The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Season 7: Fantasmic Journeys [CONCLUDED!]

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Really appreciate the feedback, and I'm glad that you liked the project! It's totally not a big deal, but I just wanted to mention since you brought up Notre Dame's placement: Cathedral Square does have a land walkthrough which explains Notre Dame's placement and design in relation to the rest of the land. Totally not a big deal, and I'm not trying to call you out - I just wanted to bring attention to it in case it got lost in the shuffle somewhere.
Thank you for pointing this out. That page had actually somehow escaped my notice before! That also answers several of the critiques I brought up earlier. Very nice section, definitely paints a clear picture of this area.


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First of all, major props to even getting the final project done! Any and every obstacle that possible could try and get in the way, did.

Getting into the project itself, I love the decision of doing a castle courtyard. Hunchback is an easy Top 3 Disney movie for me and I wish it had more parks representation. Going with the Festival of Fools is a bold choice, but I think it could be a lot of fun. The rides all tie in very nicely as well. I think both of them fit the theming of the area perfectly. The Legend of Notre Dame seems like such an ambitious ride it would have incredible re-rideability even with people not extremely familiar with the IP. The Court of Miracles is a great final touch to this area!

The fact Cinderella doesn’t have a true Fantasyland dark ride is crazy to me so I definitely think this works! I love the simple edit of the ride vehicles but it works so well! It’s a more “simple” ride, but fits in absolutely perfectly with everything else! To round out the Castle Courtyard, I think the dining and retail options are great and really tie this subsection together. One thing with just the layout of the site, due to how everything was split up, The Court of Miracles is listed under Cathedral Square, but then also mentioned on the main dining page for some minor repetition.

Moving into Storybook Gardens, I think this one is an extremely solid theme/ idea. That being said, I would’ve loved an overall land description. We get a great description of Cathedral Square but then just a few quick sentences about Storybook Gardens. Even just a zoomed in version of the map of the area would have helped. The same goes for Fantasy Harbor.

Adventures in Toyland is such a great choice for a Fantasyland darkride. It would’ve been an IP I would have never considered but it just feels like a great fit for a ride now that I have seen it. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see this IP used more often since it works so well here.

Alice’s Curious Labyrinth is such an unsung hero at Disneyland Paris, I wish more people went through it. I think the Silly Symphonies Labyrinth is a great clone-esque version of that attraction that ties in a lot of fun and unique characters.

Funnily enough, to go opposite of @D Hulk here, Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters is one of my favourite rides in DCA (it is fun to ride and fun to watch). Putting the flowers and the trees here is such a perfect fit I can’t even describe it. It’s an example where it feels like the ride system was made for that IP it’s just a shame it doesn’t exist.

For a sweet tooth, the Cookie Carnival Cottage is an absolute winner. At a local festival near me (pre-pandemic), one of the go-to’s every year was the milk and cookies so there’s no way I could ever pass on this place in Brazil!

Truthfully, I am not sure I am sold on Pooh Corner or Sword in the Stone. Up until this point, everything was Silly Symphony or Babes in Toyland - which while a stretch, still felt close together. With Sword in the Stone and Winnie the Pooh, they feel a little out of place rounding out the sub-land.

I love the idea of Fantasy Harbor. A water-based Fantasyland feels like a natural fit with so many IP’s. But because of that, it feels tough to make it just a sub-land. The balance of attractions here compared to the other two sub-lands makes it clear this would be the more busy area whereas Storybook Gardens almost feels like an afterthought.

Going into the rides, I think there is a nice mix. I think Pinocchio makes sense for a water ride. The focus on the Pleasure Island side feels slightly out of place just for progression but the Monstro section is just fabulous. I love the inclusion of the old Disneyland concept art. It was a cool idea then, and is still a cool idea now. Great homage.

