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Transformative Multi-Year Expansion Announced for WDS Paris


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Full rendering of the new pre-show (I think):
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Anybody else still think TOT will still stick out as a sore dumb?
I think it will be a little odd from a ride sense (but then its on own in WDW and was in DCA when it was ToT), but the actual view will only stick out as much as it does right now (if anything the back view from Avengers Campus makes more sense, as it could be just an old "Stark Motors" building. like the others.)

The front view will be as it is now, with ToT rising from a giant slab of tarmac with some obvious facades in front of it :p


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I was excited til I saw the rates! We will stay at Newport Bay Club, instead.
Keep checking the rates. We just moved from Newport for later this year since the difference was minimal compared to say next month.

I really like Newport but took the chance to stay at NY since it’s financially do-able. The old NY was nice when we stayed in 2008 but not my thing. This version seems a little more appealing.
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Given its still using the old studio tour vehicles, what we got is actually MORE than I expected. I thought it would be a repainted catastrophe canyon and not much more.
I mean thats basically what we got and a couple of props they had laying around moved in there? (They did add moving eyes in fairness)

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