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The SPOILER Thread!


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Okay, with all of these recent complaints about spoilers, I decided to comprise a list of nothing but spoilers. Now, be forewarned... these spoilers are not just about Disney, but many other things as well. If you do not want any surprises spoiled, DO NOT PROCEED WITH THE REST OF THE THREAD!

By reading this thread you lose any right you may have had to complain about people spoiling anything listed.

Tower of Terror- You fall
Stitch's Great Escape- Stitch escapes
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular- A big explosion
Splash Mountain- You get wet
Rockin' Roller Coaster- A really anticlimactic concert
The Sixth Sense- Bruce Willis is REALLY dead
Small World- Signs tell you goodbye
Test Track- You don't really crash into a wall
The Enchanted Tiki Room:Under New Management- A magic trick makes you all disappear
Jurassic Park River Adventure- You get wet
Identity- The killer is the little kid
Voyage of the Little Mermaid- Prince Eric lip-syncs
Tough to be a Bug- Bugs crawl under your butt
Haunted Mansion- A hitchhiking ghost goes home with you
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince- Dumbledore dies
Titanic- The boat sinks
Dr. Doom's Fear Fall- You shoot up... then fall
Kilamenjaro Safaris- You save Little Red
Dinosaur- You successfully bring an Iguanadon back to the present day
Saw- The body in the middle of the room is the killer
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh- A party
Muppet-vision 3-D- Swedish Chef blows up the theater with a canon
Philharmagic- Donald gets stuck in the wall
Indy Motor Speedway- You get bumped from behind
Patch Adams- Robin Williams dies
The Bible- Armageddon


Please feel free to add anymore spoilers you may have...


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Legacy said:
I don't believe it, personally... but we will see.

Eh, sometimes it seems like something JKR would do, but then sometimes it seems to obvious. I guess [for now] only she knows...


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Manchurian Candidate(original)- Marco kills Shaw and his mother instead of the presidential candidate

HP4- Voldemort returns

World War II- We won



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Star Wars-Yoda is really kick-______.

PotC- Keira Knightly is hot... oh, and all those guys are dead...

Lion King- Mufassa dies.



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The Notebook - Allie and Noah die together at the end.
Wedding Crashers - John and Claire get together.
Red Eye - Lisa's father shoots down Jackson and the missle never hits the Secretary.
The Family Stone - Diane Keaton is dead at the end (although it is never really made known).



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The Village-They aren't really Pilgrims.
National Treasure-They find the treasure.
HP6-Snape is the Half-Blood Prince.
The Sound of Music-The Von Trapps escape to Switzerland.
A Million Little Pieces-The author lies to Oprah about the book.
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle-Everyone dies and Narnia becomes heaven.
Memento-The main character is the bad guy.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang-It was all a dream.
Living with the Land-Plants.

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