But then, we get to Journey of the Little Mermaid right beside it. And it is also a Pirates of the Caribbean adjacent ride? Multiple boat rides in a single park isn’t anything unusual. Two massive boat rides beside each other is unheard of. I like the twist of having it have the suspended rail to lift it and everything but it still would feel redundant (don’t get me wrong though, I love the ride system). Getting into the ride itself, I love the unrealized attraction. I think it would have been a very fun ride but I understand why it didn’t happen. That being said, outside of the first scene and the part of your world scene, this feels very similar to that original pitch. I know there is only so much that can be done to an IP that has seen rides, shows, etc. both in real life and armchair Imagineering it is just noticeable with this one when the most memorable comparison is added to the site.

Moving to Daring Dalmatian Chase, I am torn. In a vacuum, this ride is a great Mr. Toad’s replacement. It’s fun, unique, etc. to give a new experience. But, it’s place on Fantasy Harbor. And I can’t tell you why. Nothing about the 101 Dalmatians IP screams harbor theming. It’s an absolutely great ride, it just feels shoehorned in a sub-land that doesn’t make sense.

For the flat rides, dining, and retail, I think they all fit. Nothing through these feels out of place. It ties into the harbor theme and rounds out the area quite nicely!

Lastly, entertainment. And I don’t want to talk about what is there (I think the Ariel M&G is great and totally fits). I want to talk about what isn’t there. Whether it is Disneyland with the two different theatres, or Disney World’s with the Castle show, etc. Fantasyland’s have shows. A new massive lake was built into Fantasy Harbor I am just surprised that no World of Color, Rivers of Light, etc. was put onto the lake to round out the entertainment offerings.

Overall, I think this was very well done. The three sub-lands all had something for a guest of any age to bring them in. Even though there is something for everything, balance between the sub-lands is definitely a concern with Fantasy Harbor. Minor IP choices did leave me confused but overall the IP choices and connected theming was very strong.​


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Starting off, I love the presentation style. For a project like this, I think there are pros and cons to both a magazine and a Google site. I think if done right, the flipbook is a great presentation style. Luckily, you have the expert on your team in @Disney Dad 3000 . Back in SA4, the flipbook was a crazy idea from D Dad but it really worked. While it isn’t the most heavily used presentation style, when it is used, it is noticed. Getting into the theme choice, like I mentioned with Team Garfield, a water/ sea themed Fantasyland is such a perfect concept. It’s a natural fit and given the right IP choices, smoothly transitions from one ride to the next.

I think the courtyard/ docks is a perfect starting area to this. It’s a great introduction to the overall land. Pinocchio: The Search for Monstro is a perfect shortened version of the story into a perfect storyline for a simple Fantasyland attraction that fits the overall theme. It’s nothing too crazy but fits in perfectly. While there is nothing wrong with the Storybook Gondolas (I think great scenes were chosen and it would be a solid ride for the area), I am left wanting more. A single sentence per scene isn’t selling me on the ride.

I like that both teams included The Caucus Race and The Walrus and the Carpenter’s Fish Diner. Just like Team Garfield, I think this little area was executed to perfection. There’s only so much that can be done with Alice in Wonderland and you took some of the more underused parts and made a lovely little mini area.

For Down by the Docks, I had completely forgotten The Princess bride was now a Disney IP. But it definitely works in the area! It’s a solid area with a great quick service, I absolutely adore the Meet and greet idea. Having it be a dock where you get to meet the characters but also their boats is such a fun twist on the idea I can’t believe we haven’t seen this in some aspect. It would give such a cool, new opportunity.

Moving into The Seaside Caverns, I love the IP choices in this section. First off, Ariel’s Amazing Adventure. I love the idea of going in a completely new direction for a Little Mermaid ride. The only problem is I think you went too far to the other extreme. There are very few Fantasyland rides with a height restriction and the ones that do are relatively low (Matterhorn is the only real outlier). Cosmic Rewind has launches and spinning cars. It is not going to be accessible to all the guests that can typically go on most Fantasyland rides. Beyond that aspect, I think the scenes that were chosen were obvious but strong. It would definitely be a fun attraction but I think the Cosmic Rewind coaster just doesn’t make sense in this area.

