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Tokyo Disneyland Resort Expansion

Peter Pano

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What makes me especially happy is the remarkable old school approach OLC and WDI took with the ride. It is a joy to see this abundance of animatronics, props and huge, beautiful sets, updated to the latest state-of-the-art technics. The animatronic bodies move so fluently and their faces seem to be all physically animated, not projection mapped. And they look great. In this day and age, where new dark rides rely more and more on screens or at least heavy use of projection, this seems almost like a bold move and I can't applaud them enough for that.

All that I am left to hope for now is that the scenes will add up to a bit more than a book report, but I remain optimistic.


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This ride was exclusive to them, right? I mean, they can't duplicate it in any other park...

Disney Analyst

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This definitely looks like a book report ride, which is the only shame. I’ve seen the movie, show me something new or another angle to it. That’s why the original Fantasyland dark rides are so successful, they zip past familiar scenes without trying to tell you the story.


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Beauty and the Beast is totally exciting but OLC also announced details for the rest of the expansion as well.

Villages Shoppes and La Taverne de Gaston in the Beauty and the Beast miniland
Fantasyland Forest Theatre is the name of the new Theatre
Baymax flatride is called The Happy Ride with Baymax
Popcorn shop is called The Big Pop
Minnie Meet and Greet is called Minnie's Style Studio


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The Little Mermaid ride has a lot of problems, but the AA's are definitely not one of them.

Ursula is one of the most impressive AA's they've ever done IMO
Yeah the Ursula AA is the best looking in the attractions. But the same can't be said for Ariel, Eric and the other fish characters.


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Wow, those animatronics are incredible.

I'm also shocked how many people will fit into each ride vehicle, they're a lot bigger than previous trackless dark ride vehicles.
Can somebody make a gif of the Bell AA walking for a moment? It's so fluid! You know what, I want to see gifs of all the AA's shown off so far.
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