News The Walt Disney Company Board of Directors Extends Robert A. Iger’s Contract as CEO Through 2026


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It's like covering a turd with ice cream sprinkles. Blows my mind there is not a single person deemed worthy enough to be his successor.
This is all about ego…he’s failing and he cannot accept it.

Everyone that celebrated this clown for years allowed him to take over a $300 billion public company completely.
Everybody gets a share. Check your hands and see if there’s any red on it


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You can’t find a candidate if you never look.
You can't find a candidate if none exist.

Who has the requisite experience to run as diverse and expansive company as TWDC?

We tried Chapek, everyone knows how that went.

The only real candidates have to be internal, and that takes years to move someone to various sectors of the company to train them about each area enough. This isn't the Eisner takeover where the company was much smaller (until he created most of what Iger built on top of) to make it this size.

You seem to confuse a smart business decision with the best possible scenario. What's the best possible scenario? Two people, one business and one creative, running TWDC. But Iger isn't going to share power at this point, and there's not a top level creative currently thats big enough to take over. They have three years now to get the right people in place.


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I be curious if this move makes it more likely Iger will try to sell TWDC company to Apple. Some analysts have expected the company to be sold within the same time frame as Igers now remaining tenure.
Good luck getting that one through the current White House.
He is preparing a hostile takeover as we speak hahaha
"Yo, DeSantis. I've got an idea."

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