I love Nemo’s Journey! Using the suspended dark ride system is definitely unique for Nemo but I could definitely see it working (and I know I would try to get a different fish design every time). It’s pretty Book Report which is totally fine and I think works for this attraction. I just hope I don’t get dizzy in the EAC section like I do in Epcot!

For Pines Palace, I absolutely adore the idea. I think the façade is stunning, and everything inside matches that. The menu ties into that perfectly. It would be a great experience. But it feels out of place. We have this high class Italian restaurant complete with a marble designed façade beside some rocks and seaweed. It just feels out of place in it’s façade compared to the rest of the area.

Moana’s Monstrous Voyage feels like a full pitch in of itself (not that that is a bad thing). The ride layout map is incredible. I love the focus on just one scene here instead of the whole movie; I think it really works out here. Getting into the ride itself, I love the zoom in on the individual sections of the map. It really helps see everything in that area without having to go back and forth between the area description and the main map. The Tamatoa scene would be unreal! Seeing that scene would be a definite showstopper just processing the scale!

While I am not the biggest Atlantis fan, I think here is truly the only sort of way it works. It’s technically Fantasyland but serves as a perfect transition between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

Atlantis: Kida’s Journey is an interesting one. It takes the book report element of Fantasyland but then also has the Adventureland adventure on top of the technology of Tomorrowland? I truly think this ride could have been put in any of the three lands and it would’ve worked. With the overall theme of the area, this attraction ties in perfectly and I think it would be a must-do for anyone.

The shops and dining tie into this area nicely. It rounds out the land. While it might be a slightly smaller area, I think it works as it serves as a way to transition into Tomorrowland.

To conclude, I wish there was one. We get through Atlantis to see Trash Cans and Budweiser Zero and that’s it. It wasn’t needed per se it was just a nice to have. Beyond that, I think this was very well done. The theme was a water/ sea themed Fantasyland and at no point did I feel that the theme was missing. It was cohesive the whole way through so major props on that.​




Right off the bat I noticed many of the determining factors of Stanza XIV's win (linear, theme, etc) were replicated here. While that is crafty and learning from what works, in a way it also might lead to complacency! What worked last round might not exactly work this round. While I believe the water theme leads to a great universal theme to the land, it does limit your choices - so there are pros and cons to the approach. This team overall landed ore on the pro than con side in my opinion, in regards to the theme itself. The flipbook is a natural presentation and the linear approach yields an organized project format, especially one like this that will have multiple components. I also really liked the story style introduction with the 'Once Upon a time' that a perfect opening to a Fantasyland project. But more than that it also yields a walkthrough of the land from the reader's perspective - something that very much helps the reader get a grasp of the surroundings! Very nice job there.

The map and custom art I believe is also something that puts this project on the map (pardon the pun) the continued effort to push the boundaries of presentation is something very much appreciated. In terms of teamwork, while Garfield holds the tiara, I do think this team worked together just as well, but in a different style. Led by Disneyland Brazil veteran Disney Dad, it was a top down approach as opposed to Garfield's more team-centric approach to the brainstorming. Both yielded organized projects so it just goes to show there's more than one way to brainstorming and more than one way to be a project manager and be successful.

In terms of the content itself, beginning in Fantasy Docks - Pinocchio was very well written, I really like the ride system as well. Storybook Gondolas was more of a book report outline in comparison. As we travel to the Watery Wonderland, there are some similarities between the projects that Holland was concerned of when Garfield first posted - however I think both of these Walrus & Carpenter eateries are great in their own way. Like you could have multiple Winnie the Pooh attractions but they could tell a different story, I think both of these eateries would stand out in their own way. Dread Pirate Roberts as a quick service also works very well, Princess Bride, eh? The Sorcerer's Apprentice flat was also very well conceived.

Ariel's Amazing Adventure (AAA) not to be mistaken for the American Automobile Association, at times falls into the book report realm, but the descriptions of the design more than make up for perhaps a more traditional story. As with both of these projects - I believe they shine when they step out and do something new. Regardless of whether or not it is ultimately a success - it's nice to see the attempt! Nemo's Journey was a last minute addition but if we weren't reading the brainstorming I probably wouldn't have been able to tell the difference. Which is a testament to those who worked their butts off to finish it!

