News Tiana's Bayou Adventure - latest details and construction progress


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Now that's an interesting point. Splash's entire marketing campaign was that it was a thrill ride with a huge drop.

With this- they have to downplay the drop as much as possible, as Tiana is a property that appeals primarily to elementary school girls, a completely different demographic than those attracted to a giant, scary drop.
That's not really true. The height requirement is staying the same no matter what. It's not like "downplaying" the drop would get anybody on the ride who couldn't have gone on it before. The drop is also self-advertising, so even if you got smaller children hyped for the ride by excluding the drop from promo materials they'd still see it on their way to line up and either be scared of it or not.

Not that Disney targets much of their parks promo to young children anyway. They're not the ones buying the park passes.


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so replace the waterfall with a conveyor roller slide?
That's why they are doing so much work in the brake area!

you follow the production of a bottle of hot sauce and thrillingly drop down into the shipping and receiving warehouse where you will be boxed and labeled for the next shipment. Commercial food production is fun!!

Right, the bottles break at the bottom and the ride water has red dye, salt, and capsicum in it!

I think you two have finally found the 'thrill' theming. Everyone will leave in tears.


Causin' some kind of commotion downstream
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Bye bye Br'er Fox’s tree


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I believe the term is "princessfy"
Princesses could be so cool if they just made them do more than stand around their rides and look pretty. Its insulting.
If Disney cared about making this attraction accessible to its intended target audience it wouldn’t be building it in its most expensive and exclusive theme park
Its like a really bad parody but its real. UGHHHH Corporations are so slow to realize their mistakes

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