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Upcoming/Rumored Projects


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I also hear that Disney has settled on "Disney Cinemagine Park" for the DHS rename.
It just doesn’t sound good... doesn’t roll of the tongue.

I still think Hollywood Studios works completely fine for a name, though if I were to rename it, I’d call it something like Disney’s Cinematic Adventure - sounds fun and exciting, and that you’re about to take an adventure into the world of film.

Cesar R M

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I don't see the need for this feature, all WDW resort guests receive Magicbands, who would want to open a door with a phone?
Probably to get apple or samsung sponsorships.

Technically its kinda useless, because you can get your phone as fast as using your magicband.
Unless they want to remove the old card completely out of circulation, so replace it with your cellphone.


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I thought the whole point of renaming the park is to get away from the "movie" heavy theming? "Cinemagine" ain't fooling nobody. Yeah they took Studios out, but that's no big deal.

They'd be better off to just leave it as it is, if this is the best they can come up with.
They’re not trying to get more away from the “movie” idea, if anything the opposite. They’re trying to ditch the studio theme.
I really wish that it was a typo and its actually 'Cinemagic' instead like how the old Disney Movie Channel use to be called in the UK. Would rather have preferred Disney's Hollywood Adventure instead though.


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I have a feeling that even if anything with "Cinemagine" is on the short list it's probably not going to clear legal, as that is a registered company in the UK that is film related already.
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