Moana's Voyage is something I wish was focused more on during the Ariel attraction - where you either tell a new story of focus on elements of the original story rather than continue it through and through in a more book report, repeat the movie style. Nice job there!

And we also have Atlantis! Which might not be my favorite film, but is one that really stretches into the Disney archives to find something that fits the water theme and would make for interesting attractions. I think it was a little too overambitious to make this a trackless attraction, I feel realistically if Atlantis were in the park, it would fit more akin to a 20K attraction or some flats as opposed to a big budget dark ride. But the descriptions and effort put into it more than make up for those dilemmas on my part.

Ultimately, this is a very well put together project. The presentation is something to adore, and the overall attitude towards the project even in the final hours, was an attempt to continue to 'plus' the adventure, never being satisfied with just good enough. Great work!​


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I have a confession to make: Fantasyland is my least favorite of the traditional Disneyland lands. Before you get up in arms, allow me to explain -

Although I love the concept of a fantastical land themed to a bygone era of princesses and knights, all too often I feel, both in the real world and these imagineering boards, it devolves into an IP fest. Everyone’s trying to get as many interesting Disney IPs to fit together somewhat thematically, and while it makes for a solid ride line-up, it’s always struggled thematically for this reason, IMHO. There’s rarely an underlying story or thematic tie-in connecting two attractions like Frontierland or Adventureland.

Is the answer fewer IPs? Well, I wouldn’t say IPs are the problem per se. Just that too often we get caught up in them and not the general atmosphere and surroundings of the land. So for this prompt, I’m really looking for one thing: an interesting, unique, and most importantly enjoyable Fantasy-land.

Or Fanta-sea, in Holland’s case.



You took the more traditional approach of the two projects. Three sublands each with their own distinct atmosphere, all excellent with a balance of original attractions and more realistic IPs. My only concern is although each of these sublands is meticulously planned and plotted, they struggle to connect. At times it feels like three separate lands… which to be fair, is pretty much every Fantasyland nowadays, but personally, I’d love to see more cohesion. Something like a nighttime show in the Fantasy Harbor could have worked to thematically unite your Fantasyland. But overall, this is an excellent project, and don't let that minor nitpick set you back.

One more little nitpick… but I like maps so I guess I can comment on this.


The map is excellently made and crafted to look like its surroundings (bravo). However, I’m not too sure about the layout here. In the yellow circled area, you can see there’s next to nothing on this side of the harbor. I’m assuming this would be prime space for a potential expansion to either Fantasyland or Tomorrowland… but then Sorcerer’s Spin is in the middle! Are guests expected to travel across the harbor to the spin in the middle of nowhere?

This is admittedly a nitpick that’s so silly I’m not going to let it consider in my final decision… but in the future, I’d recommend really putting thought into how guests flow about a map. For instance, shrinking the harbor would condense everything into an easy-to-follow looping miniland. But again, this isn’t a big deal, so let’s move on to the more exciting parts of this project!

On its surface, this is your most “traditional” subland, yet I found The Legend of Notre Dame to be tremendously inspired! Using the Notre Dame as a drop tower is a perfect fit. My only query concerns the entire “Cathedral Square” area… is it a subland within a subland? Personally, I think you could have expanded it to encompass the entirety of the Castle Courtyard - Cinderella and Belle could still fit, but the entire area would be given a bit more of a unique setting.

Speaking of Cinderella, Cinderella’s Magical Journey is a smart and simple omnimover attraction. Belle’s Royal Guest Hall accomplishes the task of your expected castle guest hall solidly (the detailed menu is always a plus). And Maurice’s Workshop is a solid retail location.

Overall, this is a solid entry land with an excellent initial theme (Cathedral Square) that personally I think could have taken more of a presence in the overall land, but regardless there’s very little to complain about here. Great work!

