This Restaurant Requires A Make Over..


My wife and I ate a late lunch at Coral Reef this October and was enjoyable, but past times very unhappy, but we gave it one more chance. Service very good as was the food. We are a table for two and the booth near us had about 8 adults and kids... Appeared they were doing fine.

We have found that if we book a lunch as late as possible it is almost like eary dinner for us and things are a little less hectic. Did this at TS Morocco that I have seen has disappointed some, but we had good meal, service, entertainment.

We are 63 and 58, table for two so it might be we are easier to serve (?)

Cesar R M

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there are a few people complaining about coral reef, I still wonder when they did get the bad service.
As I got excellent service.. and seems Rambler got as well.
What if they already gutted their staff and chef and improved?
nothing like a good doze of angry Gordon Ramsay(tm) Swearing to keep things in order!


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We experienced Bad Service, Bad Food, 1 meals under cooked, appetizers that were forgotten all together, one meal that came out 20 min after everyone else received their food (Even the under cooked item that was sent back to finish the cooking process as it was almost raw), and a waitress and hostess that were just aweful. This is the only place that we have had such %#^$^*& service and will Never go back to.



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We ate at Tony's for the first time last month, in spite of the up & down reviews we have seen. We loved it ! We were celebrating our 40th anniversary & they put us at a table in the corner with a lit candle. My wife had the chicken parm & I had the NY strip steak & fries. Both meals were delicious, including the rolls. The manager stopped by & sang Bella Notte to us & took our picture for his blog. In spite of not so glowing reviews at the various restaurants, don't be deterred - go and try it for yourself. We plan to return to Tony's at some future date.


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I had avoided H&V for years due to reviews but ended up there in September and LOVED it- They swapped out the chefs a few months ago and now its easily is in my top 2 fav places to eat on prop-

Im not a huge lobster fan but their lobster mac and cheese was delish as well as the parmesan ranch chicken and the bbq chicken-

Yes the server was a bit 'off' but Ive had far worse at other places..


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My husband and I both really enjoyed our meal at Tonys. I will have to agree with the OP in that the crowded waiting area is chaos. My vote would be for sci fi! We just ate there on Friday and it was so dark we could not see our food! It wouldn't kill them to just put the lights up a touch. I know it's part of the ambiance but if the lights were just raised a touch it would not take away from the atmosphere. Also, the burger was "ok" while the fries were awful! They were chunky, room temperature - borderline cold and had absolutely no taste what so ever. My frozen fries that I make at home from the freezer tasted better than them. My husband got the same meal and he felt the exact same way about the fries so it wasn't just me. The food is mediocre at best and the car/theatre thing is ruined by not even being able to see your own food in front of you. They are in desperate need of a new chef or menu or something to fix that place.


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I think everyone agreed that the worst part of Tony´s is the huge waiting line.

We've never gone during peak season (usually Jan or Dec, but went this past Oct), but we've never had to wait more than 10 or 15 minutes. We get there about 15 minutes before our ADR time, and haven't had any issues. Maybe we are just fortunate (knock on wood!) because we only had a 20 minute wait for our ADR at Be Our Guest on this last trip too! :D

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