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This is terrible! (Thread orginally posted 9/11/2001)


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Another year gone by...I was three when this happened and at preschool. Don't remember if I was picked up or not. I think I remember being at someone's house that day and watching Out Of The Box and Madeline (I think it was ironically the New York episode-Disney aired that one a lot!).
Another ironic thing-the only day Disney has been closed twice is September 11th, but the second time was due to Irma!


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Thanks for bringing back this thread. I wasn't on the site then and had never seen it. I will admit I shed a tear or two reading it but I am glad I did!

Edit: I probably should share this. I lost a good friend that day. Brian was my room mate in college. He became a proud member of NYC PD four days before I joined the force in Chicago. We stayed in touch and he always let me know how much better New York was compared to us. As we both had families, we vacationed together. We took our families to WDW four times together and had many other vacations together visiting each other. He was a good man and a great friend. He left behind a wife and 3 beautiful kids. I have been to ground zero several times to pay tribute to him and the others that lost their lives that day. My only solace is that he died doing what he loved to do. Never Forget!!
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I was working about 10 minutes outside of Boston (I drove through Boston and Harvard Square every morning) and was on my way in when all this happened. I didn't usually listen to Howard Stern, but for some reason left him on that morning and thought it was another of his tasteless jokes until I pulled into work and our head pressman ran into the front building and said "One of the World Trade Center towers was just hit by a plane!" It was surreal. We all took turns going next door to the camera shop to watch the news throughout the day. What was usually a vital, fun, busy atmosphere was eerily quiet and the only noises were the large copy machines and presses running as no one could voice their feelings adequately and most of us worked silently with tears streaming down our faces...even the phones were preternaturally quiet. Shortly after the planes hit the towers, there were two police chases in which the officers chased suspects thought to be involved in the attacks within a 2 minute walk of my office, and as a print shop, we made uncounted copies of letters to parents about bomb threats at the local schools during the following week. As Boston was the city of origin for planes used this attack, it lent a feeling of responsibility to the entire situation...how could our airport security have let these cowards through?

I could find no words to express the feelings I was having and how sad I was for everyone affected by the tragedy, so I spent many work hours over the next month tracking down as many pictures as I could find on the internet and made a memorial book of them. My co-workers helped, and as stupid as it sounds, it gave us some comfort to be doing something to remember those who were taken from the world. There are only 2 copies in existence, and I have one of them. My boss kept the other. I look at the cover every year on the anniversary.

Love and prayers to all those affected by this horrible act of hate.

Thank you for keeping this thread up.
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