Tropical Hideaway Construction - Tiki Room Refurbishment - Adventureland Entry Remodel


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There's a lot going on at the entrance to Adventureland. The Tropical Hideaway construction triggered a closure and long refurbishment for the Enchanted Tiki Room. And now they are reworking the planters and entry area to Adventureland itself. This appears to be a continuation of parkwide construction getting ready for Star Wars Land crowds in 2019, but it's long overdue and stuff they should have done 10 years ago when Disneyland crowds boomed and never went away.

From the nice kids at who always seem to take beautiful and perfectly aimed pictures of the stuff happening in the parks, here are photos from their latest update.

The Tropical Hideaway construction continues full speed ahead, while exiting passengers from the Jungle Cruise wander through the middle of it. The refurbishment has now expanded to the Jungle Cruise queue building which is probably getting some TLC and rethemeing to blend in with the Tropical Hideaway.

Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room is behind walls for a multi-month refurbishment, but they've kept the Tiki Juice Bar operating because so many Annual Passholders are struggling with addiction to Dole Whips.

But the Adventureland entry refurbishment is a big deal in its own right, as it's walled off the little lagoon that separates Adventureland from Frontierland. Will the walkways be widened? Hats off to that 21st Century lady who backed her human-mobile into that little nook so she could text her son standing next to her.

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If someone has a before picture of this area, could you please post it? I can never picture this stuff once it's behind walls. I've only been to the parks 7 times.

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I think The Tropical Hideaway is the only project I’m looking forward to. Well, that and the Matterhorn refurb/queue redo in there too. (Shout out to @Disney Irish Bruh )

I was never a fan of the Aladdin’s Oasis area and it was such a waste sitting there unused.

@TP2000 I guess The Tropical Hideaway isn’t as good as you were hoping to get with Tippy’s Tipperoo Tippertons, since there is no alcohol, huh?


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Apparently this is all about eliminating some planters and widening some walkways...the bridges will be wider but the entries to the lands will be the same (Per David Koenig at MC)


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It used to be exciting when construction walls went up and things were being worked on. With these path widening projects to get the cattle into Star Wars land more quickly it’s more like what will they screw up this time?
I would like to see year where there are no construction walls anywhere in the park. It's kind of a constant thing now to have most of the park walled off.

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