Transformative Multi-Year Expansion Announced for WDS Paris


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I think a sort of Fantastic Worlds type concept (like the one developed by Universal in Florida), is the best way to go.
I could fit many areas and ideas and it has a lot of versatility.

Could combine elements of Beastly Kingdom:
1.A dark land, inspired by villains (think Chernabog the devil, or some sort of dark ride to include all Disney villains)
2.On the opposite side, a "good" land with the never built unicorn crystal grotto and maybe a Tinkerbell fairy ride.

It could also incorporate more Alien type lands, such as Avatar or..even more Star Wars.
Could also draw inspiration from Ancient civilizations, such as ancient Babylon, or Egypt or China, or Mexico (could include all sorts of rides and Pixar/Disney IPs or non-i.p. based rides).

It could include DisneySea Elements as well, such as having these lands themed as ports, or create a storyline along the lines of "sailing to otherworldly lands". Maybe it could have a Lighthouse as a center Icon, to further strengthen the Idea of Exploration.

With that being said...there is still A LOT to improve on the existing parks and sooo much expansion space left. I don't think a 3rd park will come in the nest 20 years, UNLESS they massively develop the other parks. The Main Park has expansion pads for every single land basically. It could double it's attraction line-up.


They needed to sell that land to make some money while the park was struggling. I covered this topic somewhere in this thread.

When and how much land was sold


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I love every single idea from Toni25 LOL.

It needs to be distinct otherwise why bother at all, but a good vs bad split would be unique enough and could incorporate existing ideas, as well as a good mix of new.

I am adamant that they need to improve both parks quite drastically now. I think there needs to be enough attractions across both parks to warrant a full 4 night stay at the resort, allowing 3 full days across the 2 parks.


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Has construction started again on the expansion? Anyone know

Yes, the preparatory work for the expansion site already started in February. Marvel Land has been slightly delayed, but has been working on it for the past month. The first works for the lake and Frozen Land should resume this month. For all new updates you can follow @Disneylandworks on Twitter! ;)


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Construction seems to be in full swing again, is it possible that the delay would take months rather than a year?
I think the general online consensus is Marvel is delayed slightly, it was running ahead of schedule with an early summer opening planned so this could shift to later in the summer. The lake and Frozen will proceed with minimal delays (although as with any project unforeseen delays can arise).
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