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Ticket Price Increase starts this Sunday!


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Eisner did raise ticket prices considerably as CEO. The parks were generally underpriced before he took over. Eisner was CEO from 1984 to 2005. Iger 2005 to present.

Average 1 day WDW ticket price:
1984 $18
1993 $35
2005 $60
2017 $116

Under Eisner tickets went up 233% in total or an average of 11% per year for his 21 years. Under Iger they have gone up 93% in total or an average of 8% per year for 12 years. Since Eisner was CEO much longer maybe a better comparison is his last 12 years vs Iger's 12 years. Using 1993 as the cutoff for Eisner's last 12 years we saw an increase of 71% or 6% per year. That's lower than Iger but in a similar ballpark. The point is it's a myth that WDW single day park tickets have gone up dramatically more under Iger than they did under Eisner. Hotel rooms and food might be a better argument and multi-day tickets and APs have gone up a lot too, but there are more parks now than under a good part of Eisner's reign so it's harder to compare those.

After saying this, nobody can argue with the statement that Eisner added more to WDW than Iger. His price increases were probably a lot more justified given the growth.

What I would do for the 1993 price.

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