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News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom


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A look at TRON from today
Dang, I was just about to get on the TTA to snap some photos to post here! Beat me to it lol


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So is that going to be a tunnel? I've only ever ridden that railroad once in my entire trips to Disney World. I can't remember if there was a tunnel already back there or if they're creating one for the Tron ride or what.

There was no tunnel there before. I know it has been speculated here that there would be a tunnel, but I don't know we are sure about that.


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I would have to think if a tunnel was still in the works, some sign would be present. It looks like it’s getting pretty congested in there, so unless there is some foundations or something already there we’re thinking is for something else, eventually laying a regular track bed and rails would be all they would appear to be able to to have room to do without adding unnecessary complexity.

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