping that they would do something with this there. The event was super popular, I mean operations failed big time on their part but entertainment really followed through so I'm glad it's being given another shot!


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I figured that's exactly what the hard ticket event would be. How could they have not gone with that? Even though it's a money grab, I'm pretty happy they're doing it again. Hopefully it can stick around as a regular seasonal offering.

Is it another one-time event or will it be various nights? I'm surprised they didn't go for it on Friday the 13th this month.


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the spirit foretold of this event. lol but seriously I am happy its a hard ticket event now, will I go? Most likely not.


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Sales will be staggered, with AP and DVC getting first purchase rights, general public a few days later. So I'm guessing from that Disney expect high demand.

I'm unclear as to when the tickets will go on sale… Have you heard yet?

Edit: wooooo found out.

For my friend Scarlett : tickets on sale tomorrow. AP/DVC Adult is $67 advance and $71 same day. Kids price is $5 less. No general pricing yet. Those go on sale June 9.
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Even though many will gripe that it was free last time, I can't imagine tickets not being grabbed up. For me, it depends on the cost and exactly what's offered to justify that cost. I'm considering it for sure.


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I LOVE that they are doing more with Villians and I think they could design a whole park...yes park around them if they wanted...HOWEVER the more ticketed events they have especially at some of these other parks, the less time non-event guests may have in the parks at the same ticket price... That concerns me a little

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