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Which how many of us predicted years ago? lol

"A meet and greet is good enough" ...

Notice how simple meet and greets are now being called an "Experience"
"As you enter a land of tomorrow please abandoned building now housing a meet n greet with a little blue alien, and a "comedy" show featuring ...monsters? " !!!


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What you're talking about is bringing AE back permanently.

No sense doing all that temporaily just for Halloween
Agreed. I was thinking about this the other day and IF* they ever were to bring it back, some form of cylindrical projection-mapped video footage might work. But it's a moot point. As awesome as it would be seeing AE return; I just don't think Disney will do it. Which is a shame, IMO.

I'd pay $$$ for AE's return. (even if it's a trimmed Halloween-only version)
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The Site which shall not be Named also reported some work done at Tomorrowland Terrace....can that space be used for any type of attraction? I'm not betting on it, just wondering from people who can read space usage like that pretty well. I don't think I've ever eaten at it.


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I just got a lot less excited upon realizing the side support beams that they removed from people mover were the sleek white ones. I initially thought they were taking down the metal fins and would have been thrilled to see that happen. womp womp.
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