So yall remember my opening comments? This is what I’m getting at. Storybook Gardens has this whimsical flair to it that reminds me of the old Walt era Fantasyland, with the Storybook Canal Boats and Casey Jr. Train. The inclusion of certain IPs like Winnie the Pooh doesn’t hurt this at all because they match that tone.

The centerpiece is Babes in Toyland… which I’ve honestly never heard of. Is that a bad thing? I feel really ignorant now. Regardless, from the photos and writeup, I’m getting the picture this story is super playful and silly, and thus a perfect centerpiece for the area.

The same can be said for Silly Symphonies! Really everything here fits wonderfully. The Cookie Carnival Cottage might be the coolest part of all this, what a unique place that must be.

Both teams opted to take an aquatic approach, and although yours is much smaller than Team Holland (which took up the entire land) I still love this idea. A full-on boat ride themed to Pinnochio does the IP more justice than the traditional dark ride IMO, especially with that Monstro finale! I was also surprised by how well 101 Dalmatians fit in given the “British Waterfront” mini-theme you have going with Pinnochio.

Journey of the Little Mermaid I’m slightly less sure of. On the map, it's further away from the more British-inspired area, but I’m still unconvinced about the potential contrast. I can’t help but feel as if you saw “Fantasy Harbor” and instantly thought to put in Little Mermaid - which I don’t blame you for, that’s the first thing that comes to my mind too - but looking collectively, does it fit with the rest of the land? Further, although a hybrid POTC / suspended Peter Pan ride sounds super cool, you have a standard POTC ride right next door! Sometimes it’s best to choose between one adventurous hybrid and another standard Fantasyland ride.

That said, the attraction is very well written. I can’t help but draw a few parallels to Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, and while I think the narrative is similar, the choice of ride system makes for an entirely different experience.

The Caucasus Race is an excellent fit to the “British seaside” mini-theme you have going on. On the other hand, I think Sorcerer’s Spin might be a better fit for Storybook Gardens than Fantasy Harbor, but that’s just my opinion. Dining and retail here are all solid, I really love it when you take the time to include minor details like the menu for Walrus and the Carpenter's or the example merchandise for Scuttle's Gadgets and Gizmos. It’s a simple thing that goes a long way.

Finally, Alice’s Seaside Celebration is great… although is there much to connect this to the aquatic theme? Like Sorcerer’s Spin, I think this may be a better fit for Storybook Gardens.

Team Garfield had spectacular teamwork this round, and it shows throughout their project. Although I do have a few nitpicks scattered around the lands -- for Castle Courtyard, I think you could have leaned in more with the originality, for Fantasy Harbor, I think you could have had a bit more thematic consistency, and for Storybook Gardens I have nothing but praise -- there is no denying that is a fantastic project from all six of you. You have all worked tremendously hard the last 15 stanzas and, regardless of final placement, undoubtedly deserve a place in the finals should you advance today.



The sea theme caught my eye early into brainstorming. As I said at the beginning of this post, going into this project I was looking for an interesting, unique, and most importantly enjoyable land, and with such a unique and interesting theme as you have, at least in my mind it was only a matter of seeing if you pulled it off.

One of my favorite parts of this project was your choice of presentation! In the past, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice was known for advancing new presentation formats. That didn’t really happen this season… instead Google Sites kinda took over, but it's always nice when a team chooses to go the extra mile and do something different. I know for a fact that a flipbook is particularly hard to make, so bravo there!

And it doesn’t stop with that… not only did you turn your work into a flipbook, but you also added Chapter and Stanza (nice SA tie-in) titles! I really appreciate that detail.


The map here is also superb. I really dig how each subland is separated ever so slightly, but still clearly visible across major sightlines. I can easily imagine Belle's Castle, Ariel's Amazing Adventure, and Kira's Journey serving as "weenies" from each of the sublands, to be easily spotted whenever guests are in Fantasyland.

One thing I really appreciated about this project was its short subland walkthroughs before going into each attraction write-up. It’s short and sweet but does an excellent job conveying the general theme of the area. Fairytale Docks is a well-crafted combination of the sea theme and traditional “castle courtyard”. Pinnochio is a great fit for the area, and Storybook Gondolas is a wonderful addition - I love how it hits the best of Disney, although I do kinda question Monstro when the Pinnochio ride nearby already has Monstro.

