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News Tomorrowland Speedway and Walt Disney World Railroad to be impacted by TRON construction at the Magic Kingdom


WDW History nut
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I guess they are not going with the electric cars. The future is going to be filled with gas fumes and pollution. Like the government and oil companies they don't care if children will have to wear gas masks in 40 years.

Might as well put some burning abandoned cars on the sides of the track and go all Mad Max with the theming.
This wasn’t the Speedway refurb. This was closed for Tron.

Expect the attraction to close again next year. Assuming they’re still sticking to the original plan, which isn’t as sure as it was.

Walt d

Well-Known Member
It could just be a phased thing. I don't think the general public has any idea about a Speedway re-theme.

Could always close again. They're not going to announce a re-theme in a blog post, they're likely saving it for next year. But just all a guess on my part. Of course she'd say "it will be the same attraction". In their own way, they aren't "wrong". It's still the same, it just may have a new theme. You can still ride around in cars on a racetrack speedway. You have to sometimes "think like them" ;) lol
Need tron bikes, no card..

Captain Barbossa

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What is the time frame for reopening the rail road? In March when I was there they were still working on Main Street to Frontierland.
I was there in March as well and they were already up to the swing bridge by Big Thunder. It looks like they’re putting on the finishing touches between Main Street and Frontierland. Frontierland to Fantasyland will take a little longer.

In terms of the WDWRR reopening, they could reopen once the walkway/awning for Tron is complete, but I’ve got a suspicion that they’ll want to hold off and reopen the WDWRR as a part of the 50th.


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We can get a good comparison now. The loop near Barnstormer was just shortened a little bit.



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Is it even worth it anymore with the shortened track? Local go kart tracks are longer
And electric...and those are the outdoor ones, not even the K1 Racing ones that are indoors, electric, and with short but challenging tracks.
I've always thought it doesn't fit Tomorrowland or even a Disney park.
More suited for a place like Fun Spot Orlando IMHO.

Pam Hates Penguins

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I wish they would have just gotten rid of it. It takes up so much real estate in the most popular park in the world. Disney could make like 3 or 4 attractions in its place. There's so many good ideas too, Wall-E, Big Hero Six, Stitch, etc, etc, etc.

Yep. It's better than replacing the whole thing with 3 or 4 than one attraction that could easily fit by Space Mountain. Tomorrowland Speedway won't be spared forever.

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