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  • Oi bollocks
    How the hell are you?
    It's the old trouble causer Mr Lightbeer here, just dropped by to say hello
    I'm a reformed character now that I've got the hang of this internet thing, although I can still manage to insult and upset people with consummate ease. Anyway lots of stuff has happened since we were last in touch most notably Big Ears is now a permanent resident in our trophy room, cant see it being joined by anything else in the near future, anyway keep in touch
    take care
    Good grief! Time flies!!!

    Hey you two - sooooo sorry I've been gone so long. It's be a strange old 5 years or so!! So how are you both??

    I'm kinda out of touch with the forums these days...are any of the old gang still around??
    OMG! Mark! I thought you had joined the Foreign Legion or something. And I will echo Ariel; has it really been 8 years since we joined?
    I was wondering if you ever found that pen you were looking for... ;)

    p.s. Has it REALLY been 7 years since we've joined???
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