Both teams opted for a caucus ride of all things, but I really your approach regardless. I'm not entirely convinced of the choice to replace the Carrousel with this, it's a bold choice, but it's also such a hallmark of Fantasylands.

Yes to Princess Bride representation! This is awesome. We need more Princess Bride representation in the future.

A Sorcerer’s Apprentice teacup ride is both a good idea and cheeky (we all know what game this is ;) ). Great work there.

The European Ariel, Oceanic Moana, and Modern-Day Nemo are not the first IPs I think of to put in a Fantasyland area together. Not only do they not immediately come to mind as on paper, but asides from Ariel they have little traditional Fantasyland representation. And yet... reading through this subland, it all works!

Ariel’s Amazing Adventure is a unique take on the Little Mermaid, which I appreciate, but tbh I’m not sure if a roller coaster is the right fit for this IP. Still, it’s a unique take and really well done, plus the concept art and map are amazing!

I know you had some troubles with Nemo behind-the-scenes, but in the finished project, you wouldn’t know it! I’m honestly shocked the modern-day Nemo fits as well as it does in this area. Pines Palace is another oddball IP that fits brilliantly, the concept and menu are always a nice touch.

That said, Moana’s Monsterious Voyage is the highlight. Moana hasn’t been touched in Imagineering too much and it’s great to see a dark ride set to this IP! Better yet, you didn’t take the traditional book report approach and instead focused on expanding out a unique section of its story. From the distinct colors to cool characters to that consistently detailed map, this is definitely my favorite part of your project.

And Skull Rock returns! A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

Your third and final subland is the only one that attaches itself to a single IP, and although I loved the combinations of IPs in the prior two lands, having one single IP area isn’t a bad idea either. Realistically I’m not sure if it makes much sense for Atlantis to be used in this way. Creatively though it is a wonderful inclusion, and carries such a distinct flair that it instantly separates itself from Fairytale Harbor and Seaside Caverns while nevertheless remaining consistent with the themes of your Fantasyland.

I can just imagine crossing the bridge and coming upon the ancient halls of Atlantis!

Kida’s Journey is a wonderful encapsulation of the Atlantis IP. A bit ambitious to go trackless, but you only have one trackless ride in the entire land so I don’t take many issues with it. Really the only concern I have is both Nemo's Journey and Kida's Journey use the word "journey" in their titles... yes, I'm at that level of nitpicking lol. Artisans of Atlantis sounds like a really cool dining experience, and the Princess Kida M&G/Walktrhough rounds out the area well.

Finally, trash cans and Budweiser Zero ads are much appreciated. Wow the Budweiser Zero thing really took off, didn’t it? When I started hiding them in Team Time’s project, I didn’t expect them to continue this long. Can we have them in the final projects? Whoever includes Budweiser Zero Ads in their final project gets bonus points from me.

Team Holland found an original idea early and latched onto it. Although not the most realistic Fantasyland expansion, I really appreciated the distinct take on the area. As I said at the beginning of my post, Fantasyland expansions can at times feel repetitive and your unique take really helped get away from that IMHO. Is it more fitting for DisneySEA than Disneyland? Maybe, but I still think you did an excellent job hitting all the requirements for a great Fantasyland here. You just had a unique theme to go along with it.

So congrats there Team Holland - whatever your placement, you deserve it. You have all worked tremendously hard the last 15 stanzas and, regardless of final placement, undoubtedly deserve a place in the finals should you advance today.

And bam! That's it, the last of the team projects. It's been a fun ride, from first judging to then playing to judging again. I'm super excited for the finals, although it will be strange not seeing my inbox light up with team brainstorming messages. But everything - this round, the round before it, and all 40 regular season projects - has been building to this upcoming finale.

Let's get hyped!!! 🔥🔥🔥

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And bam! That's it, the last of the team projects. It's been a fun ride, from first judging to then playing to judging again. I'm super excited for the finals, although it will be strange not seeing my inbox light up with team brainstorming messages. But everything - this round, the round before it, and all 40 regular season projects - has been building to this upcoming finale.

