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Toy Story Land expansion announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios


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i apologize if this has been reported already. View attachment 206202
Winner winner! Mr Spell is gone along with about half of the monkeys. We asked a cast member, who said they will return in Toy Story Land when it opens, after a general painting and refurb. The cast member said we were the first people to notice and ask about Mr Spell, and gave us an extra Toy Story FP as a "prize"!


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I had to LOL today when I heard a woman by the Toy Story Land concept art state "they need more than two rides". I laugh because it's true and the average guest notices how little there is to do and that they need more. IDK what went wrong with the DHS makeover.
Lol I think lately they have a hard two ride cap limit. Haha


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Well of course most of us would prefer the Tokyo version, LOL. But if DCA gets rid of theirs, it wouldn't be the worst to have it moved to DHS. I'd still rather have the door coaster though. And they should move Laugh Floor over. But I doubt they do or have even thought of it. Monstropolis would have been great.


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I'm assuming One Man's Dream's days are numbered as well. If they rip that soundstage down, then they're gonna have to do a lot of work on the OMD building too.
I wish they would consider just moving it to another part of the park! I for one feel it would be great towards the front of the park maybe where Sounds Dangerous or American Idol where having another classic attraction next door to The Great Movie Ride.
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