Universal Puts Disney's Reopening on Defensive


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Disney already has cut back on college and international programme staff so that will make a difference already.
Disney pays almost nothing for that...there’s a reason they live in college dorms - That’s about how much they’re paid. Parental subsidies in many cases.
Think middle and upper management.
Yes...If you want to gut your payroll...that’s where you go


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I’m not at all. I was just saying that if someone went only to WDW and never visited Universal (there are literally millions of people in that category) but decided to visit Universal this year because WDW is closed they wouldn’t be getting the full Universal experience and would be less likely to permanently switch to Universal over WDW because they’d be comparing a less than perfect Universal experience filled with masks and other restrictions to a pre-Covid WDW experience. It has nothing to do with Universal’s popularity.
Not sure what you mean by "full Universal experience" unless you are referring to masks? Yeah that sucks and the pictures are funny. However-lines are nearly non-existent (at least on the weekdays we went), shows are up and running (the new Bourne show will be really good once all effects are in place and live performers don't need masks so it isn't as easy to distinguish real from screen). Characters and parade floats are out-I kinda like the new way of doing it anyway-It was fun to see random floats and characters pop out! Missed the evening shows for sure, and the parks after dark. But it was soooooooo nice to walk down Diagon Alley or in Hogsmeade and NOT have to push through crowds! And they loosened the no bag rule a bit on FJ-both days I kept my crossbody purse on me and carried on my water bottle.
When the country gets a cold...Orlando gets the flu.
Wait I thought we couldn't compare the flu and colds (coronaviruses) 🤣 JK-actually thought it was a rather apt metaphor...
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