Let's get hyped!!! 🔥🔥🔥


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The map is excellently made and crafted to look like its surroundings (bravo). However, I’m not too sure about the layout here. In the yellow circled area, you can see there’s next to nothing on this side of the harbor. I’m assuming this would be prime space for a potential expansion to either Fantasyland or Tomorrowland… but then Sorcerer’s Spin is in the middle! Are guests expected to travel across the harbor to the spin in the middle of nowhere?
Originally Walrus and the Carpenter’s was also in that location, but we moved it so it would be closer to Caucus Race. I just didn’t have time to rearrange anything to fix it.


This experience has really meant a lot to me.

The past couple of years have been a period of tremendous growth for me as an actual human in real life, particularly over the last six months. So in a weird way this game overlapped with the trajectory my life has taken outside the forums.

When the game started I was lacking so much confidence, I was dealing with tremendous social anxiety, and felt an overwhelming sense of uncertainty. But that has all changed for the better so much and I can’t help but feel that being part of this community truly helped me with so much of that. I’m a much happier and healthier person than I was in December.

Being named Miss Valuable Player was such an incredible honor. I’m still kind of in shock about that. I just hope that I have been able to make you all laugh or smile or otherwise feel happy about logging on. And I hope I’m never too annoying. But, I’m known to be quite vexing.

I guess I’m just trying to say THANK YOU. Thank you for making me feel welcome, and allowing me the freedom to be creative and expressive and for embracing every side of my personality. I genuinely consider you all friends, even though we only know each other through text and avatars.

On to the finals.
I'm really happy this game had such a positive impact on you! It makes this all worth it.

And thank you! As well as everyone in the game from Stanza I till now, and the Seasons prior. It has all been leading to this. I'm surprised I've kept this under wraps because I think it's pretty cool, but make sure you watch for the Stanza XVI comic's something truly special we've been keeping for you all!

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With Pines Palace, we have a rather abstract architectural concept for a restaurant. This feels kinda…Epcot-y?
Do you like Epcot?
Finally, trash cans and Budweiser Zero ads are much appreciated. Wow the Budweiser Zero thing really took off, didn’t it? When I started hiding them in Team Time’s project, I didn’t expect them to continue this long. Can we have them in the final projects? Whoever includes Budweiser Zero Ads in their final project gets bonus points from me.
If I proceed I’ll definitely include them! So uh maybe that can help you make your decision on who proceeds...



It goes without saying how incredibly close this was - so close that all of us waivered throughout the week as to which direction we were leaning. With that - here are the results

Team Garfield

There was a whole lot to love here, from the Storybook Gardens area which collectively might have been our favorite thing from both project, to a Cathedral Courtyard area just dripping with promise, to several individual standout attractions which are project-worthy on their own. There was, sadly, a minor lack of cohesion to bring the entire New Fantasyland together, which is the only area where your competition bested you.

Team Holland

By choosing a water theme early on to unite your entire Fantasyland, you quickly settled on a winning formula. You brought that great idea across the finish line with many excellent individual components, all elevated by one of the best and most charming presentations in Sorcerer's Apprentice and its long history of standout presentations.

Congratulation to Team Holland for placing first in every single one of your stanzas! You win a tiara.


Now - hold your horses before the finals! We've done some analysis of the teams, and while we feel comfortable with the winner choice, we confirmed that we'll be making some adjustments to the finales based mostly on effort and available space for it to be a competitive, but not an oversaturated, finale.


@Honey Bee @montydysquith-navarro @MickeyWaffleCo.
Being a semi-finalist is something to hold your head high on - this is a talented group we have here, and it really simply came down to a numbers game. 12 people in the finale is simply too oversaturated, but 6 we also felt didn't represent enough. Please take this as an accomplishment you made it to the semi-finals, and carry it with you. You are all welcome to be guest reviewers as well - and thank you so much for playing in this Season!

Let the finals